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Filinuvekta means “Winds From Darkness” in the Falatacot Language.

The Filinuvekta is the Dericost faction controlled by the nobles of Dericost, most notably, Lord Rytheran, Lady Aerfalle, and their master and king Geraine IV, known as "His Eternal Splendor" by his followers. In terms of creatures we see on Dereth, Undead (liches) are for the most part Filinuvekta.[1]

The Filinuvekta and the Latzimestal have warred for ages. The Filinuvekta were Dericost nobles and the secret leaders of the Ice Throne, and wished to continue to rule their kingdom in secret. The Latzimestal believed that as the generals of Dericost they controlled the true power of the Kingdom, and should be able to rule it as they saw fit - openly as undead. The Latzimestal seized the realm from the Filinuvekta and launched an aggressive campaign of military expansion, until they were defeated by a coalition lead by the Kingdom of Haebrous, under King Jailne, and the Empire of Yalain, under Empress Alaidain. [1]

Throughout the Millennium War, His Eternal Splendor and the other Winds watch the Lords without interfering, but finally the Winds abandon Vasmora in disgust at the Lords' failures and excesses. The Winds create hidden fortresses in other parts of the world, notably Dereth, which they called Killiakta.[2]

The two factions worked together during The Fourth Sending of Darkness to fight the forces of Bael'Zharon[3]

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