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Dream Reaver Investigation
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts With: Vision of Horror (optional)
Starts At: Yanshi at 11.7S, 42.2E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Behind the Mask


The Vision of Horror in Yanshi has recruited you to discover the intentions of the Curator of Torment's intentions who continues to plot and scheme against the Reaver of Dreams.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Head to the Masked Preface dungeon at 48.1S 10.7E (safe drop). The Dungeon cannot be tied to or recalled, but the Empyrean Ruins LS at 47.5S 10.5E is nearby.
  2. Head (North) from the drop. You will be in a hall with 3 hallways,one heading (North), one heading to the (East) (blue braziers) and one to the (West) (red braziers). You will need the Sealed Key from each hallway to continue through the dungeon.
  3. Head (East) first past the red braziers and jump down, heading (South) again at the 1st split, and then bearing (East).
    • Note: There is also a Chorizite Chest located in the East side of the dungeon.
  4. Turn (South) at the next bend, followed by an immediate right (West) into a large room.
  5. Continue through it to another large room with a Simulacrum Shifter. Kill the Simulacrum Shifter and loot the Sealed Crackling Key (3 use, expires in 24 hours), then take the Masked Preface portal in the (South West) corner to return to the start of the Masked Preface dungeon.
  6. Head (North) from the drop again, but this time head (West) past the blue braziers.
  7. Jump down and follow the hall taking the second right turn (West).
  8. At the next intersection head left (south), then continue straight (North) down the hall.
  9. Eventually you will come to a large room with a Virindi Keeper. Kill the Virindi Keeper and loot the Sealed Sparkling Key (3 use, expires in 24 hours) before exiting through the Masked Preface portal to return to the start of the dungeon.
  10. With both the Sealed Crackling Key and Sealed Sparkling Key you may now proceed (North) through the 2 Sealed Doors, Sealed Door 1 and Sealed Door 2.
    • Note: the 2 Sealed doors stay open for a total of 3 minutes.
  11. Jump down and follow the hall taking the first right turn (North) and then following the hall and making your way through a several large rooms.
  12. From the 3rd large room you come to take (the first one with multiple exits), the (West) exit which leads into a large room.
  13. From the large room take the (North) exit to the Virindi Sentinel. Kill the sentinel and loot a Virindi Sentinel's Message Shard (drops 9, 15 min respawn timer on sentinel). Exit through the portal to the North West.
  14. Hand the shard to the Vision of Horror (he will be in the dungeon) for your rewards. Jump up to the north to loot the chests.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Masked Preface 48.1S, 10.7E -- --


Experience: 330,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 20,000


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Opening Dialog

Vision of Horror tells you, "Greetings, the Reaver of Dreams is in need of your assistance. We must discover the Curator of Torment's intentions. They continue to plot and scheme against the Reaver of Dreams but for what purpose we are unaware."

Vision of Horror tells you, "A ripple in the portalspace energies has recently been detected in the southwestern portion of the A'mun desert and the Reaver of Dreams is certain that the Curator of Torment is responsible."

Vision of Horror tells you, "We must tread with caution, if we are discovered to be skulking in the shadows it will surely appear to be a deceptive act which could be used against the Reaver of Dreams. This is where you come in."

Vision of Horror tells you, "We are requesting you investigate the area around 47.5S 10.5E. If we are unsuccessful in unveiling this treachery, the Council may fall victim to the Curator's deception. Time is of the essence."
Rewards Dialog

You allow Vision of Horror to examine your Virindi Sentinel's Message Shard.

You hand over 1 of your Virindi Sentinel's Message Shards.

The Vision of Horror takes the message shard from you and looks at you curiously.

Vision of Horror tells you, "Greetings. I don't believe I understand why you have given me this, but give me a moment to extract the stored message."

Vision of Horror tells you, "This is most disturbing! While I would normally be wary of revealing the contents of this shard, you have proven to be invaluable in its recovery and are most deserving to be informed."

Vision of Horror tells you, "I have translated the stored message into your language for you. I will inform the Reaver of Dreams of this latest revelation."

Vision of Horror tells you, "Please take these rewards and know the Reaver of Dreams is in your debt. Your assistance with the desert abductions and with this matter have prevented a great travesty by unveiling the cowardice, deception, and malice of the Curator of Torment."

Vision of Horror gives you Translated Message Shard.

You've earned 330,000,000 experience.

You've earned 20,000 Luminance.

Vision of Horror gives you Legendary Key.

Update History

Curating Corruption

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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