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Geographic map of Dereth

Dereth is the island on which the game of Asheron's Call takes place. Dereth is the Isparian (human) name for the island, with humans living on Dereth sometimes referred to as Derethians. It is known as Ireth Lassel by the Yalain, and Killiakta by the Falatacot and later Dericost. Dereth is a small volcanic island situated in the northern sea of Auberean, the Yalain name for the planet. Dereth is surrounded by several smaller isles: The Singularity Caul, Marae Lassel, Aphus Lassel, the Halaetan Isles, Aerlinthe, The Vesayen Isles, Vissidal, and the Dark Isle.

Though just a tiny island, Dereth is a very important place to the history of Auberean. It is a nexus of great magical power, likely due to a high concentration of Menhir Rings and Ley Lines. In ancient times, Dereth (then Killiakta) was the only territory of the early Empyrean Culture of Falatacot. Later, when the Falatacot left this world, it was under control of the Kingdom of Dericost. The House Mhoire fled to here to escape the Filinuvekta. The resting place of His Eternal Splendor is located under Marae Lassel. When the Yalain came to power, Ireth Lassel was used as a research colony. During the first Shadow War, when Bael'Zharon and his army of Shadows nearly crushed the Yalain, Ireth Lassel was their last stronghold. When the Yalain were defeated again, this time by the Olthoi, Ireth Lassel once again was their last stronghold, and to this day remains the only portion of Auberean not completely overrun by Olthoi.

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