Falamar Hills

Falamar Hills


The exact location of the Falamar Hills is never described in detail. The famous early leader of the Gharu'ndim people, Musansayn, made peace with the Aluvians and arranged for his people to live west of the Falamar Hills. There, he founded Samsur in the Yushid Ridge, the first Gharu'ndim settlement.[1] An early map of Dereth places the Falamar Hills between Zaikhal and Glenden Wood, west of the Mount Alphus Range.[2] This likely makes the Falamar Hills the line of dry dirt hills that divides the Plains of Gaerwel from the drier desert regions of Middle Osteth.


Related Quests


NPC Name Location Type Details
Desert Archmage 31.5S, 37.1E Shopkeeper Magical supplies
Kayna bint Iswas 1.7S, 36.6E Quest Silifi of Crimson Stars

Points of Interest



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Abandoned Arena 11.3S, 37.4E -- 01A8 None
Enkindled Souls 49.4S, 26.9E -- 0141 Undead Mechanic Quest
Nuhmudira's Dungeon 4.0S, 35.9E -- 536D Lunnum's Return
Southern Infiltrator Keep 52.3S, 24.9E -- 03A2 Simulacra Infiltrators
Tower Base Dungeon 34.7S, 33.6E -- 5647 Spear of the Given Heart Quest



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