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February 2002 - Announcements Page

Game Changes[]

Radar Update (Fever Dreams) Live
  • Fellowship bonuses have been removed for turning in items that award experience points. See the Letter to the Players for details.

New Quests[]

Updated Quests[]

  • Hea Totem Quest
    • Obtaining rubble has been made easier (Blue Olthoi Noble spawns changed?), and its Attuned property was removed.
  • Shadow Armor Quest
    • New "Neo" armor introduced that has the original pre-patch armor levels.
    • Players that hand Glimmering and Sparkling Gems to a smith are now rewarded with original pre-patch Lesser and Medium Shadow armor.
    • All armor (except Pre-patch GSA) can be exchanged for post-patch (stoneable) versions and vice versa.
  • Singularity Weapons Quest - Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Katar and Staff added

New NPCs[]

New Locations[]

New Items[]

Helm of the Elements Icon Helm of the ElementsGreater Amuli Shadow Leggings Icon Greater Amuli Shadow LeggingsGreater Amuli Shadow Coat Icon Greater Amuli Shadow CoatGreater Koujia Shadow Leggings Icon Greater Koujia Shadow LeggingsGreater Koujia Shadow Breastplate Icon Greater Koujia Shadow BreastplateGreater Koujia Shadow Sleeves Icon Greater Koujia Shadow SleevesGreater Celdon Shadow Leggings Icon Greater Celdon Shadow LeggingsGreater Celdon Shadow Girth Icon Greater Celdon Shadow GirthGreater Celdon Shadow Breastplate Icon Greater Celdon Shadow BreastplateGreater Celdon Shadow Sleeves Icon Greater Celdon Shadow Sleeves

Chest (Empyrean Acid Propylaeum) Icon Chest (Empyrean Acid Propylaeum)Chest (Empyrean Fire Propylaeum) Icon Chest (Empyrean Fire Propylaeum)Chest (Empyrean Ice Propylaeum) Icon Chest (Empyrean Ice Propylaeum)Chest (Empyrean Lightning Propylaeum) Icon Chest (Empyrean Lightning Propylaeum)Prism of Acid Icon Prism of AcidPrism of Fire Icon Prism of FirePrism of Ice Icon Prism of IcePrism of Lightning Icon Prism of Lightning

Rice Flour Icon Rice FlourRice Dough Icon Rice DoughRaw Egg Noodles Icon Raw Egg NoodlesStemless Mushroom Icon Stemless MushroomCheese Filled Mushroom Icon Cheese Filled MushroomSlice of Bread Icon Slice of BreadEggnog Icon EggnogGinger Icon GingerGround Ginger Icon Ground GingerCarrot Cake Cubes Icon Carrot Cake CubesNutmeg Icon NutmegHot Milk Icon Hot MilkSpiced Milk Icon Spiced MilkSweetened Hot Milk Icon Sweetened Hot MilkGround Nutmeg Icon Ground NutmegCookie Dough Icon Cookie DoughChocolate Cookie Dough Icon Chocolate Cookie Dough

Cragstonanoff Icon CragstonanoffStuffed Mushroom Icon Stuffed MushroomCragstone Farms Mac&Cheese Icon Cragstone Farms Mac&CheeseChicken Dumplings Icon Chicken DumplingsFish Dumplings Icon Fish DumplingsEgg Sandwich Icon Egg SandwichFish Sandwich Icon Fish SandwichChicken Sandwich Icon Chicken SandwichCheese Sandwich Icon Cheese SandwichGrilled Cheese Sandwich Icon Grilled Cheese SandwichHot Chocolate Icon Hot ChocolateCarrot Cake Soup Icon Carrot Cake SoupCookie Icon CookieChocolate Cookie Icon Chocolate CookiePeppermint Pumpkin Pie Icon Peppermint Pumpkin PiePeppermint Ice Cream Icon Peppermint Ice CreamPeppermint Monougat Chew Icon Peppermint Monougat ChewPeppermint Hot Chocolate Icon Peppermint Hot ChocolatePeppermint Chocolate Bar Icon Peppermint Chocolate BarPeppermint Chocolate Cookie Dough Icon Peppermint Chocolate Cookie DoughPeppermint Chocolate Cookie Icon Peppermint Chocolate Cookie

Ebuillant Bracelet Icon Ebuillant BraceletIncalescent Bracelet Icon Incalescent BraceletFrigid Bracelet Icon Frigid BraceletGalvanic Bracelet Icon Galvanic Bracelet

Dread Mattekar Hide Icon Dread Mattekar HideFire Auroch Hide Icon Fire Auroch HideTree Trunk Icon Tree TrunkLeather Straps Icon Leather StrapsTanning Oil Icon Tanning OilTanned Mattekar Hide Icon Tanned Mattekar HideHollowed-Out Tree Trunk Icon Hollowed-Out Tree TrunkWrapped Hollowed-Out Tree Trunk Icon Wrapped Hollowed-Out Tree TrunkBuadren (Quest Item) Icon Buadren (Quest Item)Akiekie Ember Icon Akiekie EmberBurning Akiekie Ember Icon Burning Akiekie EmberHammer of Acid Icon Hammer of AcidFragment of the Acid Prism Icon Fragment of the Acid PrismCraftable Prism Fragment of Acid Icon Craftable Prism Fragment of AcidHammer of Fire Icon Hammer of FireFragment of the Fire Prism Icon Fragment of the Fire PrismCraftable Prism Fragment of Fire Icon Craftable Prism Fragment of FireHammer of Ice Icon Hammer of IceFragment of the Ice Prism Icon Fragment of the Ice PrismCraftable Prism Fragment of Ice Icon Craftable Prism Fragment of IceHammer of Lightning (Propylaeum) Icon Hammer of Lightning (Propylaeum)Fragment of the Lightning Prism Icon Fragment of the Lightning PrismCraftable Prism Fragment of Lightning Icon Craftable Prism Fragment of LightningJewel of Fire and Ice Icon Jewel of Fire and IceJewel of Acid and Lightning Icon Jewel of Acid and LightningPrismatic Plume Icon Prismatic Plume

Buadren Icon BuadrenInvoker Icon InvokerSingularity Bow Icon Singularity BowSingularity Crossbow Icon Singularity CrossbowSingularity Dagger Icon Singularity DaggerSingularity Katar Icon Singularity KatarSingularity Staff Icon Singularity Staff

Updated Items[]

New Spells[]

New Creatures[]

Acid Elemental Icon Acid Elemental

Doll Icon Doll

Frost Elemental Icon Frost Elemental

Golem Icon Golem

Updated Creatures[]

Mattekar Icon Mattekar


New Dialog[]

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "Deep in the dungeon where Gragghk rules, there are reports of new Martine minions exchanging weaponry for the Glowing Virindi Cloak."

Town Crier tells you, "Rumor tells that a few prominent armor makers were seen hunting on the plains a few weeks back. I wonder if they are finally over their illness."

Town Crier tells you, "You wouldn't happen to have one of those new bracelets would you?"

Town Crier tells you, "Someone told me they saw a Singularity Bow being used the other day. I was sure it was a prank, but they swore they saw it. Me, I'll believe it when I see it."

Town Crier tells you, "The Arcanum is looking for recruits to help them with an excavation or other some such."

Town Crier tells you, "Words...words...words..."

Town Crier tells you, "I sure hope that Ketnan's sister is charging for her robes--she may be out of a job soon."

Town Crier tells you, "Are you cold too? It would be nice to have a nice, warm house. My cousin told me of some houses west of Glenden Wood and south of Fort Witshire. She said there might be others around Stonehold but I'm not brave enough to go there. If you go, well, see you at the Lifestone! Ha Ha!"

Town Crier tells you, "Environmentalists report a surge in the Fire Auroch population in the Central Desert and Northwest Plains. I wonder if their hides will have any value?"

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard that the cooking guilds are at it again. There are all sorts of new recipes being written for those minty sticks people found. I also heard that they found a root that makes for a interesting flavor in some recipes. I love winter food, the cooks really make some tasty treats this time of year."

Town Crier tells you, "I also heard the cooking guilds found a root that makes for a interesting flavor in some recipes. I love winter food, the cooks really make some tasty treats this time of year."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard tales that a trio of those strange looking Tumies from Marae Lassel have been taking a tour of Dereth on some kind of "mission." What on earth could they be looking for? I was led to believe that they're an insular sort of folk, never wanting to leave their homeland and all that."

Town Crier tells you, "I have recently heard that Celdiseth has taken on a new apprentice."

The Town Crier leans towards you and lowers his voice to a whisper.

Town Crier tells you, "But get this: rumor has it that his new apprentice is a Tumerok! Can you imagine?"

Town Crier tells you, "I love rainbows. Do you have a niffis helm?"

Town Crier tells you, "Many people have been telling me about strange happenings around the Essences, maybe it has something to do with the new spells in our weapons and armor"

Town Crier tells you, "My brother just returned from a most harrowing experience near the Essence of Strife. He said that he was lucky to escape with his life, and would not advise traveling into those halls alone to anyone."

Town Crier tells you, "Hunters have reported sighting a new taxon of golem up in the Northern Forests-Oaks! And they showed up right around the same time those color-coordinated Tumeroks set up shop near Celdiseth's hut. Coincidence? I'm not so sure...I've heard strange things about those island Tumie's beliefs...always invoking this, summoning that, drumming up this, drumming up that. What's next, Flower Golems?"

Town Crier tells you, "I hear there are some new houses way southwest of Sawato where it's flat as a scallion cake and northwest of Yanshi where the hills roll and the rabbits run free. I'd prefer flat. You can see the reedsharks coming."

Town Crier tells you, "My brother just returned from a most harrowing experience near the Essence of Strife. He said that he was lucky to escape with his life, and would not advise traveling into those halls alone to anyone."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

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