Introduced:  Lonely in the World Related Quests:  Hieromancer's Armor Updated:  Master of Design
Exarch Plate Coat
Exarch Plate Coat Icon
Exarch Plate Armor Live


  • The spells on this armor may only be activated by the character who crafted it.
  • Maybe upgraded into the Auroric Exarch Coat via the Halls of Knorr quest.
  • As of the Master of Design event, this coat no longer covers the Hands or Abdomen.
  • comes in 3 colors:
Exarch Plate Coat Colors
Exarch Plate Coat Icon
Exarch Plate Coat (Sea Grey) Icon
Sea Grey
Exarch Plate Coat (Sea Blue) Icon
Sea Blue
Exarch Plate Armor Live
Exarch Plate Armor (Sea Grey) Live
Exarch Plate Armor (Sea Blue) Live
Palettes for Exarch Plate Coat
ACID Name Sample Hex Sample Hex Sample Hex Sample Hex Sample Hex Sample Hex Sample Hex
4266 KindledSilver 6B6B6B 484848 636363 4A4A4A 676767 52639F 5F5F5F
4267 KindledSeaGrey 556482 484848 526475 4A4A4A 676767 52639F 4D5F72
4268 KindledSeaBlue 2775B5 1D4273 1670B7 394A5D 3B6094 52639F 0852BA
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.
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