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Delving into Claude's Mind
Level:  ??
Rec. Level: 200+
Type: Locked Fellowship
Starts At: Northern Ahurenga Plains at 53.4N, 79.0W
Route: Redspire to Northern Ahurenga Plains portal at 41.0N, 83.6W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Vision Quest


"Delve into Claude's mind and discover the secrets it holds."

  • The following only needs to be gathered by one person such as the quest leader.
  1. You will need a Virindi Essence taken from the Virindi, Artifex of the Singularity. The Virindi can be found at the western end of the Artifex Collegium at 91.9S 93.7W on the Singularity Caul.
  2. You will also need Atuakeh Dust. The dust is made by using high skill Alchemy skill to grind a Atuakeh Plant found on the Northern Ahurenga Plains.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Delving into Claude's Mind

  1. Make sure your fellow is together, and have your quest leader give the Atuakeh Dust to the Keh Fire (inside the tent).
    • Warning: This locks the fellowship, and you'll have one hour to complete the quest from here.
  2. Have the whole fellow wait at the portal drop while the quest leader takes the Virindi Essence to Claude the Archmage, who is in the north part of the dungeon. Once you hand the Virindi Essence to Claude, the fellowship is portaled to the next part.
  3. Have your quest leader talk to the Claude NPC, which will trigger spawns of Virindi.
  4. Everyone should kill, but not loot while the quest leader picks up five unqiue essences:
    1. Essence of Conformity
    2. Essence of Loyalty
    3. Essence of Order
    4. Essence of Selflessness
    5. Essence of Stasis
  5. Once you have all 5 essences, give them to the Claude NPC, and your fellow will be portaled into the next part.

Part 2: Exploring the Past

This section is a shadowy replica of Ayan Baqur. All the NPCs from Ayan are in this room, however they are replaced by Virindi.
Tip: Take a look at the Ayan Reflection Map in order to get an idea where the proper NPCs are located.

  1. Have your fellow run down the ramp to the South (left) and setup in the middle of the room. They should continuously kill everything (and not loot).
  2. The quest leader must now find 17 unique reflections on the ground and hand them to the proper Virindi NPCs, which take the place of actual Ayan Baqur NPCs.
    1. Reflection of Aaminah
    2. Reflection of the Agent of the Arcanum
    3. Reflection of Aukherea
    4. Reflection of Berkholt
    5. Reflection of Claude
    6. Reflection of Darym
    7. Reflection of Ellimar Jorning
    8. Reflection of Jaleh al-Thani
    9. Reflection of Khekierea
    10. Reflection of Leopold
    11. Reflection of Muhiza
    12. Reflection of Sang Nen-Kai
    13. Reflection of a Scrivener
    14. Reflection of Sung Wenxio
    15. Reflection of Thiuda
    16. Reflection of the Town Crier
    17. Reflection of Yuan
    • Note: When you turn in a correct reflection, the virindi NPC will light up.
    • Tip: Reflections will only stay in your pack for about 5 minutes, so only pick up and turn in a few at a time.
    • Warning: Save the Reflection of Claude for last. If you've turned all your reflections in properly, handing Claude his reflection will portal your fellowship to the next part.

Part 3: Witnessing History

In this section, there will be a memory sequence by some of Dereth's biggest celebrities. You'll catch a glimps of Asheron, Isin Dule, Claude the Archmage, Lord Haranue Amarand, Talaagran Sarian, Lady Aerfalle, and more!

  1. Have one person run into the middle of the room and hit a floor plate which triggers the memory sequence.
  2. Everyone should stand around the edges of the room while the memory plays. Don't get stuck in the middle.
  3. Shadows will spawn after the memory sequence is over, so be prepared to fight. You must kill all the shadows.
  4. Once all the shadows are dead, The Path to More Recent Times portal will spawn in the center of the room. Take it to access the next part.

Part 4: The Path to More Recent Times

  1. Everyone should stay at the portal drop, and have the quest leader talk to the NPC nearby, which spawns Aerbax's Shadow.
  2. Everyone in your fellow stand stand in place and heal while Aerbax's Shadow attacks you. You will be portaled to the next section automatically within 30 seconds.

Part 5: Crossing the Threshold of Darkness

  1. Dispell any debuffs, and have one person talk the Claude NPC, which will trigger the spawn of Claude the Dark Archmage.
  2. Kill Claude the Dark Archmage and loot a Shadowy Virindi Essence from his corpse.
  3. Return the essence to Leopold in Ayan Baqur at 59.2S, 88.3W for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Delving into Claude's Mind (Dungeon) N/A -- --
Exploring the Past N/A Ayan Reflection Map Ayan Reflection Map.jpg --
Witnessing History N/A -- --
The Path to More Recent Times N/A -- --
Crossing the Threshold of Darkness N/A -- --


Hand in Shadowy Virindi Essence
Experience: 847,612,850 (25% up to level 25)
Quest Repeat: 339,045,140 (10% up to level 275)
Luminance: 20,000
Hand in Visage of the Shadow Virindi
Experience: 169,522,570 (5% up to level 275)


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Opening Dialog

Aun Kelauri tells you, "Peace be with you, buhdi. Welcome to my abode."

Aun Kelauri tells you, "All are welcome to come and meditate upon their own keh, or upon the keh of others."

Aun Kelauri tells you, "I have found that sometimes such visions are aided by the use of atuakeh dust. Form a fellowship and toss your dust into the fire, and your fellowship will be able to see things you were unable to before for a short time."

Aun Kelauri tells you, "Beware - the atuakeh dust will only work upon those who are a member of your fellowship when you toss the dust upon the fire and who remain with your fellowship as they approach the fire."

Aun Kelauri tells you, "The mists will only remain parted for a short time - a half hour at most. Hurry on your task"

Aun Kelauri tells you, "Finally, if you die, the journey to your lifestone will erase what tie you have to the other world. Be careful in how you tread, for that which lurks there can kill as surely as the monsters of this world."
Handing in Atuakeh Dust

You give Keh Fire Atuakeh Dust.

A member of your fellowship is attempting to place atuakeh dust within the fire!

Your fellowship is now locked. You may not recruit new members. If you leave the fellowship, you have 15 minutes to be recruited back into the fellowship.

Your fellowship member has placed atuakeh dust within the fire and subsequently vanished in a cloud of hazy smoke!

You place the dust into the fire. A large cloud of smoke puffs up toward your face, and your vision goes purple. You find yourself in a strange alien landscape.
Claude the Archmage

Claude the Archmage tells you, "Welcome to my shop. My name is Claude. How are you today..."

Claude the Archmage tells you, "A pleasant day, is it not, fellow human? What interests you in my shop..."

Claude the Archmage tells you, "Please, enjoy my one hundred and four items for purchase. I cast dispels in exchange for metals or promissory notes. My one hundred and fourth item is a rumor about the Obsidian Plains..."

Claude the Archmage tells you, "I will eat your soul! What would you like to purchase from my normal human store, fellow normal human..."
Handing in Virindi Essence

You give Claude the Archmage Virindi Essence.

You take the twisted key, which feels amorphous here in this shadowed, shattered place. At first it is not very apparent what to do with the key. You hold it out in front of you, hoping for some reaction.

A key springs from your fellowship member to Claude and disappears into Claude's robe. Suddenly, you find yourself spinning.

Claude the Archmage teleports you with Delving into Claude's Mind.
Claude the Archmage (Delving into Claude's Mind)

Claude does not react to the interaction. A low humming noise begins to emit from all around you.

A voice booms all around you, a harmony speaking as one.

The voice says, "We will go between to this place. We will conduct reification in this place. We will perceive in a place called 'Ayan Baqur'. We maintain vigilance in secret. We will conceal our presence by disguising ourselves as the inhabitants and using labels similar to their own. We will classify the reified part of ourselves...Claude."

Claude the Archmage says, "We shall maintain vigilance in Ayan Baqur. We shall resist the negative influence of individuality."
Handing in 5 Essences

You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Conformity.

Claude shivers as it receives the token.

You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Loyalty.

Claude shivers as it receives the token.

You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Order.

Claude shivers as it receives the token.

You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Statis.

Claude shivers as it receives the token.

You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Selflessness.

Claude shivers for a moment, then stops and looks up.

Claude the Archmage says, "Our purpose is clear. Our direction is true."

Claude the Archmage teleports you with Exploring the Past.
Exploring the Past

Human says, "I've seen quite a bit of fighting, and I put that experience into these bows that I make. You'll not do better."

Human says, "I serve the varied interests of our own organization. You may have heard of my mistress? We handle housing, research into the arcane secrets of this place, and such."

Human says, "I tell the news of events in far off lands. In my spare time, I might speak of some more private matters I might have heard."

Human says, "...I've read some stories of a demon that resembles you once. It is my will that you go. This is a sanctuary..."

Human says, "...I have seen many unusual things in my career, but nothing such as you. What call yourself?..."

Human says, "D'you want something to eat or drink? Don't know if you rightly can... anyways, I hear a lot from those that them through these parts, and that's a side business I run - the trade of information."

Human says, "Say ...Do you taunt me, demon? Go back whence you came..."

Human says, "...I do not see why you approach me like this, and you scare away the customers..."

Human says, "...I can't help you - we offer nothing here that you could use..."

Human says, "...I have seen many unusual things in my career, but nothing such as you. What call yourself?..."

Human says, "Say ...Do you taunt me, demon? Go back whence you came..."

Human says, "I run a business of repute - I am the mayor of this town."

Human says, "We have learned how to scribe magics onto parchment - a remarkable achievement. We allow others mages of our community to use these harnessed magics."

Human says, "I would call myself a bowyer, but not just a simple bowyer. I help to craft those unique weapons called composite bows."

Human says, "If you see a gem so sparkling and clear that you almost mistake it for the desert sun...that is my work, dear sahr. I also take those gems that others find, that I might craft greater works from them."

Human says, "I bring relief for those have been wounded and come to this sanctuary. I am a healer."

Human says, "We record our history and philosophies in these parchments. I can share them with you, in return for pyreal."

Claude the Archmage teleports you with Witnessing History.
Witnessing History

Lady Aerfalle says, "We shall begin with the Exchange of Lineage honors. I am Aerfalle, Lady of Aerlinthe and the Dericost. I have walked this world for over ten millennia, and I shall walk it long hence."

Lord Haranue Amarand says, "I am Haranue Amarand, Lord of the Dericost and seneschal of Chalicmere. My people shall rise again and assume their rightful place as rulers of this land."

Asheron says, "I am Asheron Realaidain, heir of Lord Atlan and Lady Maila and last scion of the Yalaini."

Claude says, in concert with the other Virindi, "We go between all. We explore material. We improve doers. We maintain perfection. We maintain scaffold. We build the next."

Isin Dule says, "I am simply a man of the former town of Daralet who calls himself Isin Dule, who concerns himself most fiercely with an individual's right of choice. I just happen to have compatriots who...agree with me...and former friends who have gone too far."

Lady Aerfalle says, "Now that we are introduced, it is traditional to begin the Exchange of Insults. I shall begin, and say, Lord Haranue, that the Latzimestal approach towards rulership has truly brought ruin to all you hold dear."

Lord Haranue Amarand says, "And your spidery manipulations are no better, you spawn of insects. As are yours, you blaspheming fool 'man of Daralet'."

Isin Dule says, "Both of you can take your Dericostian arrogance and throw it into the void. You regarded those beneath you as chattel and treated them in the worst way possible. It was only a blessing that your empire fell. As for the rest of are no better, Asheron, you meddling child of Yalaini nobility, and I cannot even begin to verbalize the dread I would feel at a Wind-Walker rulership."

Claude says, in concert with the other Virindi, "We consider your statement valueless. Your knowledge is unworthy of inclusion to the Singularity. The Quiddity comprehends all. You will cease existence."

Lady Aerfalle says, "Lord Asheron, will you retort?"

Asheron says, "No. I have come to work toward alliance against our common enemy Bael'zharon, and I believe that exchanging insults is counterproductive."

Lady Aerfalle and Lord Haranue both look upon Asheron with dark looks.

Lady Aerfalle says, "So be it. We next traditionally begin the Exchange of Cups. Lord Haranue?"

Lord Haranue picks up a chalice that you do not recall seeing before and says, "We welcome you to our gathering." He hands the chalice to Isin Dule.

Isin Dule holds the chalice before him and says, "How could I refuse such an invitation? The madness of my old friend must be stopped before it is too late." He hesitantly hands the chalice to Asheron.

Asheron holds the chalice up and says, "Yes, we must work toward unity against a common foe." He offers the chalice to Claude.

Claude slashes the proferred cup from Asheron's hands. "You do not understand true unity. You insult the concept with your individualism. To comprehend unity, yield to the Directive," the Virindi say in unison.

Lady Aerfalle says, "Stop this! We are here to discuss the defeat of Bael'Zharon, not to begin a war amongst ourselves."

Isin Dule says, "I agree. Let me first begin by saying, though it grieves me to do so, that I hereby declare myself in opposition to Ilservian Palacost. While his original goal was admirable, his endless war against all creation has gone too far. I cannot stand with him anymore."

Isin Dule says, "What I tell you now is highly secret, for it is a key to Ilservian's newfound power. There is an item which acts as a channel between this world and the realm of the Living shadow, from which we draw our power. We call it the Heart of Shadow. While the Heart is heavily guarded by Ferah's forces, a skilled group could invade, claim the Heart for their own, and somehow use its connection to Ilservian to weaken him."

Asheron says, "Thank you, Isin. Know that you have chosen wisely, and repentance is not impossible even at this late date."

Isin Dule says, "Repent? I think not. I merely object to total annihilation, not to power."

Asheron says, "So be it."

Lady Aerfalle says, "Enough of this. Walkers, do you have anything to contribute to this discussion?"

Claude says, in concert with the other Virindi, "We find the entity classified as Bael'Zharon to exceed limits on discordance. Tapping a fragment of the Singularity may reduce the entity's power by serving as a conduit to all. The entity may be susceptible to the solidification of all that the Singularity represents."

Lady Aerfalle says, "I see - and will you grant us a fragment of the Singularity to use?"

All three Virindi emphatically answer, "No."

Lady Aerfalle says, "You seem...enthusiastically reluctant to help."

Claude and the other Virindi reply, "We are prepared for a reduction in discordance either through the entity's defeat or through your defeat."

Lady Aerfalle says, "If I took you more seriously, I might feel threatened. Lord Haranue, why don't you reveal to our guests what we have to share?"

Lord Haranue Amarand says, "Yes, Lady Aerfalle. Some of you may be familiar with Dame Tolani, one of the great explorers of the Dericost. At one point she conducted a survey of our ancient homeland at Lord Rytheran's request. One thing she unearthed was the skull of a particular little boy - one Avoren Palacost. Unfortunately, of recent years it seems that Dame Tolani has decided to no longer honor the oaths she swore to follow the lords of Dericost. She has secreted the skull in the desert, in an ancient crypt. I do not care what becomes of those who guard that crypt, but the skull could be potentially be used against Ilservian, as my...dear...Lady Aerfalle will explain."

Lady Aerfalle says, "Ilservian Palacost suffers from overly attaching himself to things of this world - notably, to the fate of his departed son. His rage swelled forth when his son died, and when Ilservian became Bael'Zharon, the magic that flowed through his veins flowed into the remains of his child. The skull, then, is bound to the father and is a weakness we can exploit."

Asheron says, "Here is what I would propose, then - what I believe is needed in order to defeat Bael'Zharon. Let us obtain and use these artifacts - forge them into the keystone of a ritual, whereby I may weaken him. Then he may perhaps be defeated, at least for a time..."

Umbris Elite Commander says, "The great Ler Rhan sends his greetings to all of you, and regrets only that he could not find time to personally see to your destruction."

Lord Haranue falls, destroyed by the attackers.
Defeating Artifex of the Singularity

You cleave Artifex of the Singularity in twain!

As you deal the final blow to the Artifex of the Singularity, it collapses upon itself with a high pitched screaming noise, and a cold voice speaks directly into your mind: "The Master's will shall live on, even as this shell, and all other imperfect vessels of the Master's will, decays into dust. Rejoice that you were in some small way a part of the birth of an eternal consciousness..."
Handing in Shadowy Virindi Essence to Leopold

You give Leopold Shadowy Virindi Essence.

Leopold tells you, "I perceive your return. This essence that you give me is troublesome."

Leopold tells you, "It is a darkness that now resides in Claude. It is not destroyed, but dormant."

Leopold tells you, "Claude will never function correctly, but at least there is functionality left. Take this replica for yours, skilled comrade."

You've earned 788,216,261 experience.

You've earned 21,199 Luminance.

Leopold gives you Visage of the Shadow Virindi.

Leopold gives you Mana Forge Key.
Handing in Shadowy Virindi Essence to Leopold (Quest Repeat)

You give Leopold Shadowy Virindi Essence.

Leopold tells you, "You have again vanquished the darkness that resides in Claude. Your execution is respected."

You've earned 546,892,396 experience.

You've earned 20,000 Luminance.

Leopold gives you Visage of the Shadow Virindi.

Leopold gives you Mana Forge Key.
Handing in Visage of the Shadow Virindi to Leopold

You give Leopold Visage of the Shadow Virindi.

Leopold tells you, "You do not desire this? Very well."

You've earned 169,522,570 experience.

Update History

Masked Memories

  • Quest introduced.

Risks and Rewards

Soulless Sisters

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.

Shattered Masks

  • MMD trade notes added to rewards.
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