May 2003 - Announcements Page

New UI and Game Changes

  • Fishing introduced.
  • Trade notes can now be stacked.
  • Players can now choose to enable an optional charge modifier. This will move to a target regardless of their distance to the creature, though they will no longer gain the benefit of an increased sprint speed.
  • PK players who were recently engaged in a PK fight will now lose a greater amount of greater amount of stamina when jumping.
  • You can now craft Bloodletter, Fleshripper, and Soulrender atlatl darts. The ammunition has also been tweaked to be slightly better than it used to be.

New Quests

Updated Quests

New NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Auroric Runic Helm Icon Auroric Runic HelmAuroric Exarch Coat Icon Auroric Exarch CoatAuroric Exarch Girth Icon Auroric Exarch GirthAuroric Exarch Leggings Icon Auroric Exarch LeggingsLuminescent Runic Helm Icon Luminescent Runic HelmLuminescent Thaumaturgic Coat Icon Luminescent Thaumaturgic CoatLuminescent Thaumaturgic Girth Icon Luminescent Thaumaturgic GirthLuminescent Thaumaturgic Leggings Icon Luminescent Thaumaturgic LeggingsRunic Helm of Knorr Icon Runic Helm of Knorr Chest of the Sentinels Icon Chest of the SentinelsChest of the Elders Icon Chest of the EldersChest of the Defender Icon Chest of the Defender Minnow Title Token Icon Minnow Title TokenGuppy Title Token Icon Guppy Title TokenMolly Title Token Icon Molly Title TokenFish Title Token Icon Fish Title TokenLarge Fish Title Token Icon Large Fish Title Token Minnow Icon MinnowGuppy Icon GuppyMolly Icon MollyFish (Fishing) Icon Fish (Fishing)Large Fish Icon Large Fish Mite Flag Icon Mite FlagBall of Gunk Icon Ball of GunkOld Boot Icon Old BootTrunk of Bones Icon Trunk of BonesSkeleton (Fishing) Icon Skeleton (Fishing) Key to the Defender Cache Icon Key to the Defender CacheKey to the Elder Cache Icon Key to the Elder CacheKey to the Sentinel Cache Icon Key to the Sentinel Cache Fishing Hole Icon Fishing HoleGeneric Sign Icon Fishing SignSword of Frozen Fury (Dais) Icon Sword of Frozen Fury (Dais)Bookshelf (Halls of Knorr) Icon Bookshelf (Halls of Knorr)Forge of Knorr Icon Forge of Knorr Seat of Knorr Portal Gem Icon Seat of Knorr Portal GemKnorr Portal Gem Icon Knorr Portal Gem Fishing Pole Icon Fishing PoleRusted Medalion Icon Rusted MedalionPants (Knorr Trials) Icon Pants (Knorr Trials)Shirt (Knorr Trials) Icon Shirt (Knorr Trials)Orb of Infusion (Red) Icon Orb of Infusion (Red)Orb of Infusion (Green) Icon Orb of Infusion (Green)Orb of Infusion (Blue) Icon Orb of Infusion (Blue)Infused Helm of Knorr Icon Infused Helm of KnorrInfused Plate Coat Icon Infused Plate CoatInfused Plate Girth Icon Infused Plate GirthInfused Plate Leggings Icon Infused Plate LeggingsA Virindi Signet Icon A Virindi Signet Mite Stamp Icon Mite Stamp Aged Tome Icon Aged TomeDecrepit Tome (Pets of Ispar) Icon Decrepit Tome (Pets of Ispar)Encrusted Tome Icon Encrusted TomeHidden Tome Icon Hidden TomeMoldy Tome Icon Moldy TomeOld Tome Icon Old TomeWeathered Tome Icon Weathered TomeText Icon Parchment Well Drawn LetterWithered Tome Icon Withered TomeWorn Tome Icon Worn TomeDelacim's Death Icon Delacim's DeathText Icon Parchment Letter to AsheronOlthoi at Knorr Icon Olthoi at KnorrOrder of Perfect Light Icon Order of Perfect LightPersonal Entry, Arrival of Kellin's Troops Icon Personal Entry, Arrival of Kellin's TroopsPets of Ispar Icon Pets of IsparProphecies Icon PropheciesThe Departure of Aurlanaa Icon The Departure of AurlanaaTheories of Ezheret Icon Theories of EzheretWe, the Defenders of the Helm Icon We, the Defenders of the HelmFishing Made Easy Icon Fishing Made EasyText Icon Book A Tale of PathsQuiddity commands Icon Quiddity commandsA Note from Aerbax Icon A Note from AerbaxA Note from Mage Syltyn Rillon (First Note) Icon A Note from Mage Syltyn Rillon (First Note)A Note from Mage Syltyn Rillon (Second Note) Icon A Note from Mage Syltyn Rillon (Second Note)Text Icon Scroll A Crumpled Letter Mite Queen's Staff Icon Mite Queen's StaffAttenuated Awakener Icon Attenuated AwakenerDarker Heart Icon Darker HeartRusted Battle Axe Icon Rusted Battle AxeRusted Dirk Icon Rusted DirkRusted Mace Icon Rusted MaceRusted Nekode Icon Rusted NekodeRusted Shouken Icon Rusted ShoukenRusted Tachi Icon Rusted TachiRusted Trident Icon Rusted TridentBloodletter Atlatl Dart Icon Bloodletter Atlatl DartFleshripper Atlatl Dart Icon Fleshripper Atlatl DartSoulrender Atlatl Dart Icon Soulrender Atlatl DartSword of Frozen Fury Icon Sword of Frozen FuryDagger of Frozen Fury Icon Dagger of Frozen FuryCrescent Moons Icon Crescent MoonsScepter of Thunderous Might Icon Scepter of Thunderous Might

Updated Items

Academy Wand Icon Academy WandAsteliary Orb Icon Asteliary OrbImbued Asteliary Orb Icon Imbued Asteliary OrbBlue Orb Icon Blue OrbBranith's Shirt Icon Branith's ShirtBranith's Staff Icon Branith's StaffHoeroa of Palenqual Icon Hoeroa of PalenqualOrb of Black Fire Icon Orb of Black FireNiffis Pearl Icon Niffis PearlAsteliary Orb Icon Asteliary OrbDark Heart Icon Dark HeartEssence Flare Icon Essence FlareEssence Flicker Icon Essence FlickerExplorer Wand of Acid Icon Explorer Wand of AcidExplorer Wand of Fire Icon Explorer Wand of FireExplorer Wand of Frost Icon Explorer Wand of FrostExplorer Wand of Lightning Icon Explorer Wand of LightningHieromancer's Orb Icon Hieromancer's OrbKalindan of Palenqual Icon Kalindan of PalenqualSociety Wand of Acid Icon Society Wand of AcidSociety Wand of Fire Icon Society Wand of FireSociety Wand of Frost Icon Society Wand of FrostSociety Wand of Lightning Icon Society Wand of LightningStave of Palenqual Icon Stave of PalenqualThe Healer's Heart Icon The Healer's HeartTraining Wand Icon Training WandVirindi Implant (Red) Icon Virindi Implant (Red)Wand of Black Fire Icon Wand of Black FireWhite Virindi Wand Icon White Virindi WandYellow Virindi Wand Icon Yellow Virindi Wand

New Titles

New Creatures

Reedshark Icon Reedshark

Mite Icon Mite

Crystal Icon Crystal

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Virindi Icon Virindi

New Dialog

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "My cousin in Stonehold told me that a Lugian has rented out some space in the farmers barn."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you seen the crescent moons? I have."

Town Crier tells you, "It doesn't look like Dragando the Leech is going to forgive his daughter after all. He won't even talk about her. And that barkeep Mae Lilidag is making a profit selling rumors about them! Pah! They're already the talk of Arwic, poor things."

Town Crier tells you, "I love the spring on Dereth, the return of the birds, warm sunshine, days filled with laughter, the pollen and honeybees and have you noticed that there always seems like there is more to do."

Town Crier tells you, "The Department of Fish and Game, the fellows who brought us the chess boards, are working to kick start our fishing industry. Just talk to the Tackle Masters who are stationed near the new fishing holes for help."

Town Crier tells you, "You can find them in the Nexus Towns of Holtburg, Yaraq and Shoushi. I have also heard of some other scenic fishing holes as well. Ahem..."

Town Crier tells you, "Are you worthy? If so, there is a sword in Glenden Wood for you to take. Myself and several friends tried. We were not worthy. No, we were not worthy."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard rumors that Asheron was seen in Eastham recently just before returning to his island."

Town Crier tells you, "The shopkeepers here keep complaining about the lost revenues from trade notes, but I don't see them going hungry. Elysa was right to make them cooperate -- we're all human, after all, and we have to work together to build Dereth!"

Town Crier tells you, "You know the sword on that ice dias in Glenden Wood? It is there for the taking! But first you must prove yourself worthy."

Town Crier tells you, "A friend of mine got the Sword of Frozen Fury from Glenden Wood and then had it made into a dagger."

Town Crier tells you, "Why yes, now I remember. There are also some fishing holes in Nanto, Rithwic and Cragstone. I've fished near the waterfalls in Nanto and found it quite relaxing."

Town Crier tells you, "'Riddles? Not more riddles.' That's what I keep hearing people say as they walk on by."

Town Crier tells you, "The Lugian in Stonehold seems to be both profit minded and tied with Nuhmudira. If you find yourself in the area talking to him might not be that bad of an idea. He might help you along with something of interest."

Town Crier tells you, "I'm not saying that I know for a fact mind you. But if I were a smart mage going to talk with Olcris I'd be bringing my Heiromancer's Armor along for any journey I might take."

Town Crier tells you, "Secret Orders? I don't have any and I don't know of any, if I did they wouldn't be so secret now would they? But since you did provide me with some coin I'll tell you something."

The town crier looks around nervously.

Town Crier tells you, "Olcris knows."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

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