Introduced:  Throne of Destiny

Diforsa Armor Live

Diforsa Armor

Armor Summary
Name: Diforsa Armor
Heritage: Viamontian, tier I
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot


  • For lore information on the three types of Viamontian armor, see The Armor of the Viamontian Invaders.
  • Base material is metal
  • Some parts of the armor take on the color of other parts (for example the border between upper and lower arms takes on the color of the feet armor)
  • The armor consists of 5 to 9 parts.
  • The color palette of the armor consists of 1 "shaded" color, see image below.
  • Diforsa is available at Viamontian Blacksmiths and Armorers.
  • When dyeing, the whole armor takes on the dye color (see below for dyed variations).
  • The dye turns the armor into a dark, deep variation and it keeps the shading of the different parts.
  • Fail dyeing results in orange.

Quest Diforsa

Pathwarden Diforsa Hauberk Icon Pathwarden Diforsa HauberkPathwarden Diforsa Leggings Icon Pathwarden Diforsa Leggings

Loot Diforsa Armor Pieces

Click image for full size.
Diforsa Helm Loot Icon Diforsa Helm Diforsa Breastplate Loot Icon Diforsa Breastplate Diforsa Girth Loot Icon Diforsa Girth
Diforsa Helm Live Diforsa Breastplate Live Diforsa Girth Live
Diforsa Gauntlets Loot Icon Diforsa Gauntlets Diforsa Bracers Loot Icon Diforsa Bracers Diforsa Pauldrons Loot Icon Diforsa Pauldrons
Diforsa Gauntlets Live Diforsa Bracers Live Diforsa Pauldrons Live
Diforsa Sollerets Loot Icon Diforsa Sollerets Diforsa Greaves Loot Icon Diforsa Greaves Diforsa Tassets Loot Icon Diforsa Tassets
Diforsa Sollerets Live Diforsa Greaves Live Diforsa Tassets Live
Diforsa Sleeves Loot Icon Diforsa Sleeves Diforsa Cuirass Loot Icon Diforsa Cuirass Diforsa Leggings Loot Icon Diforsa Leggings
Diforsa Sleeves Live Diforsa Cuirass Live Diforsa Leggings Live
Diforsa Hauberk Loot Icon Diforsa Hauberk
Diforsa Hauberk Live

Store Bought Diforsa Armor Pieces

Diforsa Bracers Icon Diforsa BracersDiforsa Breastplate Icon Diforsa BreastplateDiforsa Cuirass Icon Diforsa CuirassDiforsa Gauntlets Icon Diforsa GauntletsDiforsa Girth Icon Diforsa GirthDiforsa Greaves Icon Diforsa GreavesDiforsa Hauberk Icon Diforsa HauberkDiforsa Helm Icon Diforsa HelmDiforsa Leggings Icon Diforsa LeggingsDiforsa Pauldrons Icon Diforsa PauldronsDiforsa Sollerets Icon Diforsa SolleretsDiforsa Tassets Icon Diforsa Tassets

Dyed Diforsa Armor

Dyed Diforsa Armor
Diforsa Armor Lapyan Icon
(Light Blue)
Diforsa Armor Colban Icon
(Dark Blue)
Diforsa Armor Verdalim Icon
Diforsa Armor Minalim Icon
(Mint Green)
Diforsa Armor Relanim Icon
Diforsa Armor Lapyan Live Diforsa Armor Colban Live Diforsa Armor Verdalim Live Diforsa Armor Minalim Live Diforsa Armor Relanim Live
Diforsa Armor Thananim Icon
Diforsa Armor Hennacin Icon
Diforsa Armor Argenory Icon
Diforsa Armor Berimphur Icon
Diforsa Armor Fail Icon
Diforsa Armor Thananim Live Diforsa Armor Hennacin Live Diforsa Armor Argenory Live Diforsa Armor Berimphur Live Diforsa Armor Fail Live

Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can also be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Diforsa Armor
ACID Name Sample Hex
7381 Lapyan_Df 39988D
7384 Colban_Df 002741
7377 Verdalim_Df 004101
7382 Minalim_Df 40AB74
7385 Relanim_Df 210041
7386 Thananim_Df 000000
7378 Hennacin_Df 6F0000
7383 Argenory_Df C1C1C1
7379 Berimphur_Df 413600
7380 FailOrange_Df EE6B00
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.
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