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Introduced:  Release
Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage
Non-Player Killer
Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage Live
Race Gharu'ndim
Title Master Archmage
Location 40.3S 11.2E
Level 126
Strength 150
Endurance 200
Coordination 165
Quickness 180
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 210
Stamina 320
Mana 530



Pyreal Icon Pyreal



Item Price
Dho Life Master Robe Icon Dho Life Master Robe 8,800 
Dho War Master Robe Icon Dho War Master Robe 8,800 
Dho Creature Master Robe Icon Dho Creature Master Robe 8,800 
Dho Item Master Robe Icon Dho Item Master Robe 8,800 


Item Price
Fadsahil's Portal Gem Icon Fadsahil's Portal Gem 1,100  
Al-Arqas Portal Gem Icon Al-Arqas Portal Gem 550  
Holtburg Portal Gem Icon Holtburg Portal Gem 550  
Lytelthorpe Portal Gem Icon Lytelthorpe Portal Gem 550  
Nanto Portal Gem Icon Nanto Portal Gem 550  
Rithwic Portal Gem Icon Rithwic Portal Gem 550  
Samsur Portal Gem Icon Samsur Portal Gem 550  
Shoushi Portal Gem Icon Shoushi Portal Gem 550  
Yanshi Portal Gem Icon Yanshi Portal Gem 550  
Yaraq Portal Gem Icon Yaraq Portal Gem 550  
Town Network Portal Gem Icon Town Network Portal Gem 550  


Item Price
Splitting Tool Icon Splitting Tool 44,000  


Item Price
Evaporate All Magic Other Icon Evaporate All Magic Other 1,100 
Extinguish All Magic Other Icon Extinguish All Magic Other 2,200  
Cleanse All Magic Other Icon Cleanse All Magic Other 3,300  
Devour All Magic Other Icon Devour All Magic Other 5,500  
Purge All Magic Other Icon Purge All Magic Other 6,600  
Nullify All Magic Other Icon Nullify All Magic Other 7,700  

Spell Components[]

Item Price
Lead Scarab Icon Lead Scarab 11  
Iron Scarab Icon Iron Scarab 55  
Copper Scarab Icon Copper Scarab 110  
Silver Scarab Icon Silver Scarab 275  
Gold Scarab Icon Gold Scarab 550  
Pyreal Scarab Icon Pyreal Scarab 1,100  
Platinum Scarab Icon Platinum Scarab 11,000 
Prismatic Taper Icon Prismatic Taper 25  
Hyssop Icon Hyssop 11  
Mandrake Icon Mandrake 11  
Saffron Icon Saffron 11  
Damiana Icon Damiana 11  
Mugwort Icon Mugwort 11  
Bistort Icon Bistort 11  
Wormwood Icon Wormwood 11  
Amaranth Icon Amaranth 11  
Ginseng Icon Ginseng 11  
Hawthorn Icon Hawthorn 11  
Eyebright Icon Eyebright 11  
Frankincense Icon Frankincense 11  
Dragonsblood Icon Dragonsblood 11  
Henbane Icon Henbane 11  
Comfrey Icon Comfrey 11  
Yarrow Icon Yarrow 11  
Vervain Icon Vervain 11  
Myrrh Icon Myrrh 11  
Powdered Agate Icon Powdered Agate 6  
Powdered Amber Icon Powdered Amber 6  
Powdered Azurite Icon Powdered Azurite 6  
Powdered Bloodstone Icon Powdered Bloodstone 6  
Powdered Carnelian Icon Powdered Carnelian 6  
Powdered Hematite Icon Powdered Hematite 6  
Powdered Lapis Lazuli Icon Powdered Lapis Lazuli 6  
Powdered Malachite Icon Powdered Malachite 6  
Powdered Moonstone Icon Powdered Moonstone 6  
Powdered Onyx Icon Powdered Onyx 6  
Powdered Quartz Icon Powdered Quartz 6  
Powdered Turquoise Icon Powdered Turquoise 6  
Brimstone Icon Brimstone 6  
Cadmia Icon Cadmia 6  
Cinnabar Icon Cinnabar 6  
Cobalt Icon Cobalt 6  
Colcothar Icon Colcothar 6  
Gypsum Icon Gypsum 6  
Quicksilver Icon Quicksilver 6  
Realgar Icon Realgar 6  
Stibnite Icon Stibnite 6  
Turpeth Icon Turpeth 6  
Verdigris Icon Verdigris 6  
Vitriol Icon Vitriol 6  
Poplar Talisman Icon Poplar Talisman 6  
Blackthorn Talisman Icon Blackthorn Talisman 6  
Yew Talisman Icon Yew Talisman 6  
Hemlock Talisman Icon Hemlock Talisman 6  
Alder Talisman Icon Alder Talisman 6  
Ebony Talisman Icon Ebony Talisman 6  
Birch Talisman Icon Birch Talisman 6  
Ashwood Talisman Icon Ashwood Talisman 6  
Elder Talisman Icon Elder Talisman 6  
Rowan Talisman Icon Rowan Talisman 6  
Willow Talisman Icon Willow Talisman 6  
Cedar Talisman Icon Cedar Talisman 6  
Oak Talisman Icon Oak Talisman 6  
Hazel Talisman Icon Hazel Talisman 6  
Red Taper Icon Red Taper 28  
Pink Taper Icon Pink Taper 28  
Orange Taper Icon Orange Taper 28  
Yellow Taper Icon Yellow Taper 28  
Green Taper Icon Green Taper 28  
Turquoise Taper Icon Turquoise Taper 28  
Blue Taper Icon Blue Taper 28  
Indigo Taper Icon Indigo Taper 28  
Violet Taper Icon Violet Taper 28  
Brown Taper Icon Brown Taper 28  
White Taper Icon White Taper 28  
Grey Taper Icon Grey Taper 28  
Lead Pea Icon Lead Pea 550  
Iron Pea Icon Iron Pea 2,750  
Copper Pea Icon Copper Pea 5,500  
Silver Pea Icon Silver Pea 13,750  
Gold Pea Icon Gold Pea 27,500  
Pyreal Pea Icon Pyreal Pea 55,000  
Hyssop Pea Icon Hyssop Pea 1,375  
Mandrake Pea Icon Mandrake Pea 1,375  
Saffron Pea Icon Saffron Pea 1,375  
Damiana Pea Icon Damiana Pea 1,375  
Mugwort Pea Icon Mugwort Pea 1,375  
Bistort Pea Icon Bistort Pea 1,375  
Wormwood Pea Icon Wormwood Pea 1,375  
Amaranth Pea Icon Amaranth Pea 1,375  
Ginseng Pea Icon Ginseng Pea 1,375  
Hawthorn Pea Icon Hawthorn Pea 1,375  
Eyebright Pea Icon Eyebright Pea 1,375  
Frankincense Pea Icon Frankincense Pea 1,375  
Dragonsblood Pea Icon Dragonsblood Pea 1,375  
Henbane Pea Icon Henbane Pea 1,375  
Comfrey Pea Icon Comfrey Pea 1,375  
Yarrow Pea Icon Yarrow Pea 1,375  
Vervain Pea Icon Vervain Pea 1,375  
Myrrh Pea Icon Myrrh Pea 1,375  
Powdered Agate Pea Icon Powdered Agate Pea 688  
Powdered Amber Pea Icon Powdered Amber Pea 688  
Powdered Azurite Pea Icon Powdered Azurite Pea 688  
Powdered Bloodstone Pea Icon Powdered Bloodstone Pea 688  
Powdered Carnelian Pea Icon Powdered Carnelian Pea 688  
Powdered Hematite Pea Icon Powdered Hematite Pea 688  
Powdered Lapis Lazuli Pea Icon Powdered Lapis Lazuli Pea 688  
Powdered Malachite Pea Icon Powdered Malachite Pea 688  
Powdered Moonstone Pea Icon Powdered Moonstone Pea 688  
Powdered Onyx Pea Icon Powdered Onyx Pea 688  
Powdered Quartz Pea Icon Powdered Quartz Pea 688  
Powdered Turquoise Pea Icon Powdered Turquoise Pea 688  
Brimstone Pea Icon Brimstone Pea 688  
Cadmia Pea Icon Cadmia Pea 688  
Cinnabar Pea Icon Cinnabar Pea 688  
Cobalt Pea Icon Cobalt Pea 688  
Colcothar Pea Icon Colcothar Pea 688  
Gypsum Pea Icon Gypsum Pea 688  
Quicksilver Pea Icon Quicksilver Pea 688  
Realgar Pea Icon Realgar Pea 688  
Stibnite Pea Icon Stibnite Pea 688  
Turpeth Pea Icon Turpeth Pea 688  
Verdigris Pea Icon Verdigris Pea 688  
Vitriol Pea Icon Vitriol Pea 688  
Poplar Pea Icon Poplar Pea 688  
Blackthorn Pea Icon Blackthorn Pea 688  
Yew Pea Icon Yew Pea 688  
Hemlock Pea Icon Hemlock Pea 688  
Alder Pea Icon Alder Pea 688  
Ebony Pea Icon Ebony Pea 688  
Birch Pea Icon Birch Pea 688  
Ashwood Pea Icon Ashwood Pea 688  
Elder Pea Icon Elder Pea 688  
Rowan Pea Icon Rowan Pea 688  
Willow Pea Icon Willow Pea 688  
Cedar Pea Icon Cedar Pea 688  
Oak Pea Icon Oak Pea 688  
Hazel Pea Icon Hazel Pea 688  
Red Pea Icon Red Pea 3,348  
Pink Pea Icon Pink Pea 3,348  
Orange Pea Icon Orange Pea 3,348  
Yellow Pea Icon Yellow Pea 3,348  
Green Pea Icon Green Pea 3,348  
Turquoise Pea Icon Turquoise Pea 3,348  
Blue Pea Icon Blue Pea 3,348  
Indigo Pea Icon Indigo Pea 3,348  
Violet Pea Icon Violet Pea 3,348  
Brown Pea Icon Brown Pea 3,348  
White Pea Icon White Pea 3,348  
Grey Pea Icon Grey Pea 3,348  

Trade Notes[]

Item Price
Trade Note (100) Icon Trade Note (100) 115  
Trade Note (500) Icon Trade Note (500) 575  
Trade Note (1,000) Icon Trade Note (1,000) 1,150  
Trade Note (5,000) Icon Trade Note (5,000) 5,750  
Trade Note (10,000) Icon Trade Note (10,000) 11,500  
Trade Note (50,000) Icon Trade Note (50,000) 57,500  
Trade Note (100,000) Icon Trade Note (100,000) 115,000  
Trade Note (150,000) Icon Trade Note (150,000) 172,500  
Trade Note (200,000) Icon Trade Note (200,000) 230,000  
Trade Note (250,000) Icon Trade Note (250,000) 287,500  

Mana Stones[]

Item Price
Minor Mana Stone Icon Minor Mana Stone 275  
Lesser Mana Stone Icon Lesser Mana Stone 550  
Mana Stone Icon Mana Stone 1,100  
Moderate Mana Stone Icon Moderate Mana Stone 2,750  
Greater Mana Stone Icon Greater Mana Stone 5,500  
Tiny Mana Charge Icon Tiny Mana Charge 385  
Small Mana Charge Icon Small Mana Charge 715  
Moderate Mana Charge Icon Moderate Mana Charge 1,650  
High Mana Charge Icon High Mana Charge 2,750  
Great Mana Charge Icon Great Mana Charge 6,050  
Superb Mana Charge Icon Superb Mana Charge 8,800 
Titan Mana Charge Icon Titan Mana Charge 9,900 
Massive Mana Charge Icon Massive Mana Charge 71,500  

Magic Items[]

Item Price
Wand (Gharu'ndim) Icon Wand (Gharu'ndim) 110  
Orb Icon Orb 220  
Staff Icon Staff 220  
Wand Icon Wand 220  

Alchemical Items[]

Item Price
Smelting Pot Icon Smelting Pot 1,100  
Refining Polish (Mana) Icon Refining Polish (Mana) 1,100  
Refining Polish (Stamina) Icon Refining Polish (Stamina) 1,100  
Alembic Icon Alembic 550  
Aqua Incanta Icon Aqua Incanta 6  
Mortar and Pestle Icon Mortar and Pestle 11  
Neutral Balm Icon Neutral Balm 154  
Concentrated Aqua Incanta Icon Concentrated Aqua Incanta 275  
Eye Dropper Icon Eye Dropper 27,500  

Lore & Dialog[]


Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "How may I help thee, traveler?"

Buying From

Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "An excellent purchase, friend."

Selling To

Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "Another fine component!"


Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "May the wind be always at your back, traveler!"

Retired dialog

Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "Greetings. I am glad that you have taken time to visit me here. Yes, I have recently moved to this new area, there have been some odd happenings within my former residence as of late."

Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "I have told most of the story several times at council meetings and Elysa has given me leave to have others investigate at their own risk, so I will be brief in my discussion."

Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "About two weeks ago, I began hearing odd noises in the night, as though something were scraping on the floor. The other evening, as I slept, a blood curdling scream erupted and I left erring on the side of caution. I set up my tent and have not been back since."

Fadsahil al-Tashbi the Master Archmage tells you, "I know not what has happened there. Perhaps if you look around within my former home you will find some clue of what was scraping beneath the flooring."