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Drudges are by far the weakest of the humanoid races, and are often kept by their stronger cousins as slaves or grunt warriors. They often scavenge on the fringes of human lands, preying on the weak and defenseless, and also lurk in shallow dungeons. Most of them stand about four feet tall, and fight with their claws; some employ crude weapons like knives and clubs. In combat, they attack in packs, and with little discipline. Be warned: there are a few varieties of Drudges that are more dangerous than the norm.[1][2][3][4]


On Ezheret

Drudges originate from the world the Tumeroks call Ezheret-Hazahtu, although they only live on the body they call Ezheret. This requires some explanation. While a sun does rise and fall in the sky, Ezheret actually orbits another, larger planet called Hazahtu. Hazahtu, or “The Blind Eye,” is an enormous, cloud-shrouded grey-blue orb. Ezheret is hot, humid, and prone to extended periods of foul weather. Gales and hurricanes are frequent, perhaps due to the unusual sparseness of dry land. [5] Ezheret is a moon world capable of supporting several species. Three of these species appear to have better than animal intelligence, capable of crafting rudimentary tools and sustaining a limited form of speech.[6]

The Drudges share Ezheret with the Tumeroks, as well as the perpetually warring Banderlings and Mosswarts.[5] [6] We do not know what they called themselves in that world. Among these races was one which found the light bright beyond bearing. They were nocturnal beasts, by necessity. Their kin were stronger and swifter, and smarter too.[1] So this race emerged only at night, when their betters did not prowl, and retreated to the places they did not frequent. They learned to live as shadowy scavengers, and rummaged among the battle-sites of their larger cousins once the sun, the Egg of the Great Firebird, returned to the bowels of the world. Their kin, the gangly Banderling and the rank Mosswart, would fight and kill each other over respective god-images. Or over a particularly fragrant fruit-bearing tree. Or a spring from which cool, clear water could be procured. Or simply because they both happened to find themselves in the same place. They were not particular about their violence. Sometimes, when in numbers and their enemies few, Drudges would attack the Banderling and Mosswart. Being weak and of cowardly demeanor, this was rare. [1]

This race was named Drudge, for they appear capable of only the most menial of activities. Great numbers have been taken by the Tumerok, for use as slave labor in their own colonies. Many die at this work, but there are always more to take their place, and the Tumeroks do not love them. [1] They were also enslaved by the Banderlings, and behold a grudge against them because of this.[7]

On Dereth

On Dereth, they live in much the same way. They infest those lodgings left untouched by stronger creatures, and take that which has been abandoned or lost by others.[8] They live in colonies where possible[9], and underground by preference[10]. Dereth's underground is riddled with dungeons -- natural caves, subterranean storehouses, sewers, even entire cities . . . and stranger constructs, whose purposes defy explanation. Nevertheless, Drudges can still be found living out in the open, for they are quite stupid, and easily forget the way home.[1]

In Dereth have been seen Drudges altered by powerful magery, fierce and powerful in combat. You will know these by their color; rather than showing the sun-starved pallor of their kin, the hides of these Drudges range from an ashen gray to the black of obsidian.[1] They were altered by the Virindi and can often be found as their servants in different dungeons and the outdoors.[11]

Most notable were the experiments by the Virindi Aerbax. His experimentation on Drudges resulted in a significant higher intelligence and planning[12] capabilities, such as their occupation of the town of Cragstone[13][14][15][16] and the creation of the Drudge Fort, the base of the Prodigal Drudge, Bonecrunch.[17] The drudges were also holding Monougas captive to be used in Aerbax' experiments, [18]

Maybe as a result of these experiments, Drudges started constructing their own dwellings and forts, and building their own apparatuses, whereby they seem to have a fascination with flying devices such as Balloons.[17][19]



Except for the prodigal Drudge, Bonecrunch[17] and Scrum, Drudge Seraph Mystic [20] no leaders of the Drudges are known by name. There are however, some drudges which were known amongst their people for their fierce fighting skills, such as Baktak the Human Slayer and Kerthump, the Ear Taker[21]

Customs and Traditions

Drudges will reproduce, in scores. Being feeble creatures, they kept their numbers by having litters of a dozen at a time. They would make small fires -- perhaps their only civilized skill -- and crudely roast or boil what discarded food they had brought down from above, to feed their kittens. While Drudges can see quite well in the dark, they do require some light. They are not philosophers of magic, nor demons who can see in the complete absence of light.[1]

They are known for scavenging, stealing and lying.[22][23][24][25] They are literate, but not able to express themselves as good as the other creatures from Ezheret.[26][23][27][28][29][30]

Drudges are particularly fond of Apples and were ofter seen stealing and guarding them. [31]. They also like Cheese and Cider[32] and other sweets.[26] This might be the reason they ofter carry Peppermint Sticks and Brown Beans.

Drudges like to dance. One can often observe them doing this in the wild when not busy running or fighting. This "Drudge Dance" became quite popular amongst other humanoids.


Flying Machine Instructions Icon Flying Machine InstructionsText Icon Parchment Sdolin Buk!

Internet Articles


  • Black Claw and Augmented Drudges - result of early Virindi experiments
  • Bonecrunch Cragstone Drudges - result of Aerbax experiments


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