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Empowered Harbinger Quest
Level: 60
Rec. Level: 100+
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Issk or Vincadi
Starts At: 12.7S, 46.6E in Old Yanshi
Route: Yanshi
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to kill the Harbinger with his full powers and drawing on the power of the Essences.

  • The Weakened, Essenceless and Empowered Harbinger quests all share timers for the free skill point and the Harbinger Arm Token.
  • You will need one quest item to give to Issk or Vincadi to enter the Tunnels to the Harbinger. The items are all dropped randomly by certain creatures. Each item is also tied with a skill and on completion of the quest you will get one free point into that skill (see also quest XP reward).
  • Flagging items:
Item Skill Dropped By
Slasher Reedshark Hide Alchemy Reedshark Slasher
Skull of a Skeletal Hero Arcane Lore Skeletal Hero
Sage Drudge Charm Armor Tinkering Drudge Sage
Wood Heart Assess Creature Wood Golem
Ash Gromnie Tooth Assess Person Ash Gromnie, Adolescent Ash Gromnie
Banderling Antagonist Scalp Cooking Banderling Antagonist
Murk Drudge Charm Creature Enchantment Murk Drudge
Granite Heart Deception Granite Golem
Primeval Skeleton Shin Bone Dirty Fighting Primeval Skeleton
Banderling Predator Scalp Dual Wield Banderling Predator
Banderling Bone Ring (Trophy) Finesse Weapons Banderling Scalper
Banderling Slayer Scalp Fletching Banderling Slayer
Olthoi Head Healing Olthoi Noble
Mutilator Head Heavy Weapons Olthoi Mutilator
Insidious Monouga Idol Item Enchantment Insidious Monouga
Plate Armoredillo Hide Item Tinkering Plate Armoredillo
Copper Heart Jump Copper Golem
Ravener Guts Leadership Drudge Ravener
Drudge Cabalist Charm Life Magic Drudge Cabalist
Rendeath Shreth Hide Light Weapons Rendeath Shreth
Merciless Monouga Idol Lockpick Merciless Monouga
Obsidian Heart Loyalty Obsidian Golem
Peerless Drudge Charm Magic Defense Peerless Drudge
Mystic Drudge Charm Magic Item Tinkering Drudge Mystic
Essence of a Phantasm Mana Conversion Phantasm
Telumiat Hollow Minion Essence Melee Defense Telumiat Hollow Minion
Banderling Savage Arm Missile Defense Banderling Savage
Gauloth Shreth Hide Recklessness Gauloth Shreth
Iron Heart Run Iron Golem
Diamond Heart Shield Diamond Golem, Diamond Lord, Acidic Diamond Golem
Gloom Drudge Charm Sneak Attack Gloom Drudge
Reaper Reedshark Hide Two Handed Combat Reaper
Skull of a Dark Master Void Magic Dark Master
Banderling Aggressor Scalp War Magic Banderling Aggressor
Bloodthirsty Monouga Idol Weapon Tinkering Bloodthirsty Monouga

Walkthrough & Notes

  • Make sure everyone from your fellow has a Harbinger Item before starting.

Step 1: The Tunnels

  1. From Yanshi, run to either Issk at 12.9S, 46.5E or Vincadi at 12.6S 46.7E.
    • Note: Each NPC offers the same quest, however the lore is different for each. Flagging with one will prevent you from accessing the other, so be sure your whole group flags with the same NPC.
    • Tip: Soft tie to the surface portal at 13.0S, 47.3E for convenience. If you die, you'll want an easy way to get back quickly.
  2. When your group is ready, everyone should hand their Harbinger Items to the NPC (either Issk or Vincadi) and then use the nearby Tunnels to the Harbinger portal to begin.
    • Note: If you are already flagged to enter the dungeon you do not need to turn in an item before doing the quest. You can do the quest then find the item for the skill you want afterward. Also even if you have never done the quest before and you are not flagged to enter you may hand in any Harbinger item (a common one like a Wood Heart) then after the quest is done find the item for the skill you really want and hand that in then talk to the NPC. You will be rewarded based on the last item you turn in to the NPC before talking to them.
  3. Once inside, the dungeon is linear to the bottom (keep heading down). The only obstacles are a series of 4 jumps that must be made.
  4. Choosing Vincadi means you fight through Sclavi and tentacles on the way down. Choosing Issk means you fight Virindi and Tentacles.
    • Jump 1: Acid Pit - Full jump ahead (land on invisible platform). Hit the far wall.
    • Jump 2: Lava Pit - Jump into the pit and take the hallway out.
    • Jump 3: Ice Shelf - Shift-jump down onto the platform above the ice shelf, clear the spawn, and wait for your group.
    • Jump 4: Ice/Acid Pit Combo - Dispell, then shift Jump down onto the ice shelf and quicky run to the edge and full jump across the acid pit (land on invisible platform). Hit the far wall, preferrably above the door. The ice hurts, so be quick.
    • Jump 5: Staging Area - Shift jump down and quickly move to the south (near the portals).
  5. At this point, everyone should check buffs, and when ready, use the Harbinger's Lair portal to begin the fight.

Step 2: Harbinger

  1. When you get inside, someone should debuff Harbinger fully. Start with UA/Strength and then Imperil, Slash/Blud/Pierce Vuln, Fester, etc... He is basically immune to Elemental damage, but takes equal damage from all Physicals...thus, Pierce or Slash is the best way to go.
  2. Rapid kills of the Harbinger are accomplished by holding him in place with a circle of archers, healers, and/or non-attacking melees...and then Tusker Fisting the crap out of him. Pure attacking him is slow, as he has 500k+ hit points and is resistant to weapon damage.

Special Note: The Harbingers are Elementals. A Prismatic Atlan Wand thus deals double damage on them. A Tusker Fisting mage with such a wand is basically equal to two of himself. Having someone with life magic on hand to keep their mana full basically means he can nonstop Fist.

    • Tip: If you have low level players in your group, it is a good idea to designate them as fellowship healers.
  1. Throughout the fight, Hands will spawn. Stop attacking Harbinger and team up on each Hand one at a time. The Hands are an Imperil Vulnerable creature...don't use Armor Renders or Vulns, they counter buff. Imperil them and use standard physical weapons for best all around results. They also take little damage from magic, so melee and archers are the best to kill them with.
    1. Green - Hand of Verdancy
    2. Blue - Hand of Enchantment
    3. Purple - Hand of Artifice
    4. Red- Hand of Strife
  2. Once Harbinger's health gets below 50%, Essences will spawn around the Harbinger (Note: If he's backed up against a wall, only two or three might spawn!) Stop attacking Harbinger and team up on each Essence one at a time. Essences no longer smite. The fastest way to kill them is Armor Rend Elemental weapons of the opposed elements, although Physicals work roughly half as well. For instance, The Purple Essence is best Acid Vulned, Imperiled, and then attacked with AR ACid.
    1. Purple - Essence of Artifice. Highest rate of fire, this essence kills a lot of people, because it never uses Item magic, basically war war war.
    2. Blue - Essence of Enchantment. Debuffs, and uses Cold magic.
    3. Red - Essence of Strife. Fire magic and vulns.
    4. Green - Essence of Verdancy. Uses a lot of life magic, and no longer Smites (the Harbinger does that).
  1. When the Harbinger dies, loot a Harbinger Arm Token from the ground and then take the surface portal that spawns. Taking the Portal is ONE OF THE cannot teleport out! If you do, you can't get the skill point xp!

Note: If you die, portal recall and run back to the Tunnels to the Harbinger, near Issk or Vincadi. When you click to enter the portal it will ask you if you want to return to Harbinger's Lair. Click YES.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Tunnels to the Harbinger (Issk) 12.9S 46.5E -- 6447
Tunnels to the Harbinger (Vincadi) 12.6S 46.7E -- 6446


Hand Harbinger Arm Token to Ciandra

Harbinger Arm Guard Icon Harbinger Arm Guard

Hand Harbinger Arm Guard to Ciandra

Finger of the Harbinger Icon Finger of the Harbinger

Hand Harbinger Arm Token to Emissary of Asheron
Experience: 255,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 15,000
Titles: Master of the Elements

Pack Harbinger Icon Pack Harbinger (random reward)


Click image for full size version.


Handing in a Creature Trophy (Harbinger Item)

You give Vincadi Bloodthirsty Monouga Idol.

Vincadi tells you, "You have chosen to enhance your understanding of Weapon Tinkering."

Vincadi tells you, "If you are not already aware of the fundamentals of this skill you will earn nothing. You have been warned. Now enter the Harbinger's Lair so that we might one day reach our goal."
Speaking with Vincadi or Issk after Completing Quest

Vincadi tells you, "You have done well to earn your reward."

Your base Weapon Tinkering skill is now 526 and has reached its upper limit!
Handing Harbinger Arm Token to Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist

You give Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist Harbinger Arm Token.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Ah, excellent, an arm from the Harbinger! Oh, just look at the glow it has! That's thaumic residue from the absorbtion of the Essences! This is so exciting, I can't wait to begin testing this! Here take this as a reward for helping to keep the Harbinger in check. Return it to me if you would prefer a different reward."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist gives you Harbinger Arm Guard.
Handing Harbinger Arm Guard back to Ciandra

You give Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist Harbinger Arm Guard.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "No problem, let's see, I hope you can use this. If not, then return it to me for a less tangible reward."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist gives you Finger of the Harbinger.
Handing Harbinger Arm Token to Emissary of Asheron

You give Emissary of Asheron Harbinger Arm Token.

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "I award you the title Master of the Elements. We are indebted to you for your efforts in keeping the Harbinger down."

You've earned 256,322,255 experience.

You've earned 15,000 Luminance.
Random Reward from the Emissary of Asheron

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Here, take this as well. It is my hope that these pack dolls will prove an incentive for people to fight the Harbinger."

Emissary of Asheron gives you Pack Harbinger.

Update History

The Price of Loyalty

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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