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Q: Why dose Viamontain have the same rank names as Aluvian? I'm not really sure on all 1-10 rank names but rank 10 is High King for Viamontain same with Aluvian! We need our own unique names!

A: Because I'm the one who came up with the Viamontian rank names and I viewed the Viamontian-Aluvian history as almost mirroring the Norman/French takeover of the previously Saxon-dominated British Isles. The similarities between the titles reflects how geographically and culturally linked Aluvia and Viamont were, while still showing some linguistic differences.

You'll note that in the places where the titles diverge, the Aluvians have a more Germanic-sourced title (like Thane or Ealdor) while the Viamontians have more French-sounding titles (like Viscount and Marquis).

And also because I wanted the titles to be pretty intuitive and I didn't want to have to make up rank titles or use obscure words. I wanted Viamontian titles to be mostly recognizable words. The words Kun-chueh or Naqib don't mean a lot to me when I hear them, whereas it's much easier for me to figure out the relative power level of a Grand Duke or a Count.

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