Introduced:  Dispatch Related Quests:  Harlune's Diplomacy
Falatacot Herald
Non-Player Killer
Falatacot Herald Live.jpg
Race Undead
Title Herald
Location Falatacot Visitor's Alcove
Level 129
Strength 380
Endurance 400
Coordination 340
Quickness 340
Focus 420
Self 420
Health 4000
Stamina 4000
Mana 3500


  • Route: The herald is at the end of the dungeon.

Lore & Dialog

You hand over all of your Diplomatic Message from Harlunes.
The Falatacot Herald reads the message from Harlune. At first, his aged face is impassive, but as he continues reading a visage of sheer fury appears.
Falatacot Herald says, "You would dare mock our offer so?! You would dare present me with such insults?! Do you see that corpse in the corner? That is from the last messenger we had to deal with, dispatched from that Dericost worm Rytheran!"
Falatacot Hearlad says, "It is fortunate for you the Matriarchs themselves are indisposed - your deaths shall be quick, instead! Come, servants of the Blood, destroy these interlopers and drain their blood for our ends!"

Falatacot Herald tells you, "Why do you bother me, human? If you have nothing for me, leave!"

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