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Duke Bellenesse
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Duke of one of the important Viamont houses, the house of Bellenesse. Symbol of the house is the Silver Stag of Bellenesse.[1]

During the rule of Varicci di Corcosi, the Duke of Bellenesse, used to be his most trusted warlord in his campaign against the other Isparian countries. [2] The Duke played a major role in the conquering of the Roulean empire. Already weakened by the long-ago loss of their trade outposts, the Rouleans were in no position to defend their holdings. Their once proud imperial legions gathered for one last great battle, which ended with the annihilation of the imperial army and the Emperor murdered in his palace, pinned to his throne by a sword through the chest by the Duke of Bellenesse himself.[3][4][2] [5]

Inspired by a Roulean book, the Duke greatly distanced himself from Viamontian society.[6]

The Duke launched a rebellion against his King, gaining the support of several other influential lords.[2] At the onset of this rebellion, one of the King´s most loyal supporters, Countess Marena du Lotila, was murdered by the Duke's forces.[7]

Varicci approved of the plans of his son to extinguish the House of the Duke of Bellenesse.[8] After a series of royalist victories, the Prince Varicci di Corcosi II brought his army into the lands of Bellenesse and laid siege to the Duke's fortress. In that battle, facing total defeat, the Duke took his surviving vassals and soldiers through a portal that had appeared within the castle. It did not take long for the Prince to take his own army through the portal to continue the pursuit.[2] [8] [9]

On Dereth, the Duke and his daughter, from their base in Silyun[7], befriended the Fiun.[10] The war between the two Viamontian factions continued, a war in which Eleonora du Bellenesse took a more and more active role, where the Duke retreated.[11][12][13]

After Eleonora was ambushed and killed, and her body delivered to the Duke of Bellenesse, the war came to a close. But the end of that war did not erase the tension that exists between the Loyalists of Sanamar and the Rebels of Silyun. [14][15]

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The name of the following NPCs implies that they are more or less related to the Duke of Bellenesse and/or his daughter Eleonora du Bellenesse:


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