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Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction
Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 20
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • This letter serves as an introduction to the representative of the Eldrytch Web in Ayan Baqur.

To my esteemed field minder,

The bearer of this note helped me to retrieve the scepter that you and your own superiors seemed to covet so greatly. Perhaps this person could be useful. In time, when the Eldrytch Web sees fit to recruit more Isparians into its ranks, we would do well to consider this person for membership. In the meantime, perhaps you could pass along a copy of the Canon so our potential recruit can learn of our organization and make an informed decision when the time comes.

Your dutiful scout,



You give Kousu Temo Scepter of Menilesh.

Kousu Temo tells you, "Ah, the ancient scepter of Menilesh... Barely recognizable under the dust and decay of the millennia. Still, my masters will be pleased to see that I have recovered it. I will reward you with some practical knowledge. I will also give you a letter of introduction to bring to my commander, Qurakh al-Taal in Ayan Baqur. In time, you may prove yourself worthy of the Eldrytch Web..."You've earned 13,782,125 experience.

You've earned 13,782,125 experience.

Kousu Temo gives you Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction.

You give Qurakh al-Taal Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction.

Qurakh al-Taal tells you, "Young Temo's note tells me that you helped him recover the scepter of Menilesh... We thank you for your devotion and your interest in the glories of ages long past. Perhaps, in time, you can join the Eldrytch Web and do your part to bring those glories back to Dereth, from the ruins and forgotten memories of the present day. We are not accepting new members now, but your assistance in this matter has been noted, and will not be forgotten. We will watch you with interest from this day forward. For now, perhaps you would wish to look through this book and learn some more about the Eldrytch Web."

Qurakh al-Taal gives you Canon of the Eldrytch Web.