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Dericost Ritual Investigation
Level: 30
Type: Solo
Starts With: Sir Learth
Starts At: Cabin by the Frozen Valley at 83.8N, 4.3W
Route: Stonehold to Wisp Lake Cottages portal at 69.6N, 20.2W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Ritual Investigation
Quest Chain: 1. Dericost Ritual Investigation
2. Halt Dericost Ritual Quest


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Sir Learth will ask you to track down 10 Enchanted Mnemosynes.
    1. 83.7N, 6.7W - Frozen Valley - In the Valley. Due west of where the quest starts.
    2. 65.7S, 44.1W - Graveyard - Inside a bunker ahead and slightly to the right as you come out of the Mhoire Forge Recall Bunker.
    3. 2.5S, 16.4E - Large Mnemosyne Collection Site - Just outside of Samsur. Large Mnemonsyne (last portal in the place), to your left as you materialize.
    4. 32.8N, 66.7E - in a Tower at the Skeleton Fort (Jacob's Axe Quest) - Skeleton Fort portal in the Facility Hub 35+ Section East side, ahead and to the right, run from the base up.
    5. 87.6S, 65.5W - Anadil's Tomb - East of Candeth Keep. If running from Candeth Keep, the first tomb, down inside and to the right. If coming via Sylsfear portal, last tomb.
    6. 17.0S, 57.3W - Chalicmere Castle - Give Sake to the Drunken Madman at 53.0S 61.0E in the Ridge Tower south of Baishi then take the Outside Accursed Halls portal, alternatively you can use a Portal to Izji Qo's Temple if you have one hooked at your Allegiance Mansion. Use the door at the middle inside of the castle, and run around to the right inside the walls to the end where the Mnemosyne is.
    7. 64.1N, 13.2E - Mountain Cavern - Right before the locked door, to the left in the corner. This is the Shortcut portal to Frore in Crater at 64.1N, 13.2E...up and to the left.
      Note: If you are below level 200, you will need to complete the Standing Stones section of the Frore quest in order to get this and the next Mnemosyne.
    8. Inside - Frore - Past the Mountain Cavern, in the first room on top of the ledge on the right. 500 jump to get up there.
    9. 17.3N, 32.8E - Catacombs of the Forgotten - Portal in Facility Hub 25+Section located in the east side room. Just stick to a wall and go down when you can...it's in the room to the east of Mi Krau-Li's Sarcophagus.
    10. 10.3N, 54.9E - Trothyr's Rest - near Altar of Asheron (Rithwic Portal {Aluvian Wing} town network). You'll need to pick at least one door.
  2. Talk to Sir Learth again for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Catacombs of the Forgotten 17.3N, 32.8E -- 02E6
Large Mnemosyne Collection Site 2.5S, 16.4E -- 029D
Mountain Cavern 64.1N, 13.2E -- 015D
Trothyr's Rest 10.3N, 54.9E -- 01FD

Map Dereth Map Point Dungeon.png Map Point Dungeon.png Map Point Dungeon.png Map Point Dungeon.png Map Point Large.png Map Point Large.png Map Point Large.png Map Point Large.png Map Point Large.png


Experience: 198,157,237 (20.75% up to level 199)


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Opening Dialog

Sir Learth tells you, "Greetings, Citizen."
Sir Learth tells you, "Lord Asheron, using several clues and occurrences, has determined that the Dericost Emperor, Geraine, is using a powerful ritual which is destabilizing both the mana and temporal flows of this world."
Sir Learth tells you, "Due to the clue Sir Donovan found in the report on the Bloodstones, the Prince believes that the ritual mentioned is likely the one causing the disturbances my Lord Asheron has detected. This is why I am organizing the hunt for this site from here."
Sir Learth tells you, "I am seeking adventurers who will help me put an end to this treacherous and dangerous ritual Geraine is performing. To that end, we must first locate this ritual, and pierce whatever defenses are guarding it."
Sir Learth tells you, "My Lord Asheron tells me that to conduct a ritual of this magnitude in secret, they would need to have created a series of anchors, or points, with which to feed power to the ritual as well as shield it from outside magics."
Sir Learth tells you, "These anchor points will most likely be made using something dear to the Dericost, though we have not confirmed what that may be yet. These points are also most likely in places of power where the undead are in control."
Sir Learth tells you, "My Lord Asheron believes that there should be ten of these points, scattered throughout Dereth. Any less, and the mana flow would not be strong enough to empower a temporal ritual. Any more, and the energy flows of the wards themselves would be detectable."
Sir Learth tells you, "As we do not yet know specifically what and where to seek, I am gathering any and all willing to help me in my goal. I will place an enchantment upon you, that should let you interact with these points, and draw information out of them which will allow Lord Asheron and the Prince to both pinpoint and breach the defensive magics of the ritual site."
Sir Learth chants softly for a moment, and a warm sensation flows over you.
Sir Learth tells you, "That should do it. Hunt well, and good luck."

Rewards Dialog

Sir Learth tells you, "I can sense the changes in the enchantment I placed upon you. I take it you found the points I asked you to?"
Sir Learth chants for a moment, and there is a flare of energy that jumps from your hand to his.
Sir Learth tells you, "Ahh, yes. You have found all of the points. I'm not skilled enough in Geomancy to read these findings, but Lord Asheron and the Prince should be able to decipher them."
Sir Learth tells you, "I'll pass this info along to them. Thank you again for your assistance. Once we pinpoint the ritual and breach the wards, we'll have more work for you."
You've earned 48,061,586 experience.
Sir Learth tells you, "You have another batch of information for me, wonderful."
Sir Learth chants for a moment, and there is a flare of energy that jumps from your hand to his.
Sir Learth tells you, "Thank you again for your assistance. The more information we gain from the points, the better our chances of breaching their defenses."
You've earned 210,046,659 experience.
Sir Learth tells you, "Thank you. The information you have provided me should allow Lord Asheron and the Prince to track down the exact location of the ritual Geraine is using to alter the timestream, as well as pierce its wards."

Other Interactions

You use the enchantment Sir Learth bestowed upon you to extract the information from the enchanted mnemosyne.
The enchantment Sir Learth bestowed upon you begins to interact with the enchanted mnemosyne, but then the power recedes, as you have already gained all you can from this mnemosyne.

Update History

Hidden In Shadows

  • Quest introduced.

The Risen Princess

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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