Introduced:  Taste of Twilight
Drudge Gut Sausage
Drudge Gut Sausage Icon
  • Value: 220
  • Burden: 80
  • Use this item to eat it.
  • Restores 30 Mana when consumed.
  • A plump link of Drudge Gut Sausages.
Sausage Live

Drudge Gut Sausage


  • Stack Size: ??


Carving Knife, Heavy Grinder
1 Side of Beef, 1 Ravener Guts
1 Drudge Gut Sausage
  • Steps:
  1. Use Carving Knife on Side of Beef to create Steak.
    • Carving Knife Icon + Side of Beef Icon = Steak Icon
  2. Use Heavy Grinder on Steak to create Ground Meat.
    • Heavy Grinder Icon + Steak Icon = Ground Meat Icon
  3. Use Ravener Guts on Ground Meat to create Drudge Gut Sausage.
    • Ravener Guts Icon + Ground Meat Icon = Drudge Gut Sausage Icon
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