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The second age of the Yalaini. Dericoi Eipoth translates to Age of Dericost. This era lasted 6174 years.[1][2][3]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
-15,173 PY DE 1 Dericost

Beginning of the Age of Dericost.

Although uncontested in the rule of its continent for thousands of years, the Kingdom of Dericost truly rises to prominence with the arrival of the Falatacot refugees, who flee the island of Dereth due to global cooling of Auberean. In exchange for sanctuary in Dericost lands, the Falatacot share their worship of the Old Ones and their magical knowledge. They specifically share their knowledge of blood, death and entropy magics.[2]


While most Falatacot practice their magic within ethical bounds, the Dericost know no such bounds. Soon the Dericost nobility comes across the darkest of the Falatacot refugees' rituals which hold out the promise of eternal life. The Dericost are not aware that these magics involve the death of the physical body and the tying of the person's spirit to its decaying form. Once the initial shock of this discovery wears off, the Dericost find this an acceptable price to pay and many of the nobility transform themselves into undead. Among the first is a figure called His Eternal Splendor, along with those in his inner circle, Lady Aerfalle and Lord Rytheran.[2]

-10,465 PY DE 4709 Dericost

The Sarian Family is awarded a patent of nobility for service to the Ice Throne of Dericost. The Sarian Family will serve as the lords and ladies of Antaoc for 1,465 years, until the defeat of Dericost.[3]

-10,027 PY DE 5,147 Haebrous

King Braletain begins his reign of Haebrous.[4]

-10,022 PY DE 5,152 Haebrous, Ruschk

In the fifth year of the reign of His Majesty King Braletain of Haebrous, a tribe of Ruschk in the frigid northern edge of the Kingdom of Haebrous is slain to make way for a mercantile company's gemstone excavations. The only survivor of this tribe, Grael, is brought back to the Royal Menagerie. Carraida, the young Queen of Haebrous, begged her husband to send Grael to gladiatorial pits for her amusement. Grael goes on to be undefeated, killing all that challenge him and eating their hearts.[4]

-10,020 PY DE 5,154 Haebrous, Ruschk

Two seasons later, The Grael Rebellion occurs. Grael and some of his fellow slaves overpower the arena guards and take over the entire building. Ten thousand Haebreans and no small number of visiting Yalaini and Dericostians die. Queen Carraida, who was present at the arena, is killed by Grael in an act of vengeance. The rebellion spills out into the streets. On the third day of the rebellion the royal army corners the slaves in the West Market. The King orders royal mages to incinerate the entire market square with a rain of magical fire that lasts almost a full day. Grael, however, escapes.[4][5]

-10,020 PY DE 5,154 Haebrous, Shadow, Ruschk

During the rebellion, four slave brothers, Baranaith, Farelaith, Hiranaith, and Korogaith, escape from the capital of Haebrous and flee to the coast. They commandeer a ship from a small fishing village south of the capital and put out to sea. None of them know how to sail, and drift out to sea. Some time later they arrive on Dereth near a rivermouth. They head inland towards a forest, and encounter Grael. The brothers join Grael in his journey north to find a dark power. Grael finds what he was seeking, and is wrapped in Living Darkness, tranformed into the Black Spear of the Kemeroi. Baranaith, Hiranaith, and Korogaith are changed to Shadows, while Farelaith flees.[5]

-10,020 PY DE 5,154 Falatacot, Shadow

Grael chooses to sleep on a island north of Vissidal. His presence covers the island in Shadow, and the isle is soon called the Dark Isle. Those Falatacot who followed the Old One N'cthail use ancient seals to sink the isle below the waves, in hopes none will ever wake Grael and that this world will be free of him forever.[6]

-10,020 PY DE 5,154 Haebrous

Twenty years after The Grael Rebellion, King Braletain is a ruined and wasted man, a shadow of the strong and admirable leader he had been. His weakness has emboldened the ever-grasping Dericostians, there is no clear and qualified successor, and Lord Alashorn fears war will come soon between the Kingdoms.[4]

[Editor's Note: Though it is possible that the events related to the Grael Rebellion happened as long ago a several hundred years prior to Dericost actually going to war, there is no way to make an accurate estimate. Therefore, the events have been placed immediately proceeding the start of the Millennium War.]

-10,000 PY DE 5,174 Dericost

The Dericost Kingdom reaches the height of its power and attacks its neighbors Haebrous and Yalain, igniting the Millennium War.[1]


At some point, Braletain no longer rules over Haebrous. Jailne is the King of Haebrous at the end of the Millennium War.


In the closing years of the Millennium War, Empress Alaidain founds the Order of Hieromancers to serve as her personal guard and household company.[7]

-9,000 PY DE 6,174 Dericost, Haebrous, Yalain

After nearly 1,000 years of conflict, the Haebrous and Dericost lands are devastated. The Ice Throne of Dericost is overturned by the victorious Haebrous and Yalain.

Jailne and Alaidain kill Sarvien, but Jailne is also killed in the battle.

With the Haebrous and Dericost kingdoms shattered and their lands ravaged by war, Empress Alaidain assumes rule over the remnants of these kingdoms. The Seaborne Empire of Yalaini now spans the globe. The majority of the surviving undead Lords flee Gelid and most take up residence in Dereth.[1][2]


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