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End of Days
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts With: Aun Ol'tra
Starts At: Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains at 61.6S, 63.3W
Route: Rynthid Recall or Mansion to Dangerous Portal Device to Center of the Obsidian Plains
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for End of Days


As originally discovered in the Purging the Corruption quest, the Curator of Torment has been experimenting on Tumeroks as well as Gearknights, Lugians, and Olthoi. Assist Aun Ol'tra in destroying the corrupted Tumerok Bah'Ktar.

Walk Through

  1. Speak to Aun Ol'tra in the Encampment near Rynthid Infested Plains at 61.6S, 63.3W
  2. Head to Bah'Ktar's Tower at 62.7S 66.6W.
    • The safest route is to jump down into the canyon and head north from the encampment. Near where the ground turns from black to brown, you can find a path up to the west. Continue heading west and then south to reach the dungeon.
  3. The dungeon consists of a series of rooms filled with Tumeroks and Rynthid enemies and is largely linear. There are 4 large room connected by hallways in between. Each of the 4 large rooms has several large portal energy traps that goes off every 15–20 seconds. After these traps go off, random blue portals appear in the room which drop you back at the start if you happen to run into them. The cycle then repeats with the traps going off again.
    • When fighting, it is best to stay in the hallways than to fight in the large rooms and risk being portaled to the start.
    • It makes sense where appropriate to pause at the entrance to each large room and wait for the portals to spawn again before entering. Otherwise new portals may spawn on top of you while running through the room.
  4. Just before the entrance to the 5th and final room, there is a path leading down to the left. It leads to a maze section containing a Chorizite Chest and many Rynthid enemies.
  5. In the 5th room, there are no portal traps, only corrupted Tumeroks, Rynthid, and a Tormented Watcher Hollow Minion.
  6. When the Tormented Watcher dies, a portal to the boss room will spawn.
    • Warning: The boss room is a hot drop!
  7. In the boss room are a several lightning elementals and the boss, Bah'Ktar (Tumerok).
  8. Each person needs to loot a Crimson Scarab off of Bah'Ktar (drops ?).
  9. Legendary Keys will spawn on the ground. Loot one and use it on the chests which have spawned in the room.
    • Note that there is a countdown timer on the chests. So loot quickly!
  10. Return to Aun Ol'tra and give him the Crimson Scarab for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Bah'Ktar's Tower 62.7S, 66.6W -- --


Experience: 300,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 15,000


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Opening Dialog

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "Greetings. We are in grave danger with the appearance of these Rynthid. This Curator of Torment performed unthinkable experiments on my kind to mold them into its vision of perfection."

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "We simply cannot allow the Virindi influence to twist our kind once again!"

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "Our elder Shamans have felt a Tonk that now calls himself Bah'Ktar toying with the powerful energies that summoned these Rynthid to Dereth."

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "Reason and logic will have no influence on this creature now that the cloaked demons have altered his consciousness. This abomination must be destroyed."

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "Enter this creature's lair at 62.7S 66.6W and strike Bah'Ktar other outcome is acceptable."

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "Return to me with the vile Crimson Scarab that corrupts him as proof of his demise."
Rewards Dialog

You allow Aun Ol'tra to examine your Crimson Scarab.

You hand over 1 of your Crimson Scarabs.

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "This trinket contains great power, and great evil. The potency within must be cleansed from this land."

Aun Ol'tra places the Crimson Scarab within a small pouch and shakes it violently.

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "The corruption has been removed. Never again will this trinket hold influence for the Rynthid."

Aun Ol'tra tells you, "Take these, you have attained great respect from our tribe by your deeds."

Aun Ol'tra gives you Purified Crimson Scarab.

You've earned 317,999,982 experience.

You've earned 15,899 Luminance.

Aun Ol'tra gives you 8 Trade Notes (250,000).

Update History

Shattered Masks

  • Quest introduced.
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