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Introduced:  Master of Arms Updated:  Wayward Prince, Seeds of Hope
    Dirty Fighting Icon.png
Dirty Fighting
Description Your melee and missile attacks have a chance to weaken your opponent. High attacks can reduce healing effects on and attack skills of the opponent. Low attacks can reduce the defense skills of the opponent. Medium attacks can cause small amounts of bleeding damage.
Formula (Strength + Coordination) / 3
Base Status Untrained
Cost to Train 2
Cost to Specialize 2
Buffs Dirty Fighting Mastery (Spell), Strength (Spell), Coordination (Spell)
Debuffs Dirty Fighting Ineptitude (Spell), Weakness (Spell), Clumsiness (Spell)


During the Seeds of Hope event, bleed damage was increased. If the skill is specialized, the debuffs and effects are more powerful as follows:

Specialized Dirty Fighting Effects

  • [Attack High] Attack Skills debuffed -20 and all heal effects are reduced by 30 rating
  • [Attack Medium] Bleed ticks for 120 damage per 20 seconds
  • [Attack Low] Defense Skills debuffed -20

Trained Dirty Fighting Effects

  • [Attack High] Attack Skills debuffed -10 and all heal effects are reduced by 15 rating
  • [Attack Medium] Bleed ticks for 60 damage per 20 seconds
  • [Attack Low] Defense Skills debuffed -10

Spell Stacking

Spells Cast




  • Works for melee and missile attacks.
  • Has a 25% chance to activate on any melee or missile attack.
    • This activation rate is reduced proportionally if Dirty Fighting is lower than your active weapon skill as determined by your equipped weapon.
  • All activated effects last 20 seconds.
  • Although a specific effect won’t stack with itself, you can stack all three effects on one opponent at the same time. This means that when the skill activates at one attack height you can move to another attack height to try to land an additional effect.
Dirty Fighting Live.jpg
  • Successfully landing a Dirty Fighting Effect is mentioned in chat. Additionally, the medium height effect results in "floating glyphs" around the target:
Dirty Fighting! <player> delivers a Traumatic Assault to Hea Apostate Shock Trooper!
Dirty Fighting! <player> delivers a Bleeding Assault to Hea Apostate Shock Trooper!
  • Dirty Fighting's Heal debuff moved to High attack height during Wayward Prince patch. Bleed damage increased from 50/100 (for trained/spec'd respectively) per 20 seconds to 60/120 per 20 seconds during Seeds of Hope event.
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