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Introduced:  Remembering the Past Related Quests:  Tanada House of Storms Quest
Enlightened Master's Medallion
Enlightened Master's Medallion Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 200
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • This jade medallion belonged to the Master of Enlightenment, Lord of the Tanada House of Air. The jade is flawless, except for a crack on one tip that has a black discoloration around it.


You give Sayuji Jina Enlightened Master's Medallion.
Sayuji Jina tells you, "Well done. This confirms some of my fears. I cannot tell you very much now, as I feel that most of what I know will be lost on you."
Sayuji Jina tells you, "But here, I should reward you... I will give you some gems that I think you will find useful... And a book, to help you learn something of the nature of the Tanada clan and their deadly mission."
You've earned 4,817,868 experience.
Sayuji Jina gives you 3 Gems of Balance.
Sayuji Jina gives you The Rise and Fall of the Tanada.
Sayuji Jina tells you, "If you do not find these Gems of Balance to be useful, you can return them to me for practical knowledge."
Sayuji Jina looks at you speculatively.
Sayuji Jina tells you, "If you would aid me again in dealing with this matter, speak to me again."