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"Eastham is an Aluvian town located on the coast along the road connecting Arwic to Rithwic. It is also the closest human settlement to Asheron's Island, which for many years was closed to outsiders. Now however, one need only stroll over to the windmill to find a permanent portal to the Empyrean's isle and his castle.

The master smith of the Aluvians resides in Eastham, crafting powerful Celdon armor from the remains of Shadow and Crystal. People looking to craft costumes will also find a master mask crafter here." --Town Network Sign

  • Eastham is an Aluvian town, near the outermost East Coast of Dereth at 17.5N, 63.4E.
  • Eastham was once a very busy town, with new adventurers crowding the beaches to hunt the gromnies and other beasts that lived there. The stronger warriors even made the long run to Arwic, once the trade hub for all of Dereth.
  • These days, the town is not so busy. However, there are still some reasons to visit.
    • The Aluvian mask maker lives here in the second floor of the smithy.
    • The Aluvian shadow armor smith lives along the north road.
    • A branch of the Title Bestower's Guild is set up here.
    • Many shortcut portals for the Gaerlan quest are located here.
    • More recently, what seems to be a permanent portal to Asheron's Isle is open next to the town's windmill.
  • If you are willing to make a couple minute run north along the beach you can find a stone bunker with a portal to the High Mountain Valley in the Linvak Mountain Range.

Map Dereth Point


To Eastham

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Aluvian (North) Eastham 16.9N, 63.5E None
Facility Hub 25+ area Eastham 16.9N, 63.5E 25+
Kryst 75.8S, 83.1E Eastham 16.9N, 63.5E None

From Eastham

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Eastham 17.7N, 63.4E Town Network -- None
Eastham 17.9N, 64.3E Asheron's Island 16.1N, 64.3E None
Eastham 17.6N, 63.5E Patriarch's Valley Portal 58.5N, 10.3W None
Merchant Cellar 26.3N, 63.9E High Mountain Valley 65.2S, 60.3E None

Settlement Portals

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Eastham 17.5N, 61.6E Asandra Cottages 56.9N, 27.1W None
Eastham 17.6N, 61.4E Beach Pass Villas 47.4N, 69.6E None
Eastham 17.4N, 61.6E Desert Boundary Cottages 7.1N, 9.1W None
Eastham 17.4N, 61.5E Dryreach Beach Manors 3.9S, 76.3E None
Eastham 17.5N, 61.4E Filos' Font Cottages 13.4N, 63.4E None
Eastham 17.5N, 61.6E Hermit Hill Cottages 14.6N, 30.5E None
Eastham 17.5N, 61.4E Lake Blessed Cottages 16.7N, 57.3E None
Eastham 17.5N, 61.5E Midhill Cottages 84.9N, 1.6E None
Eastham 17.4N, 61.5E North Eastham Meadow 22.9N, 60.3E None
Eastham 17.7N, 61.5E P'rnelle Acres 69.6N, 60.9E None
Eastham 17.5N, 61.6E Sliver-of-BlueCottages 34.7N, 49.0W None
Eastham 17.5N, 61.5E Strathelar's Watch Cottages 19.9N, 57.3E None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • 17.8N, 64.3E - East of town at windmill
  • 18.6N, 62.8E - Northwest of town


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Cave (Eastham) 18.4N, 62.1E -- 01F1 none
Eastham Sewer 18.7N 63.4E -- 01CF Eastham Sewer Quest
Simple Tower Portal 17.4N, 62.5E -- 019D none
Seaside Lair 17.2N, 65.9E -- 01B0 none
Thieves' Den 17.7N, 65E -- 01E1 Gertarh's Dagger
Machinist's Gloves Quest
Undead Mechanic Quest


NPC Name Location Type Details
Aderma the Lapidary Town - 17.9N, 63.3E Shopkeeper Jewelery
Cynsela the Tailor Town - 17.5N, 63.5E - first floor Shopkeeper Clothing
Grocer Parsal Town - 17.5N, 63.5E - first floor Shopkeeper Cooking Items
Degel Parson the Scrivener Town - 17.5N, 63.5E - second floor Shopkeeper Books and Rumors
Bowyer Bronwin Town - 17.3N, 63.2E - first floor Shopkeeper Bowyer
Farnum the Provisioner Town - 17.8N, 63.5E Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Belbeca the Archmage Town - 17.3N, 63.4E - first floor Shopkeeper Magical Supplies
Sodyla Thurmad the Healer Town - 17.3N, 63.4E Shopkeeper Healing Supplies
Rundiscar the Weaponsmith Town - 17.4N, 63.5E - first floor Shopkeeper Weapons
Getram the Armorer Town - 17.4N, 63.5E - first floor Shopkeeper Armor
Weary-looking Man (Eastham) Town - 17.5N 63.4E Shopkeeper Dryreach Rumor & Key
Byrdara the Barkeeper Town - 17.7N 63.2E Shopkeeper Various food items and rumor
Scrivener of Item Magic Town - 17.6N 63.1E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls
Scrivener of Creature Magic Town - 17.6N 63.1E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls
Scrivener of Life Magic Town - 17.6N 63.1E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls
Scrivener of War Magic Town - 17.6N 63.1E Shopkeeper Level IV Scrolls
Merchant (Eastham) Outskirts - 26.3N, 63.9E (Merchant Cellar Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Ivory Crafter Town - 17.3N, 63.2E - second floor Crafter --
Wing Collector Town - 17.7N 63.2E Crafter --
Alexander the Deft Town - 17.4N, 63.5E - second floor Crafter Mask Maker
Alexander's Apprentice Town - 17.4N, 63.5E - second floor Crafter Mask Maker
Agent of the Arcanum Town - 17.4N, 62.9E Crafter Housing Writs
Apprentice Fletcher (Eastham) Town - 17.0N, 63.3E Quest Crafter Quest
Asheron's Investigator Town - 17.6N, 63.5E Quest T'Thuun's Marauders
Aun Tiulerea Town - 16.5N, 63.6E Quest Copper Golem Kingpin Kill Task
Caranis the Dependable Town - 17.3N, 63.2E Quest Bestowers' Guild of Dereth
Hei Shou Town - 17.5N, 63.5E - second floor Quest Unleash the Gearknights
Eluard the Namer Town - 17.3N, 63.2E Quest Bestowers' Guild of Dereth
Alean the Steel Forger Outskirts - 18.5N, 62.8E Quest Shadow Armor Quest
Emissary of Asheron (Eastham) Outskirts - 17.9N, 64.3E Quest --
Maere the Dyepot Peddlar Outskirts - 18.5N, 62.8E Shopkeeper Shadow Armor Quest, Dyes
Olivier Rognath Town - 17.5N, 63.3E Quest Mace of the Explorer Quest
Samuel, Former Guardian Town - 17.7N 63.1E Quest Black Marrow Tea


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Eastham.
Chicken Icon.png Chicken

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