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Developer's Chat

+MrQuazarr@Zone> Welcome to our Monthly Asheron’s Call Developer's Chat. With us today is one of the Lead Designer, Eri Izawa A few reminders of the ground rules:

  1. You must have your question typed out and ready to cut & paste when your turn is up
  2. Limit one question per person will be strictly enforced.
  3. The question *must* appear in the first line you post. If not, you will be moved back to watching.
  4. You may support your question with up to 2 additional lines of text.
  5. If the developer needs more information, we will move you back to asking.
  6. Repeat Questions will not get a response other then "Asked and Answered". Please watch for your question being asked before you.
  7. As always, the Code of Conduct is in full effect during the chat.

This is all in an effort to keep the chat running more smoothly, make it more informative and give more people a chance to ask questions. With that, I will hand over the floor to Eri for introductions and we will be off to the questions.

rei@Turbine> Hi everyone; thanks for coming! I'm Eri "reijin" Izawa, co-lead designer for Asheron's Call and general spec shuffler. With me are: David "Crowley" Javier, game designer, dungeon maker, and dialogue meister. He is also Sausage King of Dereth! Jesse "Nei" Kurlancheek, game designer, scripter, general systems guy. James Cowgill, Producer, will be joining us later. As usual, I'd like to talk about how we answer questions. To give you an idea of our schedule, we are already hard at work on the September event. We generally cannot give you concrete dates or feature details for anything new that we're not pretty sure is going in. Also, because we have so much planned, new requests on the boards or from here may not be implemented til some time after the suggestion is made. But I want to assure you that we are listening! Again, thanks for coming!

+MrQuazarr@Zone> Alright, lets get to the questions.

LillithsJabber> Q: Could you pretty pleeeaasseee, w/ sugar on top and all the fixings, remove been able to refine medium grade ore only once per 60 hours restriction?

LillithsJabber> I needed an alchemist to create some batches of dispel potions but the harsh restriction prevents 10 condensed potions in a ~3 day period. 1 ore = 10 lvl 5 potions(if the alchemist had not likely fail at any)The task of just completing 1 potion takes

LillithsJabber> much time&is very challenging. I now know how a certain squishy mage feels w/out her buffs-that quarry is dangerous! However how is that suppose to last when u get debuffed 10 times in a single hour! Could you remove the restriction from medium grade

LillithsJabber> or change the dispel potion creation process so that we can obtain greater # of potion batches? BTW thanks again Sean for the unique potion/lockpick icons! *waves to Lillith Blanche* Oh & shout out to Zelina-cause it'll irritate her :) *SQUISHY* Done!

nei@turbine> 60 hours? where'd you get that number from? :)

nei@turbine> off hand, i THINK the timer is set @ 16hours... vnei@turbine> might be 18...

nei@turbine> done.

oPerrin> Q: When do you plan to fix (what month) slidecasting, slide healing, and all the motion bugs associated with the fact that hitting a turn key during any extended animation unlocks the ability to strafe?

oPerrin> This bug is abused to no end in Pk an needs to be adressed asap. Suggestion: Modify the dispells so that they dispell all level 6s before moving to 5's etc. Casting Nullify to have it ignore the one spell (imperil 6) I am trying to get rid of is intensely

oPerrin> annoying

oPerrin> done

nei@turbine> a "long" time ago, this was looked at (slide-anything), and was decided that it wouldn't be fixed... more recently, it was looked at again, and thought went into it... "if we make people stick to the ground, how's it help?"

nei@turbine> well... it would toss a big chunk into PK situations... no more unhittable mages/archers... but it would also completely wack out NPK stuffs when MOBs are casting on the player

nei@turbine> the weigh game is played, and in this case, fixing it for PK situations (many of whom i really doubt even want it fixed) and leaving it in for NPK reasons... the PK fix it crowd lost out.

nei@turbine> so slide casting is here. and unless something dramatic changes, it's staying.

nei@turbine> done.

SubChaos> Q : Why can you not have spell components go into their respective bags upon purchasing them instead of them going into main inventory? (** I asked this months ago but was unsatisfied with your answer, please read the following and answer again **)

SubChaos> You told me that this would cause problems should someone do something like sell the bag they are keeping components in, and you compared the situation to one where quickbar items (ie. jewelry) would also return to their bags. But these are not the same!

SubChaos> Can you not have a search performed to find which bag CURRENTLY CONTAINS COMPONENTS OF THE SAME TYPE and place them there? In fact, what stackable item wouldn't benefit from this? An item stacks when placed in a bag, extend the concept to all inventory!

rei@Turbine> No one will argue that it won't be a benefit.

rei@Turbine> People here have wanted it for a long time.

rei@Turbine> The technical issues are the big problem.

rei@Turbine> It's simply not easy to do, and it has to get prioritized against, say, features like Secure Trade and any other development projects.

rei@Turbine> So it is not going to happen any time soon.

rei@Turbine> Done.

_Carbo_KNIGHT> Q:would it be possable to set up some way for players to summon portals out to Ayan Baqur that only higher lvl people can use for rides? ie portal or dungeon with a 25-30+ lvl restriction.

_Carbo_KNIGHT> this would keep the newbies some people complain about bein out there away without forcing very long runs for the higher lvl people that want to get there now that Metos and BSD are untieable.

_Carbo_KNIGHT> i understand the conserns of the people complaining about newbies even if i dont share them but think a new portal would be a good compromise. great game BTW youve managed to drag me out of the old MUDs i loved for so long. done.

Crowley@turbine> As it stands now, none of the portals near AB are tiable, so there shouldn't be much issue of low-level characters making it out there without a hair-raising run across the Dires.

Crowley@turbine> All the low-levels there that the high-levels think are lowering the property value got in when the portals were tiable.

Crowley@turbine> So I doubt there'll be many new low-levels coming into AB, unless we missed a portal...

Crowley@turbine> The question of players being able to place level restricts on the portals they cast is not possible with current tech, and probably won't be.

Crowley@turbine> Done

Ostracizor> Q: Will we ever be able to use Item Magic on wands, staves and orbs? It seems to me that it would not be unreasonable to allow us to use Item Magic to improve the performance of magical implements, the same way we can melee weapons and bows. Blood

nei@turbine> unreasonable? no... but the code path to support such a thing is nowhere to be found right now.

nei@turbine> and as such it gets put in the ring with such heavy weights as secure trade... "grr... i'm a huge UI change and i will crush you!"

nei@turbine> done.

Horde_Nest> Is there anything that is going to be done about the lifestone camping? On darktide its next to imposible to get into ab since its being raided every 20 mins. Same thing goes for portal camping. Maybe 10 seconds of protection so you can download the info

Horde_Nest> without being killed. AB is so lagged by the time you get everything loaded up you are pretty much vulned to the hilt or dead. Of course this protection would be null once you cast any spell or make any attack movements.

nei@turbine> we really can't touch lifestone protection (or add portal protection) since it would throw a huge wrench into the cogs of "balance" ... a player could jump through a portal and even if they got 10 seconds of protection, that would be grossly overpowered.

nei@turbine> suggestion: if you're having problems getting into AB, run there... they can't camp the entire perimeter of town.

nei@turbine> done.

Jawyr> Q: What is the exact range of levels the September events are being geared towards?

Jawyr> I'm sure that both myself and other players would like to know where we should develope our characters to, to be able to play a part in the events.

Crowley@turbine> All levels. And we do mean all levels.

Crowley@turbine> As in, there will be big important quest stuff for the sub-25 crowd to do too.

rei@Turbine> And secure trade can be used by anyone. :)

Crowley@turbine> Done

NerdOfDeath> Yo, Vexorg here. Can we expect any hints on unsolved in-game quests such as the SoLL upgrade? It seems that people have given up on this and the Aerlinthe quests by now.

NerdOfDeath> Anyway, Mad props (and -5% ethicality) to everyone on CoD (except Quix, who gets a windmill in his flower box and a troll rating of 2.3)... Bella can go home now and whatnot...

NerdOfDeath> AND WE DEMAND AN EVIL LLAMA TO CAMP FOR Ph@t l3Wt!!!!!111 And a White Rabbit in the middle of Arwic and a good spot to watch from! -Done (moo!)

nei@turbine> No, you can't expect any hints.... just do what's in front of you...

nei@turbine> i think the problem with the soll and wand quests was they got hyped up as just that, soll and wand quests...

nei@turbine> when in reality, the soll and wand stuff are just parts of a greater whole... do the whole

nei@turbine> done.

CyberdudeMQ> Uhg, talk about bad timing :) Same q actually, about the SoLL.

nei@turbine> same answer then!

CyberdudeMQ> Oh well, just wanted to let you guys know that you've got a great game :)

+MrQuazarr@Zone> ;-)

rei@Turbine> Cool, thanks :)

PiccoloDaimaou1> Q: WHY don't we ever know exactly WHERE a monster is hitting us when it deals damage? That would be a great bonus, so we could figure out exactly what armor isn't effective, and what needs buffing! Don't you think you'd know where you got hit? Done.

rei@Turbine> Because that feature hasn't been put in yet.

rei@Turbine> It's on the queue.

rei@Turbine> Hopefully sometime relatively soon.

rei@Turbine> Done.

_2bad4u> Are there any plans to make it so mana charges can be used like healing kits and lockpicks? Use them till the mana is gone....

_2bad4u> Not everyone has the strength to carry so many charges or the funds to buy so many. It would be benefitical to carry a few smaller ones and not have to spend waste currency to buy smaller ones and waste the extra mana.

_2bad4u> That way you would only need a few higher charges and use them on multiple items since not everything takes a full charge to begin with. Crowley@turbine> We figured mana charges had insignificant enough weight that it wasn't a big issue.

Crowley@turbine> We haven't got any plans to change the way mana charges work, especially because it'd require more tech work, and we have things higher up on the priority list.

Crowley@turbine> Done

__MOO__> Q: (i want A) how much effort is being put into new AC graphics as opposed to resources on AC2 engine....

__MOO__> BtW ( m0o0o0o0) can we have spam in the game ( i'm talking about luncheon meat type spam) Hi to Tayway , DiE Kallikrates, Taber & Panayotis thanks for Gyran for question!


__MOO__> meat.. :<

Crowley@turbine> Sausage is close enough to Spam. Especially the way you prepare it.

Crowley@turbine> Done (tho I think James is answering the actual question)

Cowgill@Turbine> The Turbine 2.0 Toolset is very deep in development

Cowgill@Turbine> It has many, many advances in graphics and features.

Cowgill@Turbine> It will rock.

Cowgill@Turbine> That's all the official statement for now... if you're interested in licensing it, contact us :)

Cowgill@Turbine> done

rei@Turbine> (You probably notice we do get new artwork every month in AC)

Mattock_> Greetings! thank you for taking questions today! My Question: Will there be a chance for template bonuses? Templates for vagabonds and such are underpowered as well as under used. Would it be possible to give bonuses to templates, such as daggers that...

Mattock_> can only be used by Vagabonds or wands for Sorcerers? I have a lvl 23 Vagabond who gets snickered at more than I'd like. Lets see top 10 by template too!! DONE :)

rei@Turbine> That would be all new tech....

rei@Turbine> Currently very few primary characters are of a specific template....

rei@Turbine> While to an extent this is a chicken-and-egg issue, I don't think we'll see the feature you're suggesting.

rei@Turbine> That said, perhaps the templates themselves could use some balancing.

rei@Turbine> Oh, and furthermore, AC is a skill-based game, not a profession-based game.

rei@Turbine> (As much as it seems like it's melee vs. missile vs. life vs. warmagic)

rei@Turbine> So template-based content would go against that design philosophy.

rei@Turbine> Done.

Ceazar_AC> Question: Can we have some quests that don’t involve killing things? (IE a lockpick quest without a single monster but filled with lots of puzzles)

Ceazar_AC> What I’d like to see is the first of many epic "myst" or "zork" like puzzle quest that would send you to various towns collecting information on locating the "lost dungeon of un-nerfed-lockpicks". There you find a dungeon devoid of anything that would

Ceazar_AC> like to chew on you but is filled with jumps, false walls, switches, gears, use item X on item Y type puzzles. A simple reward (lockpick mastery, T-shirts, a pickable uber-chest on a 1 month quest timer…) would suffice. Thank you for fixing cooking. DONE

Crowley@turbine> I'd love to do more puzzle-like quests, and it's something I try to keep in mind when designing dungeons, but such things usually end up getting spoiled on the internet within a few hours of prop.

Crowley@turbine> But if you want to see more stuff that makes lockpick useful... Sure. That can be done.

Crowley@turbine> Done

LionHe4rt> Q: Will we see any special moves/combos for melee/archers in the near future? - Such as a multi-shot, or arrow spread, perhaps a Beserker barage, or some type of multi hit radius attack for melee, thanks ...

Crowley@turbine> Hrm... Methinks you've been playing a bit much D2, which not an uncommon sin...

Crowley@turbine> I'd love to get in special attacks, yes, things like an overhead chop for axers or a riposte for swordsmen.

Crowley@turbine> But it's a long way away on the tech horizon.

Crowley@turbine> So I wouldn't count on it in the near future, sorry.

Crowley@turbine> Done

Rhynedahll> Q: Does Turbine's game concept include allowing players, as opposed to NPCs ( i.e., Atlan, Shadow Armor, etc) the ability to manufacture (non quest) weapons and armor? Umbris bashing does get old after a while. TRADE(!) skills......

rei@Turbine> We'd of course like to do that....

rei@Turbine> Unfortunately the tech isn't quite set up to make the task easy.

rei@Turbine> Basically, this continues to be on the top features list, but it's not clear when it could be implemented.

rei@Turbine> Done.

MattHawk1> Q: When do you plan to finish the Chocolate Cookbook? By "finish" I mean put the recipes into the in-game book with the contest winners' names attached.

rei@Turbine> Hopefully next month.

rei@Turbine> In fact,

rei@Turbine> I think the winners will be announced sometime this week.

rei@Turbine> Keep in mind the winners are drawn from the qualifying entries ... so just because you were first doesn't mean you'll win.

rei@Turbine> (*tired of going through "Use X on Y to get Foo"*)

rei@Turbine> Done.

alecmuzzy> Do you have the future story plot already written out (like Babylon 5) or are you just playing it by ear, episode to episode with no final chapter (like Star Trek)? PS Thanks for doing these chats, you get a lot of abuse, but I appreciate the effort!

rei@Turbine> Heh, let's put it this way: some of both.

rei@Turbine> There's a lot of stuff that comes up spontaneously, but there's also stuff that has been discussed some time before.

rei@Turbine> Glad you appreciate the chats.

rei@Turbine> Done.

ChatCamper> Q: Is there any chance of ever creating a tool to allow users to transfer characters between accounts that are paid for by the same credit card?

ChatCamper> I realize that zone accounts are linked to game data(tapers, etc), but my problem is that the wife and I started on one account and then, 35+ levels later, we got a new computer and a new account but our mains are still stuck on the same account.

ChatCamper> Basically, we can't play our mains at the same time. Please save us. :)

+MrQuazarr@Zone> While that would be a good service to provide, there are some techinical limitations that prevents that from happening. Sorry.

+MrQuazarr@Zone> done

Sentinell> Q: Do you have any plans to work on the BSD spawn rate to get it back anywhere near what it was before the nerf. I know you have stated that only a small percentage want to see this done, but that represents the vast majority of high lvl players in the

Sentinell> game who inturn keep the game exciting and give the lower players something to strive to become. Suggestion: I think that we can all agree that tusker loot is basically

Sentinell> . How about changing it worthless. When it was on a 2 min spawn there was so much of this all over the place that it had to have caused performance problems in itselfso

Sentinell> that the tuskers are lootless or that when the corpse decomposes so does the loot

rowley@turbine> We have other ideas to give high-level players a Happy Hunting Ground.

Crowley@turbine> So the BSD will probably stay as it is until we get these other areas in and evaluate the impact.

Crowley@turbine> Done

Waffleboy> Q: Do you have the ability to make roaming monsters?

Waffleboy> I'm not asking for herds of mobile drudges, but perhaps having five or so tremendous monougas or other "super monsters" roving the countryside at a time, or randomly following one of maybe twenty pre-determined paths with waypoints.

Waffleboy> Let the creature start at the north of the continent and work it's way down, attacking those that it comes near to, but staying away from towns and other populated areas. I don't think five monsters would put too much of a strain on the servers..

Waffleboy> Have the mob spawn at one of 20 random points to prevent camping, make it drop something worthwhile (quest piece?) to make hunting it worthwhile, and hell, it'd just be fun to cross a ridge and see 50 feet of monouga in front of you.

rei@Turbine> Well, we've definitely tossed around that idea in the distant past....

rei@Turbine> But the way the servers work it's not that feasible, and it's a lot of extra work for them as well.

rei@Turbine> It's not likely to happen, but yeah, it would be very cool.

rei@Turbine> Done.

Prodigus> In line with the recent precedent that you all set by adding a sword to the end of a staff in order to give them the capabilities of a swordsperson, do you plan on developing a "Dull Sword" for a bludgeoning attack?

Prodigus> It was stated that a bludgeon sword was a "baseball bat" but then again an unarmed person in my experience has usually been "without a weapon", instead they get weapons of all types with quicker animation.

Prodigus> I know my opinions don’t count for much since I’m not a high level monarch (since you "seem" to cater to the monarchies who get all their XP from vassals not through actual experience L) but I think you all do a Great job anyway.

Crowley@turbine> There will be no bludgeoning sword. Sorry.

Crowley@turbine> Done

Ariok> Q: Can you please give us a good solid hint for the location of Asheron...or if you cant, a push in the right direction for completing Arlinthe? :P

Ariok> It's been 1.5 months and we still haven't finished the island quest...maybe it's time for a good hint or two = ) And please don't respond to my question with, "No." or "But that'll take the fun out of it!" :P GA

nei@turbine> hint:

nei@turbine> Asheron is NOT, repeat NOT, on aerlinthe.

nei@turbine> This should give you enough to both 1) find him, and 2) finish the island.

nei@turbine> done.

_boneyard_> Q: Will you guys place a PK altar and an Asheron's altar near the player killer arena? Or even better that you become a playerkiller when you enter the arena.

_boneyard_> That way people who want to become playkiller only for a fight don't have to go to the existing altars that are far far away.

_boneyard_> De groeten aan alle nederlandse AC spelers! (Alex, Jeroen, Floris en alle andere) done!

nei@turbine> someone said, "this is a you question" and my reaction was to read the bottom line, and thus be quite confused...

nei@turbine> but as to the question....

nei@turbine> will we? maybe... it would certainly stem off many of the issues with the arenas that came up.. but it also would not fix the 3 hours w/o killing time limit imposed on PK- NPK switching.

nei@turbine> there are LOTS of issues involved in making PK more easily accessible .. not in the least of which are the people that get in over their heads and then have more problems.

nei@turbine> i'd much rather a full-fledged, "i require new code" solution to the dueling problem.

nei@turbine> done.

cerebral_vortex> Good evening all. I'm a level 50 with LP skill spec'd. Lockpicking was devasted when Turbine introduced Sturdy Iron Keys and Lock Difficulties that will forever be beyond anyone's capability. What is Turbine going to do to rectify this skill? My charac

cerebral_vortex> character has been flawed by turbine and i'm considering cancelling my acct. I could have taken Life or Creature

rei@Turbine> Yes, there are discussions on putting in more pickable rewards, and there was an earlier discussion on more lockpick-fun dungeons.

rei@Turbine> We do have to be careful to not have problems with chest-camping, though.

rei@Turbine> So that would be our approach.

rei@Turbine> Done.

shadowmnx> Why aren't there any invulnerability items in game? The Superior helm is nice but I'd really like Invuln VI to give my melee D a little boost! -Holsteth. Stick a fork in me, I'm done

Crowley@turbine> There was a bug on Invulnerability items.

Crowley@turbine> It started out looking simple but actually needed some codework to fix.

Crowley@turbine> It has been fixed. Hopefully we'll see in in September.

Crowley@turbine> "it" in September, that is

Crowley@turbine> Done

dbradfo> Q:I saw in one of your old game design pics (aquired from the portal.dat file) that you guys where having plans of impleneting spells such as leveitation and invisablitly, do you think you would still work toward these? and others like it?

dbradfo> I mean think of the posablitys, Cast invisablitly and recover a corpse unotices. And do you guys know of the melee bug?

dbradfo> Btw, I think you guys have done a wounderfull job so far. And just so you all know, I am Asheron so stop looking, you found me =) done

Crowley@turbine> What, you haven't found Hamud's Fez of Invisibility yet? Just kidding...

rei@Turbine> Wellll, I guess you're talking about the old placeholder artwork.

rei@Turbine> Placeholder artwork is notorious for having not-so-serious material in it.

rei@Turbine> Basically we are not working toward either levitation or invisibility, especially not as game systems.

rei@Turbine> Done.

ThriftyTuna> With the Attack and Melee D bonuses that weapons can have, is the %age calculated from the base skill, or the buffed skill? I.e., with+5% to Melee D weapon, with a Melee D of 150 base, but 200 with buffs, do I get +7.5 (ie, +8) or +10 added to Melee D?

ThriftyTuna> (And either way, I think the resulting skill value should be displayed in the skill window) By the way, on behalf of the people who really appreciate these Dev Chats, I'd like to apologize for the really lame flames last month; they were uncalled for.

ThriftyTuna> (Lockpick needs some sweet lovin'!) Done.

nei@turbine> off the cuff answer w/o actually looking at the code...

nei@turbine> +% items take into account your buffs.

nei@turbine> done.

Demona_1> : Are there any plans to give dagge some love? Something along the lines of a damage bonus based on coordination or quickness? You can't consider Gertah's in any equations, because it isn't available in game anymore.

Demona_1> A 2-7 dagger TRAINED does not compare to a 2-7 UA TRAINED. MOOOOooooo... Hello to SK, Mys, Tan, Sun and GW

Crowley@turbine> Dagger already has a bonus based on Coordination.

Crowley@turbine> But yes, dagger is underpowered.

nei@turbine> (the same one that other melee weaps get for str)

Crowley@turbine> It would be nice to improve it, but that prickly balance issue comes up. So we'll try and give dagger some love, but don't expect it too terribly quickly.

Crowley@turbine> Done

meolas> will you reduce the dmg variance on atlan daggers ? if so when ( swords were reduced months ago, and the atlan dagger is kinda the joke around town). if not perhaps speeding up the dagger animation to compensate ( it is as light as the unarmed weapons ).

nei@turbine> we can't reduce the animation for dagger alone since all melee weaps use the same base set of animations and changing that is not going to happen.

nei@turbine> as for the dagger Q, refer to crowley's answer above.

nei@turbine> done.

Lord_Raphio> Q: Would you be willing to add posting board sections in the taverns and bars of major towns? ...

Lord_Raphio> I was around during the BBS era, and loved the old games like Legend of the Red Dragon. In those games, they would have "Conversations at the Bar", in which people could post on a board which was geared to seem like a conversation...

Lord_Raphio> Whole discussions could take place between large parties without all of the parties having to be there. Also, people could witness and add to the conversation without having to be "in the right place at the right time"...

Lord_Raphio> The Conversation at the Bar was my favorite feature of the old BBS RPG's. If there was a way to add something like that to the bars and taverns of Asherons' Call, I think it would add to the social nature. This could help to make bars be important for on

rei@Turbine> We'd be willing to add 'em if we had 'em ... some of you may remember the "bulletin boards" from pre-beta....

rei@Turbine> The tech is not in place for them right now.

rei@Turbine> Basically, it would be cool, but are these more important than, say, allegiance communication?

rei@Turbine> Done.

Cryingpan> Q: do you plan on adding any new spells for life or item in the near future? How about a life spell that hurts you for X damage over X amount of time. Or an Item spell that imbues a weapon with an element (acid, cold... ect.)

nei@turbine> *sigh*...

nei@turbine> the X dmg/Y time fits more into war, IMHO... but yes, they've been ballied about.

nei@turbine> as to item adding ele effects, there's no "good" way to do it currently, due to the particle effect changing (among other things)

nei@turbine> but yes... i love my new spells.

nei@turbine> done

malkarx> Q: Have you all considered putting in more quick item slots?

malkarx> Something along the lines of the spellbar with different tabs is what I had in mind but anything would be useful. Having "combat", "buffing", "trade skill", etc. tabs is something many of us would like to see.

malkarx> As always, thank you all for your time and effort and keep up the good work!

Crowley@turbine> Our UI is already getting pretty crowded...

Crowley@turbine> I think this falls under the category of, "Really nice to have, and if we had lots of resources it'd be there in a jiffy, but for now it's gotta take a back seat to higher-priority items."

Crowley@turbine> Done

Akye> Q: When will dagger be brought into line with the other free racial skill staff?

Akye> Dagger is supposed to be faster, but weapon speeds for weapons with base speed under 40 tops out at 190 quickness.

Akye> Also, 2-8 does in no way compare to 9-12 for an atlan, even with the coord affecting damage instead of strength. Max loot dagger should be 4-8 like oswalds.

Akye> done

nei@turbine> see crowley's earlier response.

nei@turbine> done

Black_h0le3> Q: Are there plans to change the "unparalelled" and such descriptions on armor to numbers? So that it would be easier to see how banes actually affect different armor...

Black_h0le3> also, a big "no u" goes out to all my scrubclub friends =D

Black_h0le3> done

nei@turbine> they already have direct mappings (numbers - text)...

nei@turbine> and with a little poking around and testing, you can pretty much determine which words mean what.

nei@turbine> (or you can just harass me on irc sometime and i'll look them up... ) done.

vtrii_too> QUESTION: Please explain (in equation form if possible) specifically how and what statistics (magic school skills, spell level, mana conversion skill, power of spell being cast) are used in determining mana conversion occurence and mana savings amounts.

vtrii_too> Comment 1: Throw us mages a bone with War. We HAVE to be 'Tank Drainers' these days to get a shot on monsters when competing against archers and meelers in attractive fighting areas. War/Life combo magic has become a joke.

vtrii_too> Comment 2: Cut the War fire cycle times in half for PvM vs PvP or cut the RNG on component burning probability in half or change the strength/burden capactiy ratio to give us mages some serious field time like meleers are getting.

vtrii_too> LAST Comment: Thanks for a fabulous game!! This has been the BEST game I have ever played :)

nei@turbine> the equation for how mana C works is far far too long and convoluted to get into in dev chat... because a) it's plain big and b) there'd be so many follow up "what does this mean?" questions that it wouldn't be worth it. it's something much better suited.

nei@turbine> to a FAQ

nei@turbine> sorry -- but it's not conceivable (or possible) to drop that info here.

nei@turbine> done.

mwistrom> About Secure Trade, will it be possible to cast spells on items in the secure trade window? I would consider it a necessity to be able to cast True Value.

mwistrom> Also, being able to buff (or defuff :) someone elses armor w/o them giving it too you would be great. Thats all.

rei@Turbine> If I recall correctly, you probably won't be able to do so in the trade window itself.

rei@Turbine> I'd have to double check that, but I think that's the case.

rei@Turbine> Plus realize the secure trade window goes right in the same place your spellcasting UI goes.

rei@Turbine> If it's not possible, it's for tech reasons.

rei@Turbine> Done.

Seifer_Rules> Hey turbine is there a black armored robe quest on the horizon, me and everyone i know would love to see a black robe quest like the one worn by the le rahn shadow. PLEASEEEEE... and dont put a hood on it, ;) i hate hoods.. i have a nice kabuton already

Seifer_Rules> picked out... also it would be cool if you added something like the flaming fez of invincibility,

Seifer_Rules> that made you invisible, all people could see is a little flaming fez hovering around

Seifer_Rules> great job have a nice day =)

nei@turbine> black robes? ....

nei@turbine> yeah... i guess we could do something like that....

nei@turbine> as for armored robes, that's a whole other icky can of worms

nei@turbine> (again, read things into the ..., it's fun!)

nei@turbine> done

Kardal> Are there any plans to add leggings with good elemental protection, high AL, and buffability (like the matty coat) for all of us who missed the GSA? BTW, I'd like to see that detailed FAQ on mana conversion : ) (Done)

nei@turbine> leggies with good (granted, not brokely great) ele protects already exist in-game...

nei@turbine> done.

Kakori> Would it be possible to set up a web-based allegiance tracking system? Something that can chart the tree for you, maybe even allow ZM communication, so that you don't have to e-mail or poll ten dozen people.

Kakori> Take a look at town.uo.com/guilds/ to see how UO's site handled keeping tabs on guild info. It updates every few days. It's one of the few things UO did right. (needless jab ^-^)

Kakori> If this is more of a "zone" question, I'm sorry. It still might be worth discussing. Alot of allegiances out there have communication and information problems.

Kakori> Something like this might help, and might be easier than it sounds (top 10 lists).

Kakori> Basically, it was mentioned before that it would be hard to add this sort of thing in-game. So, why not try to set something up outside of the game?

+MrQuazarr@Zone> A great idea. One that I have seen a lot of fansites support already, and a lot better then we could every dream of ;-) It would be nice to tie it into Zone Friends, but that probably is not possible.

+MrQuazarr@Zone> done.

spechko2> In order to make the game more immersive, and involve more role-playing, will you be adding significantly more story content and backstory, given how well the new lore content went over this month?

spechko2> Thanks for the new story and backstory content this month. It's been great. However, it's just whet our appetite. Give us an epic, make creature races have more depth,

spechko2> Make them respond to our actions (we abuse lugie mines, they dig deep pits, and line em with spikes. We flee the bone lords, they expand NE). Even if the changes come a month later,

spechko2> A late reaction is better than none. And we're pretty predictable... put responses to predicted actions on a timer.

spechko2> done

Crowley@turbine> New backstory on the way soon.

Crowley@turbine> And we came up with some pretty clever ideas to give characters more depth, though keeping track of player actions and having monsters respond is a little tough for us, given the size of our team.

Crowley@turbine> It's something we've done in the past, like Lugians developing anti-magic weapons, but it won't often happen in a month's reaction time.

Crowley@turbine> Simply because of the way our scheduling works.

Crowley@turbine> But we'll keep working on it.

Crowley@turbine> Done (Rei has something to add I believe)

rei@Turbine> I think Davej covered most of it....

rei@Turbine> Basically we'd like to put in some more story-quests and develop some of the monsters more fully.

rei@Turbine> Also wanted to remind that content we put in can't be world-specific.

rei@Turbine> Done.

alleviate> Q: Can you randomize dungeon entrance portals in direlands with some signs in a big perimeter around it? (Like small portal storms indicating adventurer is approaching to a dungeon or parchments scattered around it). I do not see any point of adventuring

alleviate> in direlands when you can find any point of interest with a click in Acexplorer map. I also think you should have NPC scattered in direlands giving hints like town criers in direlands when you can find any point of interest with a click in Acexplorer ma

alleviate> I just want direland be more direcharmed:) done

rei@Turbine> Do you mean make the portals randomized and take some signs with them?

alleviate> yes the entrance to dungeons be randomized with a time period

rei@Turbine> We can make dungeon portals non-site-specific, and in fact it'd be fun to do some day... having signs spawn in strategic places around the portal, though, with useful directions, is not likely.

rei@Turbine> The other limitation is how to distribute the randomly appearing portal... the geographic range might be quite broad.

rei@Turbine> It would also be very random in terms of where it appeared. Still, it would be an interesting experiment.

rei@Turbine> Done.

Gr8one1> One sec hit the send button too early

Gr8one1> On the boards lately I see that many people think UA is more powerful than

Gr8one1> Sword at high level, In you r opinion

Gr8one1> Is this true and will it be balanced

Gr8one1> in the near future?

Crowley@turbine> There's been anecdotal evidence supporting both sides of this debate, so it's still something we have to investigate.

Crowley@turbine> For the most part though it seems sword users are pretty happy with the weapon, so don't expect any balancing there soon.

Crowley@turbine> Done

boardsofcanada> What does the future hold for mage quests or other things to keep us interested?

boardsofcanada> There have been anti-magic dungeons added, atlans,hollow and ravenous weapons, and countless other meleer quests, but only a few really crappy wands and streak spells that are for PK's and hard to cast rings and walls.

boardsofcanada> And it seems that the fluxation of the spell economy is your way of nerfing mages, cuz its been going on for a long time.(shadows sucking our mana flow)done

Crowley@turbine> There is a mage quest coming soon, or at least a quest with a reward that mages will dig.

Crowley@turbine> We still haven't touched the spell economy.

Crowley@turbine> Fizzle rates are either observer error or hiccups in the number generator, and the glut of high-level spells making magic less effective is entirely within the spell economy...

Crowley@turbine> and how it is supposed to function.

Crowley@turbine> Done

Karconis> Q: Is there a plan to give archers "hollow" capabilities?

Karconis> =)

Karconis> done

nei@turbine> a plan? yes...

nei@turbine> as to when it manifests itself? harder to say. . .

nei@turbine> (takes this as a chance to note this will not take TONS of dev time....)

nei@turbine> it's more of a "jesse needs to play an archer to sufficient level on DT to make the call" issue.

nei@turbine> done.

SpectreRealms> Are there plans to provide more quests for other armor items such as the superior helm quest (I would like to see something for solls, gaunts, and shields that is worth getting unlike the Fiery Shield) soon? Even no drop ones, so I dont lose em?

SpectreRealms> done

Crowley@turbine> More quest armor on its way. Can't comment on specifics, sorry. In the meantime, put on your steel-toed boots and kick some, uh, shins.

Crowley@turbine> Done

FyreC> Q: Can we ever get wandering merchants, that travel roads, and sell really nice stuff for a lot of pyreals? That way there could be another use for pyreals besides comps and mana stones/charges. One day, just sorta throw it in between 2 towns connected...

FyreC> ...by a road and have it wander between the towns a few times. Make sure it's slow enough that everyone can get to it. : ) Done.

rei@Turbine> Wandering NPCs is something that we are highly unlikely to get... if you mean physically walking along the road.

rei@Turbine> A randomly appearing NPC is more possible.

rei@Turbine> It also depends on what you mean by "really nice stuff" -- there will never be old-GSA level stuff just for sale, for example.

rei@Turbine> Done.

DeHaanian> hehe hey NEI, your ale is in the mail, heh now... please take some burden off my poor poor mage, he is at 150% all the time!! and he started with 40... grr..... The 2 solutions I see are.......

nei@turbine> that question had a very good start...

superkinder_egg> Hi I have a suggestion. Most of use mages and other fighter classes love the matty coats but kinda get tired of all looking the same. So I propose that a quest to die leather craftable good be made. It could go like this…

superkinder_egg> a person would have to travel far and wide to obtain a packet of color die. Then before giving a hide to the leather crafter he/she would give the crafter a color packet. This would set your flag. Then he/she would give the skin/hide and POW…

superkinder_egg> you have a green , blue , red . whatever matty coat. I think this would add a lot of fun to the game and let a lot of use not feel like we just look like everyone else. You could also eventually add Greater or Magical color packets that could add…

superkinder_egg> a protection spell to the armor, be it a very low lvl protection spell. So my question is, is this something that is possible and if it is will you please keep it in mind for future updates. Thank you (DONE)

nei@turbine> you mean you don't like matty coat grey?

nei@turbine> keep your proverbial shirt on, the fashion police are going to have their hands full one day soon.

nei@turbine> (ooh vague answer...)

nei@turbine> done.

Syfaa> Aerlinthe seems TOO hard (lvl45=Death) as of the latest patch, entrance portal is camped, the corals which were the best part are gone :( and the silver tuskers cant be hit by magic, is there any plans to fine tune the balancing there? for melee vs mage?

Syfaa> Also since there are now monsters in game that cant be harmed with magic, can we have some that coan ONLY be harmed with magic to balance things out?

Syfaa> done

rei@Turbine> No immediate plans to alter Aerlinthe... and we don't really know what you mean by "corals ... are gone"

nei@turbine> they're there... i've camped em.

rei@Turbine> I am interested in general Aerlinthe monster feedback, but changes soon are not likely.

+MrQuazarr@Zone> Reminder: One question only.

rei@Turbine> Done.

WhIp_My_Tool> Q: Are you planning on making Blue/Red/Purple heumes added into the uber loot? it is hard to be color coordinated with the new shadow armor without a matching heume PLEASE ADD THIS i want a red plate suit :) !!!!DONE!!!!

nei@turbine> hmm.. cooks up another vague answer: uber loot isn't necessary for purty colors..

nei@turbine> done

EBWolfMiG> Are there any plans to make Magic D focus+self/5 since all the new creatures use magic alot and are basicly impossible for anyone to resist so the little boost would help

nei@turbine> no real plans no... too many balance things come up doing this. /5 is one less than /4 (the magic schools divisor)... and for a free skill, magicD isn't going to be that easy.

nei@turbine> done.

jmoney454> I know this has kind of been asked just above with no answer, but is there any chance that you will either reduce component burn or decrease component weight?

jmoney454> It seems that hollow weapons have swung the balance too far towards melee, and many mages are really upset about their characters losing viability. This may help even it out, and would actually help almost everyone since most have at least one

jmoney454> school of magic. And btw, thanks for these chats and responding on the message boards, it's nice to know that we are heard.

jmoney454> Done

nei@turbine> any chance for burn dropping? no... any chance for weight dropping? it's possible...

nei@turbine> done.

VettMan> Q Why are there no ingame hints/clues/notes regarding SoLL upgrade and wand quest? Archers were "given" there "god bow" and now this? You made the island impossible to explore now, btw, with the framerate and lag problems. Not asking for hint, just ingame

+MrQuazarr@Zone> Asked and answed a few times aboved.

sec_21> Q: Will Armour Level 0 gloves, hats and shoes ever be wearable under armour? You can wear AL 0 pants and shirts, can't see why is shouldn't be the same for AL 0 gloves, hats and shoes...

sec_21> BTW, thumbs up to MrQ on the new rules for the chat, the chat is so much better now :) *Done* /Kamikazee of Leafcull

Crowley@turbine> Very unlikely.

Crowley@turbine> As always, there'd be new weenie code involved.

Crowley@turbine> And as always, we have a priorities list to consider. So we have to weigh the development cost against the overall gameplay benefits.

Crowley@turbine> Done

nn0madd> Why is life so hard (real life) ? Why am I not a Q ? (star trek) .... blah and Mages are too strong and it's too easy for them (Especially in PvP). Done and good evening. Nice chat.

Crowley@turbine> lol

+MrQuazarr@Zone> ;-)

rei@Turbine> Well, you see, it's because....

nei@turbine> i love you.

rei@Turbine> n/m

SirBlasko> Hello Turbine , i am King Blasko The destroyer and i was wondering if you could add something more to pk can i collect bones of my enemys and make stuff with them or can i stain my matty coat with the blood of baalzevuv when i kill him

sean@Turbine> I hated Q...

SirBlasko> something like Ears in diablo 1 , oh and people in iconoclast monarchy suck

Crowley@turbine> I like Blasko's style...

rei@Turbine> Gosh, you would've liked the old idea of collecting enemy heads.

rei@Turbine> ...and being able to put them on your mantle.

Crowley@turbine> We've been drifting into the area of the grotesque lately, what with lugian sinews and ravener guts...

Crowley@turbine> And I'd love to continue the trend.

sean@Turbine> Not to mention sausage!

nei@turbine> (this is something i really really want to do...)

Crowley@turbine> So hopefully we'll see more bloody trophies.

Crowley@turbine> Done

+MrQuazarr@Zone> S_Chip will be our last question followed by an important announcement.

S_Chip> Will you conider making some more powerfull or different item spells? there has been additions to the other schools, have new things for item been added but just over looked? I believe a vampire weapon spell that acts as a drain spell would be cool...

S_Chip> done

nei@turbine> consider? of course... item is too limited right now (excepting portals), but finding that elusive, say it with me now, "new code" is an adventure.

nei@turbine> there are lots of snaptastic things that i want to do, but they're all non-standard and as such get stuck into the "what do we do now?" blender.

nei@turbine> done

+MrQuazarr@Zone> And now an important message from our Producer, James Cowgill...

Cowgill@Turbine> I would like to remind everyone that you can send questions to "faq@asheronscall.com" They will be collected and used to post answers on the zone. We will begin posting sometime in September. Thanks.

+MrQuazarr@Zone> Great.

+MrQuazarr@Zone> I want to thank everyone for coming out this evening. Thanks to the Developers for spending a few hours with us

+MrQuazarr@Zone> We will see you all next month!

rei@Turbine> Thanks a lot everyone!

rei@Turbine> Have a good night :)
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