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Eleonora's Heart Quest
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Optional: Grand Mother
Starts At: Optional: 87.4N, 70.5W in Silyun
Repeat: 20 Hours
Quest Chain: 1. Eleonora's Heart Quest
2. Knights of Karlun Quest
3. Marauder's Lair Quest
4. Shade Iron
5. Whispering Blade Chapterhouse Access
6. Pheraion's Sanctum Quest (optional)
7. Tracking Grael


This is the first quest in the Whispering Blade quests line.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Travel to Sanamar. South of town, behind the Royal Hall is the Viamontian Torture Chamber at 69.6N 62.6W.
  2. See the map for how to get down, if you don't have lockpick, you'll need to stop and pick up the Torture Chamber Key to unlock a door near the end.
  3. Optional: Obtain Eleonora's Note from within a locked prison cell. This cell requires lockpick to unlock.
  4. On a pedestal at the end of the dungeon is Eleonora's Heart.
  5. Bring the items to the Grand Mother of Silyun.

Defecting from the Whispering Blade

  1. Although officially a Whispering Blade quest, you can defect and help the Rossu Morta instead by bringing the heart to the Grand Knight of Sanamar. You will receive the same rewards as you would if completing the 1st quest in the Rossu Morta quest line (Dericost Ruin Quest).
    • Note: The Grand Knight will not reward you for Eleonora's Note, and if you are a Friend of Sanamar, neither will the Grand Mother.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Viamontian Torture Chamber 69.6N 62.6W -- 02EB


Give Eleonora's Heart to the Grand Mother
Experience: 30,000 (Fixed)
Titles: Friend of Silyun
Give Eleonora's Note to the Grand Mother
Experience: 7,500 (Fixed)


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Opening Dialog

Grand Mother tells you, "You are a stranger to Silyun and owe us nothing. Even so, I beseech you listen to my words and help me heal an old man's grieving heart."

Grand Mother tells you, "The Duke's daughter, Eleonora, was a proud and noble warrior. She led our people to many great victories in the war against Varicci. But her skill was not enough to hide her from the King's vengeance forever."

Grand Mother tells you, "Before the Fiun barrier was dropped - before we even knew of the existence of lifestones - Eleonora fell in battle against Varicci himself."

Grand Mother tells you, "He took her to his torture chamber and murdered the poor girl. When he delivered her body to us, we were horrified to learn that he had removed her heart."

Grand Mother tells you, "The Duke has not been the same since that day. His grief knows no end. But if we could retrieve that young warrior's heart, I am certain that his grief would begin to subside."

Grand Mother tells you, "Journey to the Royal Hall of Sanamar, enter the torture chamber, and put an end to this tragedy."

Grand Mother tells you, "But I warn you - if you do this, you will fall out of favor with the Grand Knight of Sanamar. He may well treat you with the same enmity with which he and his King have long treated us."
Handing in Eleonora's Heart

You give Grand Mother Eleonora's Heart.

You've earned 30,000 experience.

Grand Mother gives you Friend of Silyun Token.

Grand Mother tells you, "You are a most kind and generous soul. I knew that we could count on you. You are welcome to stay in Silyun as long as you like."
Handing in Friend of Silyun Token

You give Grand Mother Friend of Silyun Token.

Grand Mother tells you, "May your kindness to the people of Silyun be known to all you meet."
Handing in Eleonora's Note

You give Grand Mother Eleonora's Note.

Grand Mother tells you, "This note... Eleonora's last words."

Grand Mother tells you, "This will mean much to the Duke. I thank you, friend."

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Grand Mother gives you Kul'dir.

Defecting from the Whispering Blade

Handing in Eleonora's Heart

You give Grand Knight Eleonora's Heart.

Grand Knight tells you, "You have done well. The Duke's rebels are little more than a nuisance to His Majesty, but we welcome your intelligence."

Grand Knight tells you, "I know they would call it betrayal. But we call it loyalty to the true throne of Dereth."

You've earned 30,000 experience.

Grand Knight gives you Friend of Sanamar Token.
Handing in Eleonora's Note

The Grand Knight looks carefully at the note. A look of rage slowly creeps across his face.

Grand Knight tells you, "You dare to steal from the King?"

The Grand Knight places a hand on the hilt of his sword.

Grand Knight tells you, "Be gone, filth. Be gone now."

Update History

Throne of Destiny (expansion)

  • Quest introduced.

Learning From Experience

  • XP reward for Eleonora's Note increased from 5,000 to 7,500.
  • XP reward for Eleonora's Heart increased from 20,000 to 30,000

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.