Introduced:  Fowl Play Related Quests:  Don't Feed the Fowl
Farmer Ar'Oyd
Non-Player Killer
Farmer Ar'Oyd Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Farmer
Location 53.1S, 80.8E near Nanto
Level 13
Strength 45
Endurance 50
Coordination 60
Quickness 50
Focus 20
Self 25
Health 96
Stamina 140
Mana 60


  • Route: Take the Nanto portal in the Sho section of Town Network and then run to Farmer Ar'Oyd at 53.14S, 80.73E.

Lore & Dialog

Farmer Ar'Oyd tells you, "I was just trying to breed some life back into this stale old town by having a huge feast with all the fixings...something to bring in the folks from miles around!"
Farmer Ar'Oyd tells you, "Then that Anthony fellow wanders into town, talking up his 'magical' pet feed."
"Make your livestock as big as an Auroch and as strong as a Tusker" he says. "No harmful side effects" he says."

Farmer Ar'Oyd tells you, "I didn't think throwing a little of his food down into the turkey pen would be such a big deal."
Farmer Ar'Oyd tells you, "The next thing I know there's a MONSTER running around underneath my barn!"
Farmer Ar'Oyd tells you, "Please gather your friends, enter the basement of my barn and destroy this beast."

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