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Deewain's Dark Cavern
Level: 180
Rec. Level: 200
Type: Group
Starts At: Dark Cavern
Time to Complete: 20 Hours
Repeat: 20 hours
Contracts: Contract for Deewain's Dark Cavern

Quest Overview

"Fayza is interested in the Energy Infused Rocks from Deewain's Dark Cavern."

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Run to the Dark Cavern at 87.9N, 9.3W.
  2. You are dropped at a random starting location when you enter.


  • Preliminary Directions: (See also Retrospek's Map for map and possible drop points, use /loc to find where you have been dropped)
  1. This is a maze, stretching east and west. Go up and as far north where you can. There are identical big rooms with pits on the north and south sides. You need the north big room.
    • Warning: The south side pit does NOT have a ledge, and will result in you falling all the way to the bottom, with no means of getting out other than recalling.
  2. When you reach the north big room with a pit, you can zoom out, and see an opening one level down.
  3. The pit has an invisible floor, do a shift jump down to it. It was about a 3/4 jump. The invisible floor is out a bit from the edge, so don't try to just jump as close to the edge as you can.
  4. Proceed into the tunnel from the invisible floor, there is a "Surface" Portal. (It does NOT take you to the surface where you started!!)
  5. This portals you to another big room with stones to jump (optional, read on ..).

Jumping Puzzle

  • If you do not want to jump, you can kill the Defender golems up the ramp on the right hand side of the room. The path leads to the same portal puzzle as the jumping puzzle.

Concerning the Path with the Golems

  1. There is a series of 3 rooms to pass through, each with 3 Follower of Deewain golems (lvl 220, 3250 hp), and a different element of "Defender" golem (25,000 hp) (Fiery Defender, Chilled Defender, Charged Defender).
  2. The Followers are on a very fast respawn timer, but do minimal damage both melee and magic wise
  3. Slay the "Defender" of a room to open the two doors into the room beyond. Once the "Defender" is killed, the Followers in it's room will disappear.
  4. At the end of the 3 rooms is a room with 3 portals (see "portal puzzle" part below for further explanation)
  • Note: watch out when a double spawn occurs: killing a defender the second time closes the door again.

The Jumping Puzzle Option

The locations of the platforms change, so there will be different routes. Route 1:

  1. Shift Jump to the rock in the middle, just below the platform
  2. Looong jump N, towards another rock in the middle, you won't land on top of it, but bump off it on another one
  3. Shift jump to the NW
  4. Long jump E, slightly N, to a rock against the wall
  5. Shift jump to the next one
  6. Backwards shift jump
  7. Step backwards, shift jump
  8. Long jump straight N
  9. Shift jump W
  10. Backwards shift jump on the platform

Portal Puzzle

  • Next, there will be three portals, each bringing you to a next section with more portals
  • Worked: (confirmed)
  1. Left
  2. Left
  3. Mid
  4. Right
  5. Mid
  • If you take a wrong portal, you're back at the start of the jumping puzzle...

Fallen Spikes & Rocks

Deewain's Chamber

  • Deewain Iron Golem (350) is surrounded by a few Rocks and Followers of Deewain. He is weak to bludgeoning and acid. Deewain has 200,250 health and nasty debuffs. If you defeat him, the rocks blocking the passage out of the room disappear. Follow the passage and pick up a rock on the ground (1 day timer) and hand to Fayza in Xarabydun for your reward.
  • Note: If you die at this point, run back to the Dark Cavern and you will be warped back to Deewain's Chamber.
  • Note: there are originally only a few rocks, but they respawn after being picked up, no need to kill Deewain again.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Dark Cavern 87.9N, 9.3W 7E03 7E03.png --


Asheron's Call - Quest Deewain's Dark Cavern

Asheron's Call - Quest Deewain's Dark Cavern


Give Energy Infused Rock to Fayza
Experience: 500,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 40,000


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You allow Fayza to examine your Energy Infused Rock.

Fayza tells you, "What a magnificent sample! So light for such a large stone, truly amazing."

Fayza tells you, "I wonder if I could use this material to create something special....."

Fayza tells you, "Ah right, I should also reward you bringing me this"

You hand over 1 of your Energy Infused Rocks.

You've earned 42,399 Luminance.

You've earned 529,999,971 experience.

Fayza gives you Reinforced Mana Forge Key.

Update History

Blood From Stone

  • Quest introduced.

Lost City of Neftet

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