Introduced:  The Gathering Storm Related Quests:  Elysa's Favor Quest
Dranith Menacet
Dranith Menacet Live
Class Hollow Minion
Level 43
XP 3,232
Luminance 0
Loot Tier 3
Attacks Bludgeon (Hollow)
Weaknesses Cold
Strength 180
Endurance 160
Coordination 150
Quickness 100
Focus 150
Self 40
Health 230
Stamina 410
Mana 40
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense





Current dialog

As Dranith Menacet's dying sighs fade into the stillness, a crumpled note, worn and creased from many readings, tumbles from his broken frame.

Old dialog

The Gathering Storm

A flash of purple light streaks through the horizon and you hear a shattering thunderclap in the distance. A strange hollow voice echoes in your mind, 'Our conquest begins today. At this point we are merely a rumble. Soon we will be the thunder that shakes the very flesh off your bones. Our time is soon, human. Very soon.' The voice fades away, leaving you with a dizzying headache.

Arcanum Envoy tells you, "Greetings, brave adventurer! Time is short, I fear. We have discovered a delicate situation. While the Virindi have apparently been vanquished, not all of their minions have followed suit."

Arcanum Envoy tells you, "There is a crazed Hollow Minion, who calls himself Dranith Menacet, residing at the end of these tunnels. We have never heard of a hollow who possesses an individual name. I hope this is the worst of the surprises we face in the near future."

Arcanum Envoy tells you, "Nuhmudira preserve us. If you are able to reach and vanquish Dranith, please see if he has left anything of note behind. The Arcanum is extremely interested in getting at the root of this problem. According to the Arcanum, portalspace disruptions around the nine Arrival towns are increasing daily. We need to put a stop to this immediately."

Your assault sends Dranith Menacet to an icy death!

You reel as a tremendous shock wave passes through you upon the vanquishing of Dranith Menacet. A horrible din rises up in the background, and then slowly fades away. You hear the voice of Dranith Menacet echo loudly in your mind, 'Do you think this means you've won? Do you really? Our plan has only begun, flesh. This is only the start. Soon you will see what your victory has meant. Empty as the very air. The only victory today is mine.' The voice slowly fades away. You see a piece of white paper lying on the ground.


Dranith Menacet tells you, "This is only the beginning. Our fist landing, our bulwark. Here is where my father has cast the gauntlet. I will not fail my father again!"


[Player's name] has slain Dranith Menacet. As the Hollow Minion bleeds its last bit of life onto the ground, it calls to its farther in a child-like voice. "Father, I have failed you. They will find the way to your home." In Rithwic, a new portal appears.

Dranith Menacet says, "Father...Father... My body crumbles to dust, am I forgotten. I am dead. I am sorry father I have failed you and will rise no longer."
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