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Elysa Strathelar's Letter to Lania Cartoth
Elysa Strathelar's Letter to Lania Cartoth (First) Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 25
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 3 of 3 pages full.
  • A letter from Elysa Strathelar to Lania Cartoth.

Dearest Lania,

Today frost came upon the Aluvian land. Winter has arrived with snow blanketing the ground and swirling in the air. The trees this morningtide were all coated with ice, the branches encased as in glass. The sun came out, brilliant against the blue sky and shone through the crystalline trees, its rays splintered by the myriad of icy facets. The glazed white ground and the blinding trees hurt the eyes. The air is cold, the world is cold. But when I take a breath, the icy air drawn into my breast is chilled further by the frozen numbness that grips my heart.

I always believed fury to be a hot thing, boiling within like water in a kettle on a brazier. Now I understand it may also be a cold thing.

Had I been quicker with the bow Thorsten might live today. I rage against my faltering hand. When speed was most required, my hands and eyes were too slow. The thrust and parry of battle are desperate moments, the insects dark nightmares of speed and razor claws. Yet when I close my eyes I see the horror occurring with a languid slowness. I watch Thorsten fall but my arrow is not notched and my bow is slack.

I could have saved him. I could have saved our future together.

I could. I did not.

I live. I rage. I close my eyes against the winter glare and breathe deep. The frozen air warms me.



You give Brontynn Marshad A Certificate of Permission.

Brontynn Marshad tells you, "Thank you for liberating me! I hope you are not injured! I see Glysander has sent you. I know he is anxious to recover the letters but alas, I cannot continue this quest now."

Brontynn Marshad tells you, "Here are two letters I have found. I can tell you where to find another letter, or its exact copy. Find Lia Tze in Baishi. She has a letter in her possession, and I was informed she might have a means for you to obtain a replica of Thorsten Cragstone's Armor. Or you may go to Mayoi and seek out a man named Tai Wo. He has a copy of the same letter Lia Tze has and may have knowledge of how to obtain a replica of Thorsten Cragstone's Axe. But beware- do not go to both of these people, for there is bad blood between them! Choose only one of them, for they will not deal with anyone who has had contact with the other. Now I will rest here for a bit and return home. Farewell!"

Brontynn Marshad gives you Elysa Strathelar's Letter to Lania Cartoth.

Brontynn Marshad gives you A Letter of Correspondence.

You give Glysander Cartoth Elysa Strathelar's Letter to Lania Cartoth.

Glysander Cartoth tells you, "Thank you, that is one of the letters! Here is your reward."

You've earned 300,000 experience.

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