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Character Summary
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Elysa Strathelar
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  • 0 PY - Slays the Olthoi Queen of Dereth

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Elysa Strathelar is the High Queen of New Aluvia, the kingdom on Dereth made up of the Aluvian Realm, Sho Nation, and Gharu'ndim Kingdom, and allied with the Lugians of Linvak Tukal, Aun Tumeroks of Timaru, and Viamontian Rebels of Silyun.

She is the mother of Borelean Strathelar, friend and ally of Asheron Realaidain, and was romantically involved with Thorsten Cragstone, then years later Antius Blackmoor. Both of her lovers were slain in combat, Thorsten by the Dereth Olthoi Queen before the age of Lifestones, and Antius by Jared Kurth who was wielding the lifestone tie severing sword, the Heartbreaker.

Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed Quest

The story of Elysa and Thorsten Cragstone's Rebellion against the Olthoi is retold during the Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed Quest Quest.[1] She appears as a ghost apparition, first as a level 1 "Escaped Slave", at the end of the quest as a level 89 "Rebel Leader", weilding her bow and killing the original Olthoi Queen.

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