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Introduced:  Corrupted Sovereigns Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Olthoi
Ethan Wintermaine
Non-Player Killer
Ethan Wintermaine Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Royal Guard Captain
Location Olthoi North at 43.8N 54.9E in the Paradox-touched Valley Tent
Level 150
Strength 235
Endurance 110
Coordination 235
Quickness 235
Focus 120
Self 120
Health 185
Stamina 260
Mana 240


Lore & Dialog[]

Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Greetings citizen."
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "If you're of a mind to help quell this invasion, I have a mission for you. We've found that, with the increase in the infestation of this area, that the stronger Paradox-touched Olthoi have some capacity to pass beyond the Sealed Olthoi Passage that those aiding the Guard Swiftblade have found."
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Those who have hunted them have been able to use these stronger Olthoi to gain passage beyond the door themselves."
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Beyond that passage lies my mission for you. It's a simple one, in concept anyways."
Ethan Wintermaine smiles.
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Before we get to that, you'll need to bypass the Wards on the Deeper Catacombs Portal. Guard Swiftblade, in the tent behind me, has more information in bypassing the Wards. Speak to him if you need more information on that process."
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Go beyond the passage, find the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen, and kill her. Bring me back proof of her death, and I'll reward you for your part in it. Be warned, however. She's not a creature to be taken lightly, or hunted alone."

You allow Ethan Wintermaine to examine your Coruscating Olthoi Scent Gland.
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Is this how all of the adventurers are getting past the sealed passage? Well, you're all braver than I thought."
Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Well, what are you waiting for, go kill the damnable Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen. I will be awaiting news of your success, or waiting to see if your death and reformation at the Lifestone removes the smell."

Ethan Wintermaine tells you, "Thank you again for your part in killing the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen. If I have more work for you in the future, I'll let you know."