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Introduced:  The Beast With Many Heads Related Quests:  Aerbax's Citadel
Emissary of Asheron
Non-Player Killer
Emissary of Asheron (Aerbax's Citadel) Live
Race Elemental
Title Emissary
Location South Gate
Level 60
Strength 245
Endurance 220
Coordination 215
Quickness 210
Focus 235
Self 230
Health 190
Stamina 330
Mana 270


Lore & Dialog

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Good, you made it."
Emissary of Asheron tells you, "I have been sent here by Lord Asheron to help you stop Aerbax."
Emissary of Asheron tells you, "I have been unable to destroy this device. Aerbax realized what you were doing and protected his last device somehow."
Emissary of Asheron tells you, "However, I have studied the device and believe there is a way to use it's resonant magic field."
Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Scouts report that Aerbax's forces are even now attempting to repair the other devices you destroyed. Return to the other Gates and bring me back the crystals they are using to repair the devices. Once I have all three crystals I believe I can send a fellowship of you through to the platforms above."

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