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The Examine Target Panel displays information when appraising Items or assessing Creatures, NPCs and Player Characters.


This is the information that appears when you examine things such as weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry and any other types of item. Your success at appraising items used to be based on the level of your Appraise Skills but the skills were later replaced with the Tinkering skills and now all players can view item information.

All Items

Standard information that can appear on all items

  • Value and burden units.
  • Description.
  • Special Properties
  • Whether the item can be sold. Items that cannot will display "This item cannot be sold" at the bottom of the panel.

Magical Items

  • Spells
  • Spellcraft
  • Maximum Mana and the rate at which you use it per no. of seconds.
  • Activation requirements
    • Note: This is different from wield requirements in that buffed skills count towards the your ability to activate it whereas with wield reqs they do not. In a similiar vein, Vitae also does not affect your ability to wield an item.

Armor, Clothing, Cloaks and Aetheria

  • Whether it's part of an Item Set
  • Armor Level
  • Coverage
  • Any base wield requirements the item might have such as level requirement.
  • Protection level and AL for each damage type

Appraisal information for the Helm of Darkness


  • Damage (melee weapons)
  • Damage bonus (missile weapons)
  • Damage modifier (missile weapons)
  • Damage type or element
  • Speed
  • Attack skill modifier
  • Melee defense modifier
  • Missile defense modifier
  • Magic defense modifier
  • Mana conversion (magic casters)
  • PVP modifier (magic casters)
  • PvM modifier (magic casters)
  • Base wield requirements (level and/or weapon)
File:Sword of Lost Light (No Wield).jpg

Appraising a melee weapon

Appraising a missile weapon

Appraising a magic caster


This is the information that appears when you examine player characters, non-player characters (NPCs) and creatures.


Players and NPCs

  • Allegiance rank and name
  • Gender and race
  • Title
  • Status. This includes: Non-Player Killer (all NPCs have this status), Player Killer and Player Killer Lite.
  • Character level
  • Attributes (red stats have been debuffed, green stats have been buffed)
  • Image of the character
  • Armor levels of all worn armor

Players Only

Assessing a Player Character

Assessing an NPC


  • Name
  • Level
  • Attributes (red stats have been debuffed, green stats have been buffed)
  • Image of the creature

Assessing a Creature

Update History

The Paths of Destruction

  • Patron title and name added to character assessment information, under monarch details.

Throne of Destiny

  • Assessed person/NPC/creature thumbnail updated to a 3D model.

The assessment panel (players) prior to the Throne of Destiny expansion

File:Bael'Zharon (Level 900 Creature).jpg

The assessment panel (creatures) prior to the Throne of Destiny expansion

A Swelling Tide

  • You now see the exact numerical value of armor protection in addition to the descriptive phrases when identifying armor.
  • Special Properties now display on items.


  • Properties of items made more organized.
  • One immediately noticeable change is that the protection levels of armor are listed numerically, with the base armor level taken into account.

Reign of Terror

  • You will now see an item's special properties immediately beneath its workmanship.
  • In addition, the second armor level line in armor will now be green when enchanted.

Across the Vast Divide

Treaties in Stone

  • Loot weapons that cannot be imbued now state as such explicitly when identified.

Friend and Foe

  • Rare items that have use-timers now show the timers when examined.

Ancient Powers

  • Ability to see an assessed player's faction added.
  • Same player faction appears as green text while text for opposing factions appear red.

Quiet Before the Storm

  • Armor level for players can now be assessed players and should be affected by the assess/deception skills.