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Elemental Kill Task
Level:  ??
Rec. Level: 90+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Zahir
Starts At: 68.7N, 21.5W in Stonehold
Repeat: 20 Hours

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Talk to Zahir at 68.7N 21.5W in Stonehold to begin the task of killing 25 of any of the following four types of Elementals| Caustics, Synnasts, Infernos, and Hyems.
  2. The elementals can also drop essences that you can hand in for additional experience.
  3. Return to Zahir to receive your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

No related dungeons.


Complete kill task
Experience: 30,000,000 (Fixed)
Titles: Elemental Eradicator
Give an Elemental Essence to Zahir
Experience: 500,000 (1% up to level 92)


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Opening Dialog

Zahir tells you, "Hello, you look like the very kind of person who would be able to assist me in my research."

Zahir tells you, "After the events with the Harbinger and the Essences interest in elementals has gone up considerably and thanks to that I have been able to secure grants that I can use to fund my research... but you don't care to hear much more about that, do you?"

Zahir tells you, "Okay, here is what I'd like of you, Please venture out and find Caustic, Synnast, Inferno, and Hyem. Fight twenty-five of these creatures and then return to me and tell me everything you learned about them."

Zahir tells you, "I will also accept, and reward you for, anything you find that may be of value to my research."
Completing Kill Task

Zahir listens to all that you have to tell him about your encounters with the elementals.

Zahir tells you, "Very interesting, I hope I can use this information to further my research."

Zahir tells you, "Oh, did you by any chance find anything in your adventures? I could certainly use materials that come directly from these elementals."

You've earned 30,000,000 experience.

You have been given the title Elemental Eradicator.
Handing in a Crystal of Elemental Essence

You give Zahir Crystal of Frozen Elemental Essence.

Zahir tells you, "Very good, I can most certainly make use of this."

You've earned 500,000 experience.

Update History

Come What Follows

  • Kill task introduced.

Learning From Experience

  • XP reward increased from 5,000,000 to 30,000,000.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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