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Description: Friendly groups of creatures that act as allies. If any in the group is attacked, all will respond.
Group Description
1 Virindi Collector
2 Niffis Fighter/The Guardian Spirit
5 Dire/Dread/Tundra Mattekar, Dire Mattie
6 Drudges, Tumeroks, Lugians
8 Aphus Tuskers and Sycophants/Worshippers
12 Aurochs
13 Golem Bosses
14 Mu-miyahs
15 VOD Gromnies
16 Hea Tuperea
19 Dires Group (See Full List)
22 Caul Group (See Full List)
25 Bunnies
29 Enku Zefir, Azael Zefir
30 A few undead linked to a few quests (See Full List)
33 Chitticks
35 Olthoi
39 Two Headed Snowman
41 Rabbits
48 Martinate Simulacrum
50 Mosswarts
55 Carenzis
56 Siraluun
58 Marae Lassel Reedsharks
59 Hollow Minions
62 Harbinger, Tentacles from Harbinger Quest
70 Renegade Tumeroks
71 Shadow Childs from Orphanage dungeon
75 Barrier


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