Dereth Exploration Markers Efficient Route


For running this quest in one long series. Time required is about ten hours, give or take help with some of the more difficult dungeons.

To get all 100 Markers you must:

To make it easier:

To make running through this quest easier ensure you have access to the following recalls and portal devices.

General Advice: Print out this whole wiki. Do the markers in order. If at any point your number of points touched does not equal where you should be, you've missed a point somewhere. IT is EXTREMELY irritating to get to point 100 and realize you've only touched 99. Use a highlighter or pen to check off each point as you go, and don't check them off unless the numbers match up.

Emergency Recall: We use this term for hot points. There are two versions of this Emergency Recall.
1. One is Aphus Lassel Portal Gems, gained from doing the Tusker Tusk quests.
2. The other is using Aphus Lassel Recall, which is the fastest of the recall spells to cast. If a situation calls for a fast recall, have the spell ready to go.



1.) 42.2N, 33.7E - Holtburg


2.) 7.9S, 73.1E - Dryreach, center of town. You'll either have to pick the door or jump the walls.

3.) 1.4S, 71.9E - Farmer (Dryreach)

Run from Dryreach.

4.) 11.5N, 37.9E - Auroch Herd

Route: Rithwic to King Pwyll Square Villas at 8.7N, 61.0E

5.) 0.6N, 46.6E - Festival Stone of Seedsow west of Lytelthorpe. (Party-Goer). Run west to next marker.

6.) 0.7N, 44.7E - Outside Olthoi Chasm Recall to Lytlethorpe

7.) 7.9N, 50.8E - Outside Stable Rift Use Lytle Gem to recall back.

Route: Lytelthorpe to North Lytelthorpe Villas.

8.) 1.7S, 36.6E - Kayna bint Iswas' Home

Route: Lytelthorpe to the Asbel Domain Settlement Portal at 2.2N, 50.4E. Run west.

9.) 28.4N, 43.6E - Festival Stone of Thistledown north of Cragstone along the river near the waterfall. (Party-Goer)

  • Portal recall back to Cragstone

10.) 22.5N, 48.0E - near the top of the Fallen Shadow Spire of Cragstone

11.) 21.4N, 54.0E - Next to the Underground City Dungeon on the Isle of Tears.

Take the Isle of Tears portal at 25.2N, 49.9E

12.) 53.7N, 24.2E - Outside 53.7N, 24.2E - Peddler's Hut between Glenden Wood and Crater

Route: Cragstone to Ispan Hill (26.2N, 46.3E)

13.) 19.0N, 61.8E - Empyrean Landmark (Defunct Lifestone?) northwest of Eastham. Recall back to Eastham.

14.) 21.3N, 69.3E - Asheron's Castle

Take the portal to Asheron's Island from Eastham at 17.9N, 64.3E. At the drop take the Portal to Asheron's Castle
  • Portal Recall back to Eastham

15.) 83.3N, 0.2E - Northeast shore of Wisp Lake.

Route: Eastham to Midhill Cottages (17.5N, 61.5E) or Stonehold to Wisp Lake Cottages (69.6N, 20.2W).
Plateau Village

16.) 40.6N, 41.3W - Plateau Village - in the top of the tower by the 3 Windmills and Ka Ku-To the Tailor. Go back to Plateau.


17.) 97.3N, 3.6E - Point Tremblant, the most northern point on mainland Dereth, Outside of Point Tremblant Mansion.

Mayoi to Point Tremblant at 60.8S, 80.3E.

18.) 74.0N, 28.5W - By the Ruschk-Infested Black Spear Temple (100 and below Mukkir slayer dungeon

Route: Stonehold to Westward Portal (68.6N, 23.2W)
  • Back to Stonehold

19.) Inside dungeon - The Pit 64.3N, 23.4W - At the bottom of the pit opposite the surface portals. (Spelunker)

  • At the bottom is a portal to the next Marker:

20.) 75.9N, 49.0W - Inside Beach Fort


21.) 33.9N, 56.6E - Shadow Breach Crater outside of Arwic (Crater Crasher). Run to next.

22.) 35.9N, 59.7E - Mite Bunker. Then recall last portal to Arwic.

23.) 81.4N 24.5E - by Northwatch Castle

Dagger Vale at 32.9N 59.6E in Arwic, drops at 83.3N 28.8E

24.) 51.8N 59.8E - Next to an Olthoi Brood Hive

  • Route: From Arwic to the Far Claw Villas Settlement Portal at 32.9N, 59.4E then run south to to marker at 51.8N 59.8E. If you don't have Olthoi Recall, do the Olthoi North Markers next.

25.) 6.9N, 2.9E - Empyrean Landmark Near Al-Jalima, next to a petroglyph. Between town and Forbidden Crypts dungeon, near Tamar ibn Rashid and LS.

Olthoi North

26.) 42.6N 57.4E - Olthoi North - On the ridge (Mountain Climber)

Cross mountain at 43.2N, 58.0E
This marker must be approached from the north.

27.) 44.5N, 57.4E - Near Paradox-touched Valley, just inside the cave containing the Paradox-Touched Olthoi Queen's Lair shortcut portal. Mansion recall.

28.) Inside dungeon - Deeper Catacombs (Black Death Catacombs) - Next to portal to Catacombs of Opposition. (Spelunker)

Use the Olthoi Lands Portal Device or take the Jeweled Thorn Estates portal (32.9N 59.4E) in Arwic then run north to 59.9N 71.2E.
Other Northern Osteth Markers

29.) 76.0S 67.1W - At the Forger's Hideout.

Quest Flag: Do the Counterfeit Writ Quest, starts at Bandit Castle. Cnote required to give to the Forger. Use a Holtburg gem to recall back to Holt and give the fake writ to the Arcanum man there. Then Recall back to Bandit castle via Last Portal. The quickest route to the Bandit Castle is via the Eostenfang portal on the Arwic portal ring (E/SE of Arwic portal drop, over the hill). Run up the hill and west to the Bandit castle portal in the valley.

30.) 45.6S, 14.0E - Outside South Tumerok Vanguard Outpost

Route: Run from Xarabydun

31.) 21.6S, 9.7E - Cactus Stand

Route: Yaraq to Wi Badlands (22.4S, 0.2E)

32.) 36.6S, 6.9E - Rear of the Inner Sea Gear Knight Invasion Area

Route: Yaraq to Ijaniya (22.4S, 0.2E)
Linvak Tukal

33.) 78.5S 28.2E - Linvak Tukal. It's outside the city...get up the walls and jump off to the South.


34.) 2.7S, 20.4E - Empty Lifestone Brackets.


35.) 38.3S, 34.5E - Lightning Elemental Crystal

Route: From Khayyaban, take the Ardent Realm portal at 49.4S, 26.0E
Crater Village

36.) 65.9N, 15.1E - Mount Esper - Crater Rim (Mountain Climber). Jumping directly down off the mountain puts you directly above the Crater portal ring to the Banderling Castle. Run down into the Crater for the Mt. Esper Marker, then turn around and come back to the portal ring for Banderling Castle.

Alternative Route: Recall to Crater. Run from Crater Lake Village, cross over with a small jump at 66.9N 11.1E, run counter-clockwise around the rim. If you take this route, hit the Mt. Esper Marker below, then head up to the rim, and jump down to enter the portal for Banderling Castle.

37.) 66.0N, 12.6E - Mount Esper Crater (Crater Crasher)

38.) 66.2N, 2.3W - Banderling Castle/Camping Mastery Chest

Take the Anadil portal from Crater Lake Village
From Yanshi

39.) 26.7S, 51.0E - Near an old Blackmire Shadow Spire Crater in the Blackmire Swamp outside Sawato

Route: Yanshi to Li-Po Cottages Portal (10.3S, 45.7E)

40.) Inside Dungeon Inside Harbinger's lair Hard version Harbinger Quest (Daredevil)

Quest Flag: Hand a Harbinger Item to Vincadi or Issk (12.6S 46.7E). Note: this is very dangerous to try and solo for the fight down unless you are of very high level. You don't have to kill Harby. Just fight your way down to the Harbinger portal, go in, spam for the marker as you are dropping in, hit it, and portal out. Odds are you should just do this as part of a Harbinger Quest.

41.) 34.6N, 41.6E - Obsidian Span - On top of the East Ring

From Yanshi, take the Taralla Portal at 10.3S, 45.7E

42.) 25.6S, 57.6E - Behind the Archmage (Male Sho)'s house, northwest of Sawato.


43.) 83.0S, 49.2E - Festival Stone of Coldeve east of Kara (Party-Goer)


44.) 26.4S, 97.0E - Top of Tou-Tou Lighthouse (Sky Diver)

45.) 45.3N, 26.7W - Lake Lithanen - Near Plateau

Route: Dame Tolani Settlement Portal (27.17S, 96.04E) from Tou-Tou


46.) 48.9S, 81.7E - Nanto North Outpost Advocate Spire. Run out there, recall Last Portal back.

47.) 53.1S, 78.6E - Festival Stone of Morntide west of Nanto (Party-Goer)

48.) 53.6S, 76.6E - Outside Saadia's Retreat (run from last marker)


49.) 88.3S, 34.0E - next to 88.2S, 34.0E - Gotrok Camp.

Route: Qalaba'r to Brigands Bay Settlement at 74.8S 17.8E.

50.) 52.3S, 67.9E - South Osteth Peak (Mountain Climber, cross mountain at 53.2S 67.1E. Look up the mountain, and see the portal to the top.

51.) Ulgrim's Island 94.1S, 11.1W - Ulgrim's Island, near Ulgrim's Hatch.

Hand the Drunken Madman at 53.0S 61.0E a Mug of Winter Lager (purchased in Nanto bar).



  • Recall to Aerlinthe or use D Note portal near Candeth Keep. Alternatively, you can drop a Cnote portal on the guy near Candeth Keep (near the three tombs).

52.) 89.9N, 46.4E - Tenkarrdun, the central Aerlinthe caldera.

53.) 84.4N, 45.7E - Top of Western Aerlinthe Lighthouse (Sky Diver)

Aphus Lassel

54.) 2.6N, 95.2E - Tusker Island Drop

55.) 9.9S, 86.3E - Outside Tusker Gauntlet, just south of Bobo's waterfall

Route: Use the Dangerous Portal Device at your mansion until it drops you on the Tusker Island, or just run from the Drop if you don't want to put up with random ports.


  • Caul Recall or run N from drop Singularity Bore

56.) 94.8S, 94.8W - Center of Caulcano (Crater Crasher)

57.) 90.4S, 97.4W - behind the 90.6S, 97.5W - Statue of Bael'Zharon

58.) Inside dungeon - Nightmare Gate - At the end next to the BM chest. (Spelunker)

You need to assemble a Vestibule Lock (See Sepulcher of Nightmares quest) to gain access: Kill the bosses at 96.5S 95.0W, 94.3S 93.4W and 95.0S 98.2W

Dark Isle

  • Go to Dark Isle. These two are usually done while doing the Society Faction quests on Dark Isle (the Attunement/Rocks quest, Kill Vaeshok, the Deep, and picking up Ten Black Coral pieces), since you have to go to each location anyways).

59.) 86.9N, 59.8E - Dark Isle - Right by Vaeshok's Cave. If you are going to kill Vaeshok, head down and do so, then recall out to the LS to do part 2 of the Rock Quest on the way to the Tower). Pick up black coral as you go.

60.) 96.3N, 54.6E - At the top of the Ruschk Ice Tower. Recall to the Dark Island Lifestone, and give your Deep Token to the Deep. You are now in Teth and Can do the Teth Quests!

Halaetan Islands


61.) 88.8N, 67.6W - Near Iian di Alduressa (And Karlun's Fort) Immediately go thru portal and speak to Sir Ganzio above for next marker.

62.) Inside dungeon - Eater Pit 88.8N, 72.6W - At the bottom in the room with the sword Swallower. (Quest Flag: Speak to Sir Ginazio in Karlun's Fort at 88.8N 67.8W.) (Spelunker) Basically due west of the fort.

63.) 80.4N, 74.0W - Outside the Small Empyrean Vault. Run due south if you don't want to recall to Silyun.

Route: Run from Silyun or Westwatch
Fiun Outpost

64.) 96.2N, 60.0W - Outside the Ruschk Iceberg dungeon.

Run from Fiun Outpost west along the shore. At the tip.

65.) 95.0N, 47.1W - Near Augmentation Realm Upper Level portal. Head down the valley, then loop up and back for this portal atop the mountain.

66.) 94.2N, 43.0W - Just outside the Thrungus Hole bunker. Head back down the hill from Aug marker and you can see the Thrungus Bunker in the distance to the east and south.

67.) Inside Dungeon - Egg Orchard in Egg room (room closest to the exit portal at bottom). (Daredevil)

Note: All 3 dungeons have the same Marker.

Marae Lassel

68.) 55.7N, 74.8W - On Marae Lassel

Route: Danby's Outpost to Central Tuatara Plains Portal at 23.9N, 28.0W

69.) 40.5N, 78.2W - Bluespire near Tumerok Camp.


70.) 51.2N, 76.3W - North Fork Dam on the Marescent Plateau, just outside the room with The Great Machine


71.) 42.9N 66.9W - Top of Greenspire Lighthouse (Sky Diver)

Vesayen Islands

MacNiall's Freehold

72.) 69.9S, 89.9E - Outside the Moarsmen Hideout dungeon on the Vesayen Islands.

73.) 83.0S, 93.2E - Camp of the Latzimestal near Ithaenc Cathedral - by the tents where the undead were

74.) 76.8S, 93.9E - By the Shadow-Infested Black Spear Temple (101-150 Mukkir slayer dungeon)

75.) 89.3S 86.7E - Top of Western Xi Ru Lighthouse (Sky Diver) Please see Aphus Lassel and Bobo II quest.

Route: Recall the Sanctuary, Portalling Device (83.4S, 89.8E). Recommended: Use Chapterhouse Recall Orb, take Ayan Baqur portal, talk to the Ghost behind the smith. He portals you to the island. Run Counterclockwise around the island to the Lighthouse, which is up the hill to the flower and requires you to take a switchback and bridge.

76.) 64.2S, 97.9E - Near Freebooter Keep, in the K'nath valley to the East. This one is extremely hazardous!


South Direlands

near Candeth Keep

77.) 83.5S, 67.8W - Stone Pillars near Candeth Keep

78.) 84.8S, 65.4W - Tumerok Bunker

79.) 85.9S 79.1W - Withered Atoll - Tumerok hill

80.) 87.9S, 55.2W - Center of The Pit of Heretics (Daredevil)

Note: If you have not achieved Lord status in your Faction:
Note: An interesting way to get here is if you do the Deru Tree quest, and 'use' the altar at the end of the quest, it will drop you here!
To prevent jump lag, jumping on top of the creatures and dieing, you can talk to one of the Statues outside, and it will portal you just above the pit, giving you enough time to quickly select the marker, hit it, and do an emergency recall.

81.) 92.8S, 52.8W - Moarsman City, Center of the Temple of T'thuun.

If you are a Lord in your Faction, use the Statue at either 87.9S, 55.9W, or the statue at 87.9S, 54.5W
If you are a Master in your Faction, you can use the Master Statue of 'Moarsman City' Transport in the drop room of the Faction Stronghold
South Direlands Portal
Purchase a Invitation Wedding Hall from a Wedding Planner. Take South Direlands Portal inside, or
Take the portal at 62.2S, 77.1E west of Mayoi

82.) 78.1S, 48.7W - center of the most western of the South Direlands Craters

From drop, run to to 78S, 45.5W, run west into crater.

83.) 73.8S, 43.9W - At the base of the Assassin's Roost - NE Crater (Note: You do not need to to do the Assassin's Roost Quest to reach this marker).

  • Portal Recall

84.) 0.2N, 80.3W - Slaughterhouse (near Teth)

From South Direlands Portal drop run to Slaughterhouse portal at 80.6S, 37.5W - Tumerok Tower. The marker is up in one of the towers close to you.
Fort Tethana
  • Since you're now near Teth anyway, there are two ways to run this. You can run the Obsidian Span marker by exiting through the Hillside portal at Teth, and running E/NE ( 34.6N, 41.6E - Obsidian Span On top of the East Ring). DO this last (portal recall after doing Shadow March). You must have a Teth Tie to do this efficiently.
  • (RECOMMENDED)Use Chapterhouse Recall Orb, Take Ayan Baquar portal. Run to the Foundry portal under the green statue in the middle of town. Immediately exit the dungeon, and you will be in Teth (the 'back road' to Teth) with a Last Portal tie.
  • Do the Dark Isle quests immediately before this one, and get Society Flagged for the Deep. When you've done the last Dark Island quest, give your bad meal to the Deep and he portals you to Fort Tethana (albeit without a Last Portal Tie).

85.) 3.6S, 70.0W - Festival Stone of Gloaming south of Fort Tethana. (Party-Goer) IF you are running from Teth, do this first. IF you are running from Slaughterhouse, do this second, then continue to Mountain Climber.

86.) 9.4S, 72.0W, near Teth Golem Mountain. If you are running from Teth, do this second by heading south from the Festival Stone, then Portal Recall when you are done. From Slaughterhouse, do it first, pick up the Festival Stone by heading north, and then proceed north to Mountain Climber.

87.) 3.2N, 71.2W - Fort Tethana (Mountain Climber) - Approach from the west side.

From portal drop, cross at 2.3N, 71.8W - 2.5N, 71.9W - 2.8N, 72.0W and 3.1N, 71.8W. (The run up is located in the valley with the Teth Lighthouse portal). Once you hit the Marker, jump off the mountain to the North, run to next Marker.

88.) 15.3N, 68.7W - Shadow March (Crater Crasher). It's on the ground on the south side of the mount.

89.) 18.4N, 86.3W - Most northwestern point in the Direlands.

Alternative Route 1: Recall to Aerlinthe Island. Immediately back through the Direlands portal behind you. Run NW to the Point.
Alternative Route 2: Run through all 3 dungeons of the Olthoi Arcade to the Surface portal at the end, then run north to the Marker
Alternative Route 3: Use the Black Spawn Den Portal Device until you arrive at the Teth BSD, then run from there

Mid Dires

buy Sake, available in Baishi. Either give the Sake to Ulgrim in Ayan for a quick portal (this does NOT use up the Sake), or run from Baishi to the Drunken Madman at 53S, 61E. Give Madman Sake, take portal. From Walled Portals take Outside Accursed Halls portal.

90.) 12.8S, 58.9W - Izji Qo's Temple - at the top of the Temple

91.) Inside dungeon - Crystalline Portal 17.0S 61.2W- Near the end of the 110+ dungeon, in the room with the ramp in the lava pool that leads to the Progenitor's Lair portal. (Spelunker). This is a complex dungeon with two other quests you can complete at the same time, including a one time quest for a 5 use MFK, and close to a billion xp all around. Takes some time, however. Recommend leaving it until last, unless you know your way around the dungeon.

92.) 20.9S, 60.9W - South of Crystalline Crag.

East Direlands Swamp

93.) 25.8S, 46.9W - Top of East Direlands Lighthouse (Sky Diver)

94.) 23.2S, 46.1W - Outside the Malignant Tabernacle Dungeon.

95.) 21.9S, 43.8W - Next to the entrance portal into the Western Power Forge

Obsidian Plains

96.) 64.0S, 63.8W - Center of the Obsidian Plains (Crater Crasher)

97.) Aerbax's Center Platform Aerbax's Citadel (Daredevil)

Quest Flag: Grab all the crystals from the Artificers, make a fellow and talk to the emissary. You cannot turn in the crystals if you have done Aerbax with the last 29 days, but someone else who has not can turn them in for you. You must be in a fellowship to turn them in (even a fellow of 1 should suffice). The Marker is up on the central platform to the left of Aerbax's starting position.

98.) 52.6S, 62.6W - North of the Chakron Gate portal on the Obsidian Plains. Long run, must be approached from the south and west.

Ayan Baqur

Use Chapterhouse Recall to get to Ayan.

99.) 45.6S, 87.0W - Inside Pooky's (The White Rabbit) cave (Daredevil)

Note: The rabbit will NOT attack unless you ID or attack it. Some Decal plugins automatically ID objects, so beware. It's a long run north along the shore.


  • Mansion Recall

100.) 37.3S, 67.0W - By the Mukkir Infested Black Spear Temple (151+ Mukkir slayer dungeon)

Route: use the Dangerous Portal Device to Valley of Death
Find someone with a portal to Valley of Death "Hot Drop", or make a long, tortured and convoluted run from the Obsidian Rim drop. Run around the Rim to directly above the marker, hop down, and recall out somewhere fast. The marker is in the crater adjacent to the "Hot Drop" portal drop.

Notes and little tips

  • The following Quest will need to be (almost) finished, since you either have to be flagged, or might as well complete the quest while finding the markers:
Quest Flag: Do the Counterfeit Writ Quest, starts at Bandit Castle
  • Crystalline Markers: This section of the Quest is wrapped up in the mammoth Crystal Crag quest. Time to do the entire Crystal Crag with its maze of passages is probably around 4 hours. However, just picking up the Shards on the way down is a helpful 200 Million+. The final boss is a 5-use Mana Forge Key and a boatload of XP, however. Make sure you print the maps off when you run this dungeon, and while soloable at high levels, it is recommended you save this for last. The End Boss of the Crystal Crag quest is NOT soloable.
  • Sepulcher of Nightmares
  • Three Markers are strewn along the path of the Bobo Medicine quest, so pick up some XP while getting them.
  • The Markers on Marae Lasseal are strewn along the path of the Olthoi Pincers Dungeons (Warrior, Mutilator, Eviscerator) if you would like to hop into each of those dungeons on the way. Turn them in at REdspire, share them with your mules, then hop the Sanamar portal or Greenspire portal to finish off ML or go on to the next part.
  • These Quests don't need to be finished, just the first part to get access to the dungeon needs to be done:
  • The Black Death Catacombs quest portion (see Olthoi North) can be run at anytime by using the Olthoi Device at your Mansion.

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