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Introduced:  Tricks and Treats Updated:  Hopes and Fears
Festival Shirt
Festival Shirt (Orange) Icon.png
  • Value: 16
  • Burden: 42
  • Covers Chest, Upper Arms
  • A shirt celebrating the Festival Season.
  • "At least I still have my crown" --- Dardante

    "BMF" --- Bad Moon Faden

    "I looted Nuhmidira's Basement"

    "I'm not wearing a costume! This is just a t-shirt you fool." --- Ulgrim

    "If you are reading this, I should have carried more death items" --- Ardry

    "By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes"

    "Heightened levels of joy on your annual celebration of torpidity" --- Virind Leopold

    "My other shirt is chainmail" --- Londigul Ellic the Armorer

    "Nanjou Shou-jen are better than Undead Sailors"

    "Nanjoe Shou-jen stink!"

    "Please, wear this shirt. Its horrible arcane script in a dead language will surely not harm you or anyone around you. "Rybbo Vacdejym Caycuh!" -- Grael

    "Spooky, Creepy and full of candy"

    "This shirt guaranteed to repel all insects" --- Telk the Addlepated

    "This shirt has absorbed stout from every bar in Dereth. Enjoy!" --- Ulgrim

    "This IS my costume."

    "This shirt tastes orange" (a black shirt)

    "Undead Sailors are better than Nanjou Shou-jen"

    "Varicci stinks!"

    "WWUD" --- Ulgrim the Unpleasant

Festival Shirt (Orange)


  • Dropped by the seasonal Pumpkin Buffer.
  • Appears with many humorous inscriptions (see above).
Palettes for Festival Shirt (Orange)
ACID Name Description Sample Hex
4051 NukedOrange Main FB6C24
1692 DarkGrey Belt 202020
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Update History

Hopes and Fears

  • No longer covers the abdomen.
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