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Diemos Flagging
Level: 120
Rec. Level: 150+
Type: Fellowship
Starts At: Arwic Mines at 33.8N, 56.8E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Aug Gem: Diemos


Walkthrough & Notes

Stone of Alb'arel

  1. Go to Arwic and enter the Arwic Mines just outside the North city wall at 33.8N 56.8E. The dungeon is large and complicated, see the for the route down. The Stone of Alb'arel is on the ground at the very bottom on Level -6. Unlike the other two dungeons, only a single stone spawns and takes a minute or two to respawn.

Stone of Rez'arel

  1. Go to Cragstone and take the Colier View Hill portal west of town at 26.3N 46.3E. Run a short ways southwest to Colier at 56.8N 38.4E. Look for a two story building with a Banderling Raider Guardian inside at 56.7N 38.6E. He drops the Small Rusted Key. In another single story building you will find a Heavy Drudge Prowler at 56.5N 38.0E, which drops the Cell Key. Enter the Colier Mines portal in the building basement in the middle of the town (56.7N 38.5E).
  2. This dungeon is also quite complicated and several doors are 1000 lockpick resistance so you need special keys, see the map for layout details. From the drop use the Small Rusted Key to open the north door, take a right, then left, then right, then left and you'll come to a locked door on the north wall of a small room. Use the Cell Key to open it, go left and up, then due west, use the Cell Key again and the hall will bend to the south, kill the Undead Curator to get the Scratched Key.
  3. Last portal recall to the start of the dungeon and go northeast through several intersections until you come to a large room, stick left and you'll come to a lever, pull the lever and quickly run south and jump down past the door that just opened (it closes fast). After the jump go north past a room, right at the T intersection and follow the bend to the north, north through the 4 way intersection and you'll come to a small room with a locked chest, use the Scratched Key to open the chest which holds the Treasure Chest Key and The Baron's Key.
  4. Last portal recall and backtrack to where you first used the Cell Key. From that Y intersection go east and down, you'll come to a 4 way intersection, go east then stick left until you come to another locked door. Use The Baron's Key to open it.
  5. Past the door stick left, you'll go down twice then come to a large room with a hole in the middle of the floor, go down it. From this point stick right, you'll have to open another locked door with The Baron's Key.
  6. At the end is a large room where the Baron is at, pick up a Stone of Rez'arel off the ground. If you happen to want the Baron's Amulet of Life Giving (+15 Health), you can use the Scratched Key on the chest in this room.

Empyrean Sun Stone

  1. The Empyrean Sun Stone is on the ground at the end of the Mines of Despair, in the same room as the Lich Overseer. See Focusing Stone Quest for details, there is also a map showing the lever locations.

Empyrean Golem Stone and Gladiator Diemos

  1. Combine Empyrean Sun Stone with Stone of Alb'arel to create Empyrean Sun and Moon Stone.
  2. Combine Empyrean Sun and Moon Stone with Stone of Rez'arel to create an Empyrean Golem Stone.
  3. Hand the Empyrean Golem Stone to the statue of Gladiator Diemos in the east hall of Colosseum.
  4. With the stone handed in and 10 wins, the statue will portal you to Gladiator Diemos anytime you use the statue.
  5. Diemos is very high health and can take about an hour to kill for a group. He drops the Gladiator Diemos Token that you give to the Master Arbitrator in return for the Gladiator Diemos Statue, the title "Immortal Champion," and a new token, Arbitrator's Augmentation Token, that can either be given back to the Master Arbitrator for a full level worth of experience or if you give the new token to Fiun Rehlyun in Fiun Outpost for a Blank Augmentation Gem.
  6. When repeating the quest, you do not need to redo the stones, you can simply use the statue in Colosseum and proceed directly to Gladiator Diemos.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Arwic Mines 33.8N, 56.8E -- 01EF
Colier Mine 56.8N, 38.3E -- 01AE
Mines of Despair 75.4S, 57.2E -- 0188


Hand Gladiator Diemos Token to the Master Arbitrator
Titles: Immortal Champion
Other: * Access to Gladiator Diemos arena in Colosseum.
Give the Blank Augmentation Gem to the Master Arbitrator
Experience: 3,390,451,401 (100% up to level 275)


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Handing in Gladiator Diemos Token to Master Arbitrator

You give Master Arbitrator Gladiator Diemos Token.

Master Arbitrator tells you, "I see that you have proved you skill against the Champion, Gladiator Diemos. Well done indeed. I hereby grant you the title, Immortal Champion."

Master Arbitrator tells you, "In addition to your new title and this useful hook caster, I'll also give you a token that you can trade back to me for a great deal of practical knowledge, or you can trade it in to Fiun Rehlyun at the Fiun settlement in the Halaetan Isles for a blank Augmentation gem. A difficult decision, I know."

Master Arbitrator gives you Gladiator Diemos Statue.

Update History

Rekindling the Light

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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