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Directions to the Holtburg Redoubt
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  • Value: 5
  • Burden: 5
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • This is a good adventure for someone who is newly arrived in Dereth.

Have you been out to see the old Holtburg Redoubt? It's directly south of the Scriveners, on a hill. I believe the coordinates are 40.4N 34.5E.

Back in the year 6, the Tumeroks were still strong around here, and laid siege to the town. Most of the population holed up - and were slain - in the Redoubt, but the children escaped, thanks to the planar mage Celcynd.


Update History


  • Introduced.

A New Threat

  • Icon changed from a generic parchment icon to a colored text icon, color coded for difficulty.

The Calm

  • Text updated to reflect the changes made to the dungeon.
  • Text renamed from "Holtburg Redoubt Directions" to "Directions to the Holtburg Redoubt".

Master of Design

  • Retired.
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