Introduced:  The Widening Gyre
Doll Mask
Doll Mask Icon
  • Value: 750
  • Burden: 200
  • Covers Head
  • Armor Level: 10
  • Slashing: Poor (3)
  • Piercing: Poor (3)
  • Bludgeoning: Poor (3)
  • Fire: Poor (3)
  • Cold: Below Average (5)
  • Acid: Poor (3)
  • Electric: Below Average (5)
  • Nether: Average (10)
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A strange looking doll mask. From the inside, the mask is completely transparent...
Doll Mask Live

Doll Mask


  • Unlike most creature masks that're crafted from a body part, the doll mask is dropped in useable form.
  • Can be turned into an Inviso Mask by bringing it to a Mask Maker.

Dropped By

Original Palette for Doll Mask
ACID Name Sample Hex
4530 Dollmask C9B89B (AD946A)
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.
  • Note: The color given by ID-ing the items with VT propertydump was too dark. Therefore +38 lightness was added to represent the ingame colors better. Original Hex in brackets.
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