A branch of the Gelid, a minor sect that left to pursue the study of arts as ancient as their oldest ancestors, the Falatacot. They were based in the Gelidite Library.[1][2]

They believed that the Blood of the World was nothing more than an energy, much akin to mana.[1]

The Gelidites, specifically the sect of the Disciples of the Blood found that there were four poles, for lack of a more satisfying term that held more power than any other. There using their command of Geomantic arts they dug into the earth and created, large stone structures. But the progress there was muted as they hit a point at which they were rebuffed by the Blood's own essence. It was then they chose another approach. Utilizing their control of Geomancy again, they began crafting a new column that surrounded the focus of these Vein's. Here they constructed huge furnaces that were meant to collect the excess Blood (mana) from within the shell of the world. [1]

They wanted to use the power of the Blood without falling to its call like the Falatacot did, and use it to restore their power and bring the Yalaini Empire down.[2]

Since the Gelidites lacked a living form, they theorized more than practiced on Blood Rituals. A theory around Elementary Magic resulted, which held that mana could be refractured in four intrinsic elements:[1]

  • Consumption - Fire
  • Stimulation - Lightning
  • Stasis - Frost
  • Decay/Entropy - Acid
  • Consumption - Fire

Elementals are an aspect of essence, coalesced, given form and given consciousness by a master.[3]

The society of the Disciples was one that was based on unbelievable trust and companionship. There was an implicit belief that each was bound to the other in an unending circle of devotion that would keep them safe from outside interference and corruption. Their destruction within their great library and the halls beyond are evidence to the contrary.[1]

Though they presumed there would be peace between them and their brothers who focused more on The Great Work[2] , it proved to be otherwise.

Within a few hundred years of their arrival on Ireth Lassel, the main Gelid force apparently returned and set fire to their tomes, and destroyed all of the Disciples of the Blood of the World.[1]

The elementals that since then roamed Ireth Lassel, are remnants of those that were created by this cult, that was destroyed. They have no masters, besides themselves. There were some elementals that were already imprinted with the connection to their masters, and when their masters died, these elementals were left with powerful shards of thought from their former masters. This made them able to create more of their ilk to sustain their line, so to speak, over the ages.[3]

Gaerlan rediscovered the Gelidite Library and the knowledge of the Disciples, and started using it to master the Elements to revenge the death of his brother.[1][4][5]



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