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Introduced:  Tricks and Treats Updated:  Dance of the Dead
Festival Vendor
Non-Player Killer
Festival Vendor Live
Race Female Sho
Title Festival Vendor
Location Glenden Wood 29.8N, 27.3E
Level 42
Strength 40
Endurance 40
Coordination 60
Quickness 55
Focus 40
Self 35
Health 65
Stamina 90
Mana 50





Item Price
Festival Robe (Black) Icon Festival Robe (Black) 42 


Item Price
Apple Icon Apple
Tempting Apple Icon Tempting Apple 125 
Candied Apple Icon Candied Apple 20 
Peppermint Monougat Chew Icon Peppermint Monougat Chew
Dark Chocolate Candy Bar Icon Dark Chocolate Candy Bar 45 
Milk Chocolate Candy Bar Icon Milk Chocolate Candy Bar 45 
Bar of Dark Chocolate Icon Bar of Dark Chocolate 45 
Bar of Milk Chocolate Icon Bar of Milk Chocolate 45 
Peppermint Chocolate Bar Icon Peppermint Chocolate Bar 55 
Cookie Icon Cookie 14 
Chocolate Cookie Icon Chocolate Cookie 20 
Peppermint Chocolate Cookie Icon Peppermint Chocolate Cookie 14 
Peppermint Cookie Icon Peppermint Cookie 14 
Pumpkin Pie Icon Pumpkin Pie 35 
Pumpkin Soup Icon Pumpkin Soup 35 
Cider Icon Cider 10 


Item Price
Scarecrow Stand Icon Scarecrow Stand 500 
T-mon Backpack Straps Icon T-mon Backpack Straps 500 

Magic Items[]

Item Price
Red Anniversary Sparkler Icon Red Anniversary Sparkler 10 
Orange Anniversary Sparkler Icon Orange Anniversary Sparkler 10 
Yellow Anniversary Sparkler Icon Yellow Anniversary Sparkler 10 
Green Anniversary Sparkler Icon Green Anniversary Sparkler 10 
Blue Anniversary Sparkler Icon Blue Anniversary Sparkler 10 
Purple Anniversary Sparkler Icon Purple Anniversary Sparkler 10 
White Anniversary Sparkler Icon White Anniversary Sparkler 10 

Cooking Items[]

Item Price
Peppermint Stick Icon Peppermint Stick 14 
Carving Knife Icon Carving Knife 25 
Skewer Icon Skewer
Frying Pan Icon Frying Pan 50 
Baking Pan Icon Baking Pan 50 
Metal Press Icon Metal Press 1,000 

Lore & Dialog[]

Festival Vendor tells you, "Happy Festival Season! I have many delicious and traditional festival treats for sale."
Festival Vendor tells you, "Enjoy the Festival! I'll be here all month."