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These NPCs are representatives of The Exploration Society in the current, and former, starting Towns. Each agent is an NPC for various quests such as low level starter quests and quests related to the society letters.

All agents issue a Teleportation Device when spoken to which can be used to access the Facility Hub. You can also give the orb back to an agent to receive the Facility Hub Recall spell instead.

Society Agents

Current Starter Town Agents

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Society Agent Location Associated Quest
Flinrala Ryndmad Holtburg - 42.1N, 33.8E in the Bar Brogord's Demise
Mara al-Luq Yaraq - 21.7S, 1.6W in the Bar Lubziklan al-Luq's Stolen Goods
Oi-Tong Ye Shoushi - 33.5S, 73.0E in the Bar Four Stones of Jojii

Former Starter Town Agents

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Society Agent Location Associated Quest
Celcynd the Dour Rithwic - 10.7N, 58.1E in the Bar The Old Warehouse
Dai Ya the Scholar Yanshi - 12.0S, 42.6E in the Bar The Writings of Jhong Mi
Jilsaya bint Dah Al-Arqas - 31.3S, 13.5E in the Jeweler's building Abandoned Shops Quest
Lord Aleval Lytelthorpe - 1.0N, 51.1E in Lytelthorpe Keep tower Lost Distillery Quest
Rubid al-Jurma Samsur - 0.0S, 16.3E at Northwest Samsur Outpost Musansayn's Library
Shin Ro Nanto - 52.6S, 82.1E in the Mage Tower Water for Ji Ra Ping
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