Introduced:  Release Related Quests:  Ancient Olthoi Queen
Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler
Non-Player Killer
Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Jeweler
Location Zaikhal 13.7N 0.7E
Level 11
Strength 95
Endurance 90
Coordination 100
Quickness 100
Focus 40
Self 50
Health 145
Stamina 200
Mana 150


  • Route: See Zaikhal
  • See Jeweler for other similar shopkeepers.
  • Sells at 145%, buys at 90%.





Alchemical Items

Trade Notes

Lore & Dialog


Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "Welcome! What's your pleasure today?"

Buying From

Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "An excellent purchase."

Selling To

Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "You drive a hard bargain, my friend."


Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "Thank you for your business. Please return soon."


Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "So, Hiyp told you to talk to me about Whispering Venom crystal. Yes, that is correct, it was a dark and stormy night when this woman came banging on my shop door even though I had just closed. She seemed to be rather nervous but needed to know about a crystal, which she handed to me. She wanted to understand what it may be used for. I examined it carefully for I had never seen one like it before. It's purpose or potential eluded me and I said to her that I would have to inquire with one of the scholars working with Nuhmudira about it. She became very agitated then and ran out the door. I tried to go after her to return the crystal but she was gone."

Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "I remembered later that I had seen her about town and that she was in fact one of Nuhmudira's students. Not wanting to cause trouble for her I inquired discreetly and found out she was originally from somewhere northeast of Samsur. Eventually I brought the crystal to one of Nuhmudira's other students and he said he believed it was Whispering Venom crystal. I allowed him to keep it and that was that. So, I do not have the crystal now. Had I known so many would be seeking such crystal these days I might have made a tidy sum selling it!"

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