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Dawnsong on the Horizon

Posted on 31-Mar-2005

Starting today, some players may see a new selectable world in the Asheron's Call launcher: Dawnsong.

Dawnsong is a new Asheron's Call world that we currently plan to go live near the same time as the Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny launch. It is being run by our partners at Jolt out of their European data center and is intended for our European customers.

Although Dawnsong may appear in the Asheron's Call launcher, players will most likelynot be able to enter the world until the Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny launch on May 11.

We want one thing to be very clear: for the foreseeable future, we are not restricting access to any world based on geographic location. If you're an existing European customer, you can continue playing on your current primary world. Or, if you wish, you will be able to create a new character on Dawnsong. New European customers will be able to create a character on Dawnsong or any of the existing worlds. New and existing U.S. customers will also be able to create new characters on Dawnsong if they so choose.

As we said, there are no current plans to restrict access based on geographic region or to provide for the migration of characters from one server to another. If this were to change, we would provide notice and information well in advance.

The world will be a standard-rules world and will launch with the same game state as the other NPK worlds. The same Code of Conduct will be followed on Dawnsong but it will be administered by Jolt customer service personnel.

I can see one more question coming from our PK community: "Didn't you say that the next world that Turbine would open would be a new all-PK world?" Yes, we did, and we're still standing by that. This new world is not being opened by Turbine, but by our partners at Jolt for the purpose of serving European customers.

Turbine and Jolt are both very excited about this new world for our European players and the opportunities that it creates for the entire Asheron's Call franchise. Here's to a new Dawn!
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