Introduced:  The Hall of the Tusker King Related Quests:  Lilitha's Lost Bow Updated:  A New Threat, Master of Design
Directions to Hunter's Leap
Directions to Hunter's Leap Icon
  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 10
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South of Holtburg -- around 36N 33E -- is a place called Hunter's Leap. This dungeon was once used by the legendary hunter Lilitha, and it's said that some of her earlier work can still be found discarded at the bottom. If you go there, make sure you talk to Eldrista the Adventurer -- she lives nearby.
-- Directions to Hunter's Leap


Update History

The Hall of the Tusker King

  • Introduced.

A New Threat

  • Icon changed from a generic parchment icon to a colored text icon, color coded for difficulty.

Master of Design

  • Retired.
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