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Introduced:  Treaties in Stone Related Quests:  Fetish of the Dark Idols Quest
Fetish of the Dark Idols
Fetish of the Dark Idols Icon
  • Value: 1
  • Burden: 700
  • Combine this with any loot-generated atlatl, bow, or crossbow. The Fetish of the Dark Idols will apply a Magic Absorbing property and a Melee Defense penalty to the weapon. Although the weapon can be imbued before applying a Fetish of the Dark Idols, it cannot be imbued afterwards. The weapon may have non-imbue tinkers applied either before or after application of the Fetish of the Dark Idols.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • This bizarre creation seems to pulse in your hands, sending powerful ripples of energy through your arms.


  • Attach to a missile weapon to apply the Magic Absorbing property to it. The amount absorbed depends on your base Magic Defense and for this item caps (max) at a 25% damage reduction.
    • Warning: As a side effect, the missile weapon will also have its Melee Defense modifier reduced by 10% and can even be negative if less than 10% to start.
  • See Weapon Augmentation Stacking for more information.