Introduced:  Release Related Quests:  Casting Stein, Weeping Weapons, Ulgrim's Drinking Contest
Drunken Madman
Non-Player Killer
Drunken Madman Live
Race Male Sho
Title Enchanter
Location 53.0S 61.0E in the Ridge Tower south of Baishi
Level 14
Strength 80
Endurance 80
Coordination 85
Quickness 70
Focus 175
Self 190
Health 110
Stamina 190
Mana 235



You give Drunken Madman Wah Chon's Winter Lager.

Drunken Madman tells you, "What's this? It doesn't look like sake."

Drunken Madman tells you, "Not Sake!? NOT Sake! YOU!!! I'll g..."

Drunken Madman tells you, "Oh right, you must want to see Ulgrim. He said people might be looking for him. Ok, I'll portal you there this time, but next time you better bring me sake!"

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