Introduced:  Remembering the Past Related Quests:  Augmentation Gems
Donatello Linante
Non-Player Killer
Donatello Linante Live
Race Male Viamontian
Title Augmentation Trainer
Location 87.4N 70.5W in Silyun
Level 267
Strength 60
Endurance 70
Coordination 50
Quickness 80
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 45
Stamina 80
Mana 140


Lore & Dialog

Donatello Linante tells you, "I've had the opportunity to study with those who have studied with Asheron himself - and I have decided that Asheron's gifts should be available to all those who can master its power."
Donatello Linante tells you, "You may speak to the Fiun who calls itself Rehlyun in order to find out how to get a blank augmentation gem."

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