Ebon Spine Harpoon
Ebon Spine Harpoon (Heavy Weapons) Icon
  • Value: 9,840
  • Burden: 600
  • Skill: Heavy Weapons (Spear)
  • Damage: 20 - 50 , Cold
  • Speed: Average (40)
  • Properties: Unenchantable, Hollow
  • A hefty harpoon made from the spine of an ebon gromnie found on the Marcescent Plateau of Marae Lassel, and bound in bands of coldly glittering chorizite. This example can be used as a spear. It was crafted with fine balance by the famed Tumerok hunter Ralirea, of the Aun xuta, and rewards a talented user. The hunters of the Aun often use these weapons in hunting and fishing.
Ebon Spine Harpoon (Heavy Weapons) Live

Ebon Spine Harpoon

Dropped By

Update History

A Perfect Paradox

  • Cold and slashing damage (changed by altering the power setting) of the Harpoon Spear changed to cold only.

Pillars Made of Sand

  • Base damage increased from 4.8 - 12 to 6.8 - 17.

Master of Arms

  • Weapon skill changed from Spear to Heavy Weapons.
  • Base damage increased from 6.8 - 17 to Cold 20 - 50.
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